Opening Eyes For Future: Top 7 Ecommerce Web Design Trend For 2018

Opening Eyes For Future: Top 7 Ecommerce Web Design Trend For 2018

2018 is coming with big opportunity, new trends, technology that will create a new dimension of growth. Ecommerce ventures are highly popular and will remain to rule in the market for ages. While 2018 is around the corner, we are here with some of the trends in ecommerce web design that will definitely have its presence in 2018.

Let us discuss some of these trends in 2018:

  • Boxes

Designers from top companies in ecommerce website development in india, suggest that boxes in ecommerce web design will have significant role in 2018. They will not only enhance the functionality of the website but also the design as well. Boxes are catchy and can be easily used to catch the attention of people towards call to action. Boxes also spice up the look of the website with artistic layerings which is a great way to make simple design attractive. In short, the box element in ecommerce web design would be surely a trend in 2018.

  1. Bold and bright colour

There has been a tendency in brands to play safe with web safe colour scheme i.e colours that display solid and consistent on any browser or medium. The year 2018 is about being bold and colourful. There will be a rise in bold colour outlines that will help in catching the attention of the people easily. We can expect to see colours which are more vivid. Brands can expose the colour further with selecting colour palette which are creative by various colours. Startups will make sure incorporate bold colour panels for standing different and interesting from the rest. In a nutshell, colours and bold lines will be a great hit in 2018

  1. Customized illustrations

Illustration are fun quotient in an ecommerce website. They are creative, addictive, fun visual elements that add an extra edge to your website. Developers from Web development company in jaipur predicts that unique style of illustrations will help ecommerce website to create a unique brand identity in the market and in the mind of customers. Customized illustration can be used in multiple form in ecommerce website such header image, bespoke font, custom iconography and animated visuals.

These visual elements will create a huge difference in the look of your ecommerce web design. Therefore, experiment with customized illustration in the coming 2018.

  1. Scrolling in a different way

We all know that scrolling is about moving the page top to down and down to up. Up till now, people pay strong emphasis on keeping the important content in the first half of the page or you can say above the fold. 2018 is keeping with freshness so no old tricks please!

The coming year will make it difficult to define the fold as users are viewing the website at various size screens based on their medium of access. Scrolling is wonderful only when done correctly. A bad effect of it can bring sharp decrease in user experience. Therefore, new style of scrolling will be a hit in 2018. This kind of trend is expected to bring better user interaction in customers buying journey.

  1. Videos taking over the ecommerce websites

Moving images are the greatest way you can ask people to stay somewhere. Videos are creative, entertaining, educating medium of communication within websites. Although videos are not newly invented but still it has versatility that makes its usage in multiple fields such as advertising, storytelling, photography etc. professionals from internet marketing company india suggest that videos has the capacity to lock the attention of customers ensuring highest engagement level. It has huge potential that can bring exceptional result for the ecommerce websites. Thus, it is vital that videos will be part of ecommerce web design trend for 2018.

  1. Voice search over search bar

A search is an essential component of ecommerce website. In 2018, it is expected ecommerce websites may step further and use voice search techniques over search bar. This would mean better user experience as they will not have to type any word. Such kind of feature can bring revolution in the ecommerce industry.

  1. Guided selling

Ecommerce website in 2018 should have guided selling as part of their strategy. Guided selling in terms of ecommerce website is software tools which ask customers information about items highlighted and used for making proposals. While guided selling should be part of 2018 ecommerce web design. Following should be kept in mind:

  • It should comprehend customers need
  • Understanding the need for accessible items
  • Recommend product as per need

Guided selling can appear as an item related questionnaire for users.


Ecommerce websites have promising opportunity in 2018. The trends stated above can bring great results for the business trying to get something big in the coming year.

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