Secret To Success : 6 Golden Rules To Create A Mobile App Design That Brings Profit!

Secret To Success : 6 Golden Rules To Create A Mobile App Design That Brings Profit!

Designing app for user experience cannot provide overall benefit. Be it mobile, tablet or web, apart from user experience, there are some more factor that make mobile apps successful. One of the main and important point of consideration before beginning with app development is the objective or thought behind developing it.

Various studies predict that 97% of people move out of any app within 3 sec due to bad design and interface. The whole game is in the court of UI. UI design intuitive and familiar  to engage users and make them stay on app for longer duration.

The secret to success is understanding the need of the users. Go for expanded research to get the idea for needs and problems of your targeted users. This post is dedicated to list five golden rules for creating a mobile app that stands tall on all parameters.

Let us begin:

Rule 1#  Follow the 4 pillars of interaction design

According to experts from android application developers, the four pillar of interaction design helps to create a strong which is high in user interaction and low in unnecessary clutter even if the app is used in small screen device.

The four pillars are:

  • Goal driven design: before any designing process, the most important factor to understand is the purpose of the app. It is very important to ensure the actual goal that the app will achieve.
  • Usability: The app should be designed depending upon the usability of the users. If the app is of no use for users or not desired, the purpose of the app is shattered. The interface of the app should be accessible and usable.
  • Function familiarity: The key to better engagement is using common phrases are similarity of functions that users have been familiar. This way users does not get confused while using any functionality in the app. For instance, blue text with underline is considered as a URL, taking you to new page. This functionality is common everywhere and so the user can easily take necessary action.
  • App to user response: after completion of any task or missing any stage in the app, there should be certain kind of blink, notification or sound. This kind of message will notify the users and keep them updated while they are working on the app.

Rule 2# Knowing the users

Knowing the user is the base for any app design. Developers from top Iphone mobile application development services believe that it is very important to know about the users, their expectations, needs, problems etc, to design an app that speaks to all or specific needs. Without knowing the user, it is difficult to quantify a good design for the app. In order to understand your users, we list the following parameters.

  • Users persona: create the representation of the users behaviours with the help of research, interviews or surveys. This data will help you understand your users expectations and their response more vividly.
  • User scenario: user persona provide you data for predicting the interaction of users at various stages of mobile design. This prediction can help you design app that interacts better with the users expectations.

Rule 3# Make written outline of the app

At this point designing the app on paper is a wiser decision. This designing should be done in accordance with the user data obtained. These prototype does not need to be fancy, yet it will your app development a direction.

At this stage of app development, design hierarchy of the content flow. It is better to analyse and create a written flow of content in an app.

Rule 4# Integrate familiar design elements with new ones

It beneficial to study the design of the best apps in the market and find the common design pattern in them such as slide out menu bar, toolbars or buttons at the top of the page etc. there are many features that together make an app, great.

The combination of familiar design pattern will give freshness to the mobile app design as well as give users better control.

Rule 5# Finger friendly design

People with fat fingers get irritated when the app does not respond well with their thumb impression. It should always made sure that the mobile app buttons should be finger friendly. They should have enough space for users to tap on them.

Rule 6# Wipe out the clutter

It is always beneficial to reduce the number of taps needed to go from point A to B. when designers have to after several taps to reach B, them may find another shorter way of reaching there. This process will help to remove unnecessary screen in the app, making it even more easy and time friendly.


To make your product successful, your app design should help users getting information quickly and effectively. The secret of mobile app success is targeting the need of the users

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