Top 20 Best Translator Apps for your Android Device

Top 20 Best Translator Apps for your Android Device

Travelling has become an important part of your life. Sometimes we travel for business purposes, sometimes for fun and sometimes for any mandatory tasks. While traveling to a new place, language becomes a great barrier which you need to overcome in order to perform day-to-day tasks. At this moment, there are many voice translators mobile app in the market which helps in overcoming this language fear when you are traveling to a new place. These applications not only tell you what to speak but also offer their assistance in speaking, reading, and also understanding the unknown or the weaker language in your brain.

We know that mobile applications have made our lives easier. Because of the top mobile app development company like VerveLogic we have seen an advancement in every field of industry. As we are talking about the top translator apps for android, we have compiled a list of translator applications which is making our lives easier when you are traveling to a new place next time. We hope this list will help you find the best translation app to install on your phone.

Best Translator Apps for Android

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1. Google Translate 

The first one on the list is a very popular translator app that is used globally by a huge number of users. The best part of this translator app for android is that it works both online and offline and translates more than 100 languages. Every application has something unique which sets it apart from the rest. With Google Translate you can get the translation done from handwriting, and to make it easier for you it also works as a translation app with a camera as you can take a snapshot to get an instant translation. Let us have a look at some important features of the Google translate the android mobile app

Snapshot it and get it translated into 38 listed languages

Offers two-way speech translation

Save the translation for future use

Allows to get translation from any text copied from any app

Just draw the text to get it translated into your preferred language

Download the Google translate language app for Android – Google Translate

2. iTranslate

iTranslate is among the world’s best translator apps for android available on android. It is best known for its instant translation of a particular language into hundreds of other languages. This user-friendly app can be used as a translator app and as a dictionary app at the same time. Other important features of iTranslate which make it a top android mobile app development company are:

-> Voice to voice conversation

-> Integrates with smartwatch

-> Advanced as it allows you to share your history, portion, and much more

-> Contains more than 250 phrases

-> Change the translation voice to female or male voice

Download the translated voice to text mobile app for android – iTranslate

3. Papago

Papago is a very special language that translates mobile applications for android devices. It is dedicated to the Asian languages and translates the most spoken languages like English, French, Korean, etc. to the language you want. It also offers a feature of multi-functional conversation using Papago. It comes with a pre-installed dictionary to make things more simple for you when you visit a new place. The other notable features of this voice translator app for free are:

-> Real-time translation of the text to your required language

-> Comes with the most accurate meaning of the words and translate them instantly

-> Translates audio and manually inserted text

-> Translates the taken snapshot anywhere in the world

Download the translate app with camera in your android phones – Papago

4. Trip Lingo

As we have mentioned earlier, this list consists of the world’s best translator apps of the present time as our next listed translator app justifies this. Trip Lingo is an amazing application that guides you on how to approach a particular language. You also get a voice translator who translates your language into your desired language. If you are an international traveler then it is one of the must-have applications for you. Let us have a look at the most important feature of Trip Lingo to understand why it is adorned by top IT outsourcing companies this much.

-> Instant live voice translator

-> Contains more than 2000 phrases which make the translation easy

-> Already packed with more than 30000 recorded audio files from various languages

-> Integrated with an intelligent tip calculator, currency converter, and a quiz mode which makes learning easy

Download the translate voice to text mobile app for android – Trip Lingo

So many mobile apps in today’s world. Ever wondered how it works? Here we have an “A to Z guide to effectively bring your mobile app to use.”

5. Microsoft Translator

As one of the most established companies in the market, Microsoft has come up with one of the most amazing voice translator apps for android devices. Just like the other top translation app, it also translates your text, voice, or images. What makes it unique is its fascinating real-time video translation facility which makes your conversation with your foreign colleague easy. The other noteworthy features of this voice translator app free which is powered by Microsoft are:

-> High-quality recognition feature and conversation mode

-> Take a screenshot on your phone and convert the language into a more desirable one

-> Makes the translation easy with multi-person because of its quickness

-> Learn new phrases of new languages

Download top voice translator – Microsoft Translator

6. Easy Language Translator

As the name suggests this voice translator is there to make the translation easy for you whenever you are traveling to remote areas. It is very straightforward which is very easy to use as it translates more than one hundred languages which include both text and voice translation. It also converts both speeches to text and text to speech. The other notable features of this voice translator are: 

-> Listen to your own voice in the process of translation

-> Save a particular translation for future use

-> Save and send translation portion as an MP3 file

-> One of the fastest translators in the market

Download top translator app for android – Easy Language Translator

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7. Text Grabber

Tourism is at its peak from the past 5 years as the travel and tourism revenue has doubled in these years. The next translation app in the list makes things easier as it links phone numbers, addresses, events, and other activities. It can also easily translate printed paper, photo text, and voice. The best feature of TextGrabber is that it searches for language on the internet market and on maps too. The other notable features of Text Grabber are:

-> Real-time voice and photo-text recognition facility

-> Can translate the written text in more than 60 languages when connected with the internet

-> Allows you to create, edit, and share your work easily

-> Can also read QR codes and is integrated with Siri

-> Allows the user to adjust the font size, audio prompts, and history for future use

Download TextGrabber – One of the best translate app with a camera

8. Dict Box

Dict Box is a two-way mobile application that is basically a multilingual dictionary with a seamless translator at the same time. It offers translation of various languages along with memorization, flashcards, corrections, etc. It is also equipped with cross-device synchronization, superb offline translation capability which amazes every user. As you must also have an idea about the top image recognition apps. Apart from timeless UI, the other features are:

-> Gives you cloud backup

-> Synchronize word list to another phone

-> Allows the translation through your text in the web browser

-> Quick in translation which makes it an amazing mobile app development company

Download the best voice translator online – Dict Box

9. SayHi

Different people need different kinds of translator applications. If you are the one who wants to get the speech-to-speech translation online translator for android then SayHi is perfect for you. It comes with around 100 natives and dialects because of which its voice recognition capability is superb. You can also change the voice tone and language to what you want in one tap. The other important features of SayHi are:

-> An important feature that allows you to speed up and slow down the rate of speech

-> Quick navigation with a nicely designed modern interface

-> Shares your translation online through social media, SMS, and email

Download the top voice translator app for your android devices – SayHi

10. Offline Translator 8 Languages

This offline voice translator mobile app is perfect when you are traveling to a new country as you don’t have to worry about data connection and roaming facilities. It is a very small application that is very effective with its functioning. The other important features of this translate app for android which makes it an effective android app development company are:

-> Automatically detects the language

-> Comes with a built-in dictionary

-> Offers superb audio output and photo translation facility

-> Translate your snapshots offline

-> Easily reads every single word for you in your preferred language

Download this top voice translator to make your life easy – Offline Translator 8 Languages

11. Translate All

Translate All is another distinct mobile application as it offers multiple types of translating systems. You can easily approach text, speech, and camera to make it easier for you when you travel to a new city where you are unknown. All you need to do is to put the input and within a few seconds, you will get your translation. The other important features of Translate All are:

-> Superb voice quality integration

-> Comes with an automatic language detector

-> Has the power to translate over 100 different languages from our world

-> Integrated advanced search engine

Download voice translator app free on your phone – Translate All

12. All Languages Translator Free

If you are looking for a high-quality voice translator app but for free then you give a chance to All Languages Translator Free once. As the name suggests, no matter which language you want to translate from or to, you will find its features a win for you. All you need to input the languages and you want to transform and in which language. It also allows voice input along with an entry through the keyboard. The other notable features of All Languages Translator Free which make it top translate voice to text app are:

-> Comes with voice input and output system

-> Supports all the languages

-> Share on social media platforms

-> Learn a new language through the app

Download the top voice translator online – All Languages Translator Free

13. VoiceTra

VoiceTra is another advanced voice translation tool that translates your speech into different languages. It comes with integrated 31 languages which means your speech can be converted into those 31 languages. It is a completely free app that helps people who don’t know other languages or are constrained by language barriers. Which makes it one of the best voice translators while traveling to a new place as it can also be used like a dictionary. The other noteworthy features of VoiceTra are:

-> Supports over 31 languages

-> Precise in speech translate

-> Straightforward app to use

-> Allows socializing with others

Download the translator app for android – VoiceTra

14. Translate

I guess just by the name you know it’s working. It is very easy to use this app as it offers a very user-friendly interface and supportive tools and kits. It basically works as a game that challenges you to learn a new language which makes it a fun app. Let us have a look at its top feature to see what else it has to offer.

-> Has a library of many languages

-> Advanced search engine with a simple interface

-> Can easily detect language automatically 

-> Helps you in learning a huge number of languages

Download the best voice translator for android – Translate

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15. Chat Translator 

Chat Translator is another free yet effective translation app that helps in converting speech and text. It comes with the integration of more than 40 languages and an amazing user interface. You can share your translated words with your friends online making it a cool feature. Along with the texting feature, you can also use it as a dictionary. The other notable feature of Chat Translator are:

-> Allows you to translate any word from the speech of any language

-> But only works when you have an internet connection

-> Translate into more than 40 languages

-> Share your translation with your friends and family

Download a leading translator app for android – Chat Translator

So much for chat translation apps, let us also have a look at the best AI apps available on the Play Store.

16. Translate On Screen

Translate On Screen is another special app on the list of best translation apps. It basically translates anything on the screen to your desired language as it contains more than 100 languages. While browsing the internet if you also feel that you are not understanding the foreign language then screen translation can help you with it. It can easily translate from voice, text, and use your camera to translate any image to the desired language which makes it a top-class voice translator. The other notable feature of Screen Translate are:

-> Comes with a floating bubble for easy user experience

-> Batter and easier translating approach

-> Translate any copied text within a second

-> Offers on-screen translation even while gaming or meeting

Download the translate app with the camera – Translate on Screen

17. Hi Translate

Hi Translate helps in translating a text to speech and speech to text to make it easier for you. As of now, it is home to more than 80 languages including several Indian languages as well. Able to translate Indian languages gives it an edge over voice translators as it has many regional languages.

It also allows users to share their translations on various social media platforms. Being an advanced voice translation it also allows you to convert the snapshot to the desired language. You can also use it to chat with your friends as it is a completely free application. The other important features of Hi Translate are:

-> Social Media Translation

-> Easy to understand and use friendly interface

-> Automatic language detection

-> Allows you to communicate with your friends from other countries as well.

Download the best translate voice to text app for android – Hi Translate

18. Snap Trans

Snap Trans is another screen translation app that translates the screen to any other language. It has a library of 33 most famous languages. It is a very easy and advanced mobile app for android devices, as all you need to do is to drag the line to the input box and wait for a few seconds to make it translated.  The other important features of Snap Trans are:

-> User-Friendly interface and perceivable settings

-> Has a library of top languages

-> Offers drag translating approach

-> Rapid translation

Download the best translator app for android – Snap Trans

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19. Voice Translator

We are sure that you have already chosen the application to translate the voice but you must also learn about the next app in the list Voice Translator. It is a top android mobile app development company as it makes communication with people from another language easier. All you need to do is to open the application and it will start functioning. It also makes it easy for you to learn other languages. Dialogue translation makes it easy to talk and keep track of every conversation that happened through the Voice translator. Let us have a look at some other amazing features that Voice Translator offers.

-> Save your every session

-> Simple and easy interface

-> Session translation in real-time

-> Translation in multiple languages is very easy

Download the best translate app for android – Voice Translator

20. Air Translate for Offline Translation 

Let us end this list with another top offline translation mobile app for android. It can easily translate your image to text, voice to text, and also text to text with some of its modern tools. You can use this application offline as it also contains a phrasebook to make your conversation meaningful. You can save your translation for later. The other notable features of Air Translate are:

-> Integrated dictionary to make things easier while traveling

-> Easy and interactive user interface

-> Do not contain any kind of ads

-> Quick speech recognition with better output audio

Download the best voice translator for your phone – Air Translate

In the midst of so many mobile applications let us have a look at top cross-platform app frameworks which makes the process of mobile app development easier and advanced at the same time

This is the completion of top translation mobile apps in the market. Now you need to decide which one will be right for you. Moreover, if you are planning to create one such application or finding 20 android app development trends to watch out for in 2021 then a top IT outsourcing company like VerveLogic is there for you.

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