Top Image Recognition Apps to Watch in 2021

Top Image Recognition Apps to Watch in 2021

Image is vision of the eye capturing the present situation but it can’t store much of the visions so, technology of artificial intelligence with machine learning algorithms developed the Machinery vision. Which helps us to store the image and recognise it when the same image is scanned through the vision. How simple is to explain right, is that so simple for artificial intelligence to do so.

Let’s find some of the applications which really mean it is easy in recognizing the images of various categories like objects, people, places and actions in images.

Google Lenses

A most handy tool which is enormously used world wide, till date more than billion searches are found by google lens. It is one of the products of Google launched in 2017 and has been used to recognise objects through smartphones.

As the tagline of the Google lens “Search What You See”, it’s been easy like snap and tap to know what ur seeking for. Google lenses help in image recognition in various fields just like multitasking such as finding the text meaning, translating, shopping things, places and dining.

These features are rolling out highly day by day, it’s available on android app store as well as ios Google apps.

Tap Tap See

Independency, how important it is to live in democratic country. Similarly being independent in life is also very important, so this app helps the blind people to be independent in recognizing the things around them.

This app scans the objects on which you focus or from pictures and videos, identify it and uses voice over to loud it.

Features work as double tap on right side of screen to take pictures and left side to take video. It analise the object in any dimension within fractions and loudly identifies it through voiceover.

Screen Shop

Are you a fashion freak wanna add your styles with trending fashion sense over different websites but not able to find things properly here is an app that helps you enhance your fashion.

NewYork based mobile app that converts screenshot into digital fashion store. Here  Search by uploading a screenshot, apply color, celebrity style, category, filter the cost and turn your inspiration into the look you want.


A famous search engine API which delivers deeper search results. A end-to-end platform for the entire AI life cycle which auto-annotates the input data, people, places, things and topics on images, videos and text. Capture the data about the physical word through images, video and text

Calorie Mama

Humans are always conscious about health, in the pandemic situation also people are more concerned about the weight calories. Noworries now this app helps in finding the calories in each food.

Just take a snap of a food app automatically recognize the image and suggest the calories and what kind of food is that, it can also help in scanning some of the USA/Canada based food using barcode.

It Does sound cool and crazy that you can consume the calories in a precise and guided manner in order to stay healthy and fit.


Everyone loves greenery and each one has their own plant boutique at the balcony but all are not botanists to know each plant name so to make that task also here is app LeafSnap that helps to identify the species and genus of the plant.

Make sure to snap a picture of the plant or flower and you have the results of what you have been looking for so long on a scrolling website, That’s easy right.

Even helping the kids to learn easily as most of the kids are addicted to phones, this app helps in fun and learning.

Google Goggles

Easy search engines use visual search technology to find the objects through the mobile camera. Search, retrieve the information about the image, scan barcode and QR code. Recognise the  business card and analyse, translate the languages.

Image Recognizer

Fed up using different apps for each image recognition and unable to classify the images with detailed descriptive website information so Image Recognizer used an image recognition engine which helps to classify the images into specified categories.

One search app with more features like Extracting text, logo detection, image attributes and label detection.

It accesses the provider with amazon, youtube, wikipedia, translation, image searching and also scans the barcode and QR code.

Delectable wine- scan and rate

Find your favourite wine and buy it on one click. The app which helps in recognizing the wine, beer and also spirits.

Take a photo of the wine label and it automatically provides the results along with ratings, reviews and features of the wine. If you’re wishing to buy it with one click it’s possible. And also it keeps the track of the wines tried, provides the more information of millions of wines and helps in communicating to sommeliers and wine pros.

Money App

In usage of visually and hearing impaired to recognise the currency this app developed by the team Daffodil. By checking the front and reverse side of the note including half folded notes at various angles at broad light ranges.

Identifying the denomination through with or without the internet with contrast adjustment of light. The operating system combines the voice-enabled controls.

Reverse Image  Search 

Finding out the similar images, this app helps in searching similar images, voice search, crop, rotate and flip the image. Searching works by uploading the image from the gallery or taking a photo directly and the app will find related photos from the internet with different dimensions.

Image recognition is a vast process that carries much work over databases for storage. Bit of information is over here to look after your comfort of searching.

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