Best Cross Platform Mobile Development Tools

Best Cross Platform Mobile Development Tools

When it comes to mobile app development then the right app development tools are necessary in order to develop an effective mobile app. Not every mobile app development tool is efficient enough as there are many factors that play an important role when you’re trying to decide which tool is the best for the development.

For instance, to build android apps, the developers from the top mobile app development company uses Android Studio for development. On the other hand, for the development of iOS apps, we have Xcode. Moreover, now we have tools also known as development frameworks that can create apps for both platforms simultaneously. This makes things easier for the developers as they do not go through the same process twice on the two separate platforms. But the question arises how to pick the right tool for the development?

As per the legends of coding or simply the experts, there are four main factors that make it easy for the developers from the app development company while choosing the development kit.

-> Feature Support

-> Framework Risk

-> Speed Considerations

-> Development Cost

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When taking these 4 elements into consideration you’ll find some of the best cross platform tools for developing mobile apps that will influence the market for good. But we understand you might be submerged in your work, so to make it easier for you we have conducted the research and compiled a list of the 10 best cross platform mobile app development tools. Without further ado let us have a look at this list so you can find the top best cross platform mobile development tools.

Moreover, if you are new in the field of mobile app development and have less idea what cross platform app development is and How to move ahead with it then we have written a detailed blog which will inform you “What is cross platform? & Is it the best choice for mobile app development?

1. Titanium


Titanium from Appcelerator is one of the top choices available in the market at the moment. It operates using SDK which makes the development of native apps flawless for both iOS and Android which makes it a top android app development tool. The best part of using Titanium is that it allows you to reuse between 60% to 90% of the same code for all your apps. As a developer, we can understand how much it takes to write a code from scratch but with Titanium SDK you can save a lot of time and also get a head start as half the code is already done.

Titanium from Appcelerator is also an open-source development tool as thousands of developers from across the globe are always making contributions to it and helping the other developers with effective solutions. Its easy features like drag and drop template make it an advanced SDK as it offers some amazing design features. Along with Java, it also allows you to code from Swift and Objective C with its own code.

There are different types of mobile app development like hybrid mobile app development, native mobile app development, and cross platform development. It can be difficult to choose from the one and in order to make it easy for you we have “How Cross Platform App Development Can Bring Profit to the Businesses”.

2. Cocos2d


Gaming apps are at their peak at the moment. More and more companies are jumping into the field for the development of game development. And if you are also considering developing a two-dimensional game then consider Cocos2d as the cross platform development tool.

With Cocos, you get to choose from the five different platforms to develop with. It includes:

-> Cocos2d-x

-> Cocos2d-JS

-> Cocos2dXNA

-> Cocos2d-Swift

-> Cocos2d(Python)

The difference between these different platforms is based on your preferred programming language as a developer. So, if you are familiar with Xcode and Objective C, you will want to use Cocos2d-Swift and the developers who choose C# language, you should use Cocos2s XNA. Just like that, it has 5 different preferences as per the developer’s needs and knowledge.

3. Unity 3D

Unity 3D

Unity 3D is another famous cross platform tool to develop apps and as a developer you must also consider it if you are again developing a game. It is popular among developers because of its incredible graphics. Once you use it to develop the code using Boo, C#, or UnityScript you’ve got the ability to export the game to 17 different platforms including:

-> Android

-> iOS

-> Windows

-> PS

-> Xbox

-> Wii

-> Linux

-> Web

You can also use the Unity3d platform to help you distribute it to all the available stores. Unity3d also has an amazing network of developers and experts called Unity Connect where developers can exchange the answers to their questions.

4. PhoneGap 


PhoneGap is another famous and top android app development tool that is owned by Adobe. As we all know how reliable Adobe and its products are, PhoneGap is surely a top cross platform mobile app development tool to be used by developers from top mobile app development companies. Its best feature is that it is completely free to use and very easy to translate code from CSS, JavaScript, and HTML5.

Another best part of PhoneGap is that all the software development kits are maintained by it as you do not have to worry about handling any of it. Features like easy collaboration with others, continuous improvements, android, iOS development, windows development, and Blackberry development can be done using PhoneGap.

It also lowers your development time as you can use the existing frameworks, tools, and web development skills. It also consists of a Hydration feature which allows faster build and easy debugging. It automatically updates the app with the latest version to make sure everyone is using the most recent version.

The world has transformed a lot since we were introduced to mobile applications. Cross platform app development frameworks allow mobile app development company and developers to create mobile apps which are compatible with more than one OS. Here we have the best cross platform app frameworks to make the process easier for you.

5. Sencha


Sencha is another top mobile app development tool that developers love to use as it works well with different devices and platforms. Sencha makes it easier for multiple members to work effectively no matter where you are. It consists of many products, but the main one for developers is Ext Js 5 and it also works well with different devices and platforms.

Sencha is known for boosting productivity among the employees as it also offers lots of pre-built elements which eventually saves a lot of time. Once you have developed the HTML 5 code, it is easy to incorporate it with both iOS and Android platforms. All you need to do is to use the translation tool to perform this action. The top mobile app developers use Sencha to write code as it also offers reusable themes without having to write any code.

Sencha also offers proper testing tools for apps that are built using Ext JS, so you ensure you get the best result. It also reduces the time and costs associated with testing from other resources. The top app development companies use this development tool to build mobile apps.

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6. Qt

Qt is a widget toolkit that is used to create a graphical user interface along with cross platform apps that can run on various software and hardware platforms such as Windows, Linux, Android, macOS, etc. You have to buy its subscription to use Qt but you can also try to take advantage of its free trial at the very best. 

Qt uses C++ to code and once the code is complete you can easily export the process to various platforms. Once the code is exported, you can easily access the apps through the Qt interface on the respective devices and platforms. If your app is not performing well then you can easily make changes using Qt which will automatically get applied.

Qt also allows you to test your app on various devices. Their software allows you to see how the app will perform on different smartphones and tablets. It is also known for its fast development which makes it a top cross platform development tool. Its API tools also help you get your app to market much faster. Moreover, it is really easy to use with an easy and straightforward interface.

7. Corona 

As per Corona mobile app development kit, you can start the coding process of your new app in less than 5 minutes. Well, it is true as you do not have to learn too much with this cross platform development tool. It is very easy and free to use which makes it a top choice for new and emerging developers.

Corona is mostly used for the development of 2D games. It is perfect if you want to incorporate high-quality graphics in your game. It also offers straightforward coding of the entire app from scratch. It develops games on Lua, which is Corona’s programming language that’s written in C. Lua works well with mobile apps since it doesn’t have a large digital footprint.

8. 5app


5app is a very distinct app on the list. It is designed for businesses that want to develop apps for their employees. It is also perfect for people who want to make apps for employees working for a business. 5app also puts emphasis on data security and uses HTML5 and JavaScript to code and export apps for other platforms. The developed app is compatible with both android and iOS depending on what your company employees use.

Cross platforms are handy software to use with a variety of ways to build your next mobile app including cross platform development options. So, let’s evaluate the three best frameworks including Flutter, React Native and Xamarin to find the best.

9. Alpha Anywhere

Alpha Anywhere

Alpha Anywhere offers a lot of different options for your programming language to develop on multiple platforms. The programming languages it provides are:

-> Xbasic

-> c#

-> JavaScript


-> C++

-> Cobra

Alpha Anywhere uses data integration to securely connect to SQL and no-SQL databases which can be used for REST services. It also allows you to access your business app even when you are offline. Alpha anywhere also provides a huge storage capacity. With Alpha Anywhere, you can also integrate GPS and GIS services into your app. It also has a calendar feature that allows you to schedule your tasks between all of your devices.

If you are also confused about how to hire the mobile app development company then we have compiled a blog that tells how to hire Flutter App Development and the benefits of hiring flutter app development for your business.

10. Xamarin 


Xamarin is a Microsoft-owned San Francisco-based software company that was founded in 2011. This tool also has app store delivery capabilities once you finish developing your app. Xamarin offers many things like free packages for starters, app store delivery capabilities, monitoring your app’s performance, and the ability to run tests. It also allows you to test on over 1000 devices so you can resolve any kind of bug problem on any device. Xamarin uses C# or Ruby for coding as is used by top mobile app development companies like Microsoft, IBM, Foursquare, etc.

With so many platforms, it is important to find the right framework to build your app. But now you know the list of best cross platform mobile apps tools for development. With these tools, you can launch the mobile app for both iOS and Android users with a minimum code base. You can easily maximize your revenue with these tools. The top mobile app development companies use these tools to increase the efficiency and productivity in the office.

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