Why Custom App Development Proves to Be a Perfect Choice?

Why Custom App Development Proves to Be a Perfect Choice?

Imagine, you have bought a luxury and a beautiful house which has a lot of space that everybody needs. It’s in a great neighborhood and consists of all necessities like parking, driveway, a garden, air-conditioning, and other aesthetic and tech features that’ll convince all your needs. You are totally happy because everything is made from top materials.

And now let’s imagine an auto dealer proposes you to buy a house that pretends to be in a great neighborhood and is considered a luxury. It looks the same but is made out of the worst materials and is not in a great neighborhood. Basically, it is a home that is trying to be similar to the one we have described above. Of course, it costs slightly cheaper, and the dealer says you almost will not feel the difference. Would you agree that you are buying the second house because it is the same as above and costs less but doesn’t have any aesthetic and functionality that the first one delivers?

Now apply the same situation to software products: specifically the difference between custom Apps that are designed specifically to provide all the features which the users need and ready-made software, designed to perform basic functions. This is the basic need when you are trying to create an innovative product that will run exactly the way you want it.

Custom Mobile App Development vs Off Shelf App Development

In this era of technology, everybody knows how much it is to have mobile users by your side for success in your business. And the best way is to develop a custom mobile app or use the benefits of the white label solution. Well, every business has different ways to commence their business but custom app development always proves to be a better choice for every organization.

First, you dive deeper into app development first thing you must define the custom app development and how it differs from off-the-shelf solutions along with all the benefits that come with it.

Custom app development is a tailored solution for your business and provides all the features that your users need from your app. Such customized solutions can be created in the shelf solution as it doesn’t provide the custom features which will be very beneficial for your business. The remarkable feature of custom app development is its ability to deploy your idea exactly your way as it was conceived. So, it helps to cater to your business needs and the final product will fit the way your business operates.

If you go with an off-the-shelf solution, then it offers a similar universal platform for every business no matter even if they are of different sectors. it doesn’t give a unique apps design and performance and none of the business goals are reached with an off-the-shelf solution. Such apps are sold as software as a service which implies that companies have to pay rent for the application usage. Of Course, it doesn’t cost you a lot but if it is not able to have a better return on investment then there is no point in having an app development for your business. It’s true that this solution is attractive to many business owners because of its affordable price, especially when they have just started the business. However, the custom mobile application development will cost you a little bit more but serve your business needs and is significant for investment in the long term.

Pros & Cons of the Custom App Development

Yes, there are many benefits of custom app development as it helps in creating scalability, easy deployment, and increased productivity. But still, let us have a look at the pros and cons for deeper consideration of custom app development. 


Data is security is one of the most important aspects for any business and what every business looks for while investing in customized apps. If your app is able to operate with personal data in the era of globalization then your business will surely thrive globally. Customized apps allow eliminating threats and risks through the integration of security measures and data encryption.

Custom Relations

Going custom in development allows building a robust personalization strategy with each app idea. It is important to have the integration of analytic tools at the initial stage of app development. You can track customer ideas and requirements from the app and offer personal offers to cater to their needs. With customized app development it is easier to have a mutual relationship with the users.

Highlighting Business Competitive Advantage

There are key verticals of every business. Some organizations use home delivery as a top priority, while others rely on loyalty programs. So it is evident that their mobile apps should emphasize the key factors you must keep in your app. 

Investing in Yourself

With custom app development you are already the winner because you already have the solutions that your customers are looking for. On-the-shelf mobile solutions never give you all reins and the same level of control as the custom software does. The customization in your apps is capable of expanding your business in every region and take it from the usual growing business requirement to profitability and expansion. So, having a custom app development you can invest in yourself and your business. 


Yes, if we look at the current scenarios then custom app development takes time because of the ad on, and on the other hand with off-shelf mobile app development, you can get your app working quickly. In custom app development you need to go through a software development process that may take weeks, months, and sometimes years if the project is very ambitious. There are many factors like bug fixing, strategy changing, design improvement- all these things may delay the launch of the final projects. Moreover, these bugs may slip through and cause business-critical errors. 


The customized app takes more resources to develop and that is one of the reasons it takes a high amount and costs to get developed. Adding new features within the app and during production can increase the cost more than how much was decided.

With so many differences between custom mobile app development and ready-made app development, the customized mobile app is a winner. With the latest technologies like maps, messaging, geolocation, push notifications can be added directly to the app and it can make your business more popular among the users. Join the trend and build your custom app so your business can also thrive among the growth and profit.

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