How Are Mobile Apps Revolutionising the Entertainment Sector

How Are Mobile Apps Revolutionising the Entertainment Sector

Bored, spend some time with family or friends no, the trend has changed from gathering to chilling alone with netflix, amazon, spotify and many other apps. Actually what are these, why have people changed their lifestyle?. The answer to all these is simple entertainment isn’t it the most wanted thing or greater part of life.

we are all addicted to entertainment. According to study, the average human addiction to entertainment is 82.44%, why such a great impact all of a sudden in certain years. When you think through this fact one comes to mind is mobile that is the reason entertainment platforms hitting the top list in app development.

Why do we need such apps when we have smart tv’s at home for full time enjoyment, fact seems true but we can’t carry them along always and one is unsure of a situation that needs entertainment. So this entertainment app development came into existence.

These entertainment apps created different trending business over a mobile app development which is in a high grossing stage now. Among the top-10 highest grossing apps in the search 6 of them are entertainment related.

E-Marketing is exploring the high addiction of smartphones due to entertainment app developing companies, so what strategies making these apps go on such hype, let’s find some strategies and features.

Market Trend analysis

When there is demand the supply comes into the market and it sets a trend. So where to find the demand, this needs a little research around and within to seek what the market is in need of. Research around does sound somewhat great to gain effectiveness of demand through social media, and search engines which reflect what’s trending in the market.

Social media and blogging sites which keeps track of trending fields, and live streaming, adds on side by videos, latest news updating apps.

To say we all have used an inshorts news app which keeps updating news every hour, this news might contain various fields from local to international, non-technical to technical and education to entertainment, this updates helps to keep track of trending fields.

Molding into Independent Platform

From combined featured applications, to a vast collection of independent platforms they made revolution live among stones. From news alerts to live cricket scores, there is nothing a mobile would miss. Shopping, amusement, food, meeting places, game zones etc. all are covered by mobile apps now.

The entertainment apps variation in different deviations from dealing with professional access platforms to general access to showcase individual talent within a few years of technology growth  took tremendous outcome in the entertainment app developing fields.

So this is how the entertainment field took big hype from the market to grow faster by developing independent apps.

Gathering the Information 

As market analysis helps in finding the trends similarly social media are capable of gathering the data required to add and even marketing helps to get the information.

As we see in snapchat we can have world wide connective, explore filters, new videos regarding cooking, hairstyles, latest news etc. this information can be gathered from the other apps integration keeping the authentication and reliability in mind the informations are collected.

With this information gathering it made everything available in the fingertips. Mobile apps made it handy to choose a selected stream of entertainment based on their interest.

Marketing the Brand 

At some point we all blamed youtube ads in flow while watching a movie or video, so annoying but it’s the faster way of approaching the audience to promote the brands.

Now life without mobile apps is unimaginable, each and everyone of us always lost in scrolling through instagrams, facebook, snapchat and some other required entertaining apps if the ads in between pops up and can’t ignore it so no option left for the user to watch it.

If a user finds the brand useful he may buy it and even suggest it to someone who wants it. This is how marketing strategy through developing entertainment apps work.

Flow of Content  

Content is something that inspires the world through words, the words don’t have barriers to flow to the entire world. And growing technology made it easy to transfer the knowledge globally.

This content creating helps provide information along with the delivering the original content inorder to reach out to the audience worldwide and gain importance for a particular brand.

For example let’s consider this content itself, it is providing the information about various top entertaining apps and in future some branded ads add up with this content. When it travels globally through the website search we can find out 2 major information about the brand as well as entertaining apps.

So even entertaining apps are offering the content to render things through articles, blogs, videos, ads etc.

User interaction and experience

Most wanted feature user interaction which makes the app top among the existing apps, that help the user to find what they want to watch or to do in application.

As per we have seen when you start watching video on youtube it suggests the rest of the videos based on video watching right now. This implementation of AI makes users revisit the app.

When it comes to user experience, expectations on seeing the features of the application vary and nowadays some top applications help in providing insight into the trending changes in celebrities life and technology, art, architecture, food and etc.

To say instagram has this great feature which provides to know the daily updates of favourite celebrities by following them and even we can share things easily, sell products and buy products through these social medias.

Gaming and music

Setting trends in gaming and music is very easy now. You must have experienced if your unsubscribe user of wynk music after every song you get add about one of the ads willingly or not willingly we have to hear it.

And  gaming from video games to handson sets has evolved so rapidly, recent games like pubg, free fire which set high standards that with attractive features of voice calling, live chatting and different avatar selections finds it so addictive.


It’s not about apps having a democratic features or something, independence is all about compatibility of the application in different browsers.

App developers can’t expect the user to have the same phone with everyone so he has to develop in such a way that it can be accessible to any mobile.

And coming to resolution the application should work on all modes of rotation.

These some key features which makes app successful in market

Why do you need a Mobile app for your Entertainment? 

Till now the article described you entertainment do this, that and they help in growing business and all but why do person need them what role they play.

People nowadays live in mobiles more than living in real life, they are expecting the comfort life like everything should happen on finger tips and even people are bored to sit in front tv to watch hour movies with half hour ads, so uncomfort leads to invention.

This time invention was something beyond the reach, the apps which really made human life so easy and now it has grown so large that everything revolves around finger tips.

Among these app development entertainment fields has taken tremendous change. There so many reasons using mobile app for entertainment:

-> Improved visuality

-> Easily accessible everywhere

-> Mode of comfortless

-> Update to information

-> Keeps up good communication

-> Talent showcasing

-> Easy publicity of brands

-> Wide social networking strategies

-> Easy for product purchase and selling

Mobile apps give creative media interaction anytime on finger tips. Which helps deliver better content based on what you’re looking for.

Some of the trending apps 

1. Netflix 

Since a few years it’s under high blooming with its high quality user interface, in the worldwide about 85% of the population uses the netflix subscription.

Netflix is an entertainment which consists of movies, songs, newly launched web series and comic shows with support of many languages.

It has good user interface, high resolution videos and better quality.

2. Instagram

Which adds to the category of facebook but still overridden the facebook by features and became a user friendly app. About a billion users are active over instagram monthly.

Such addictive apps with its various features of exploring people, celebrities, food,travel blog, art, architecture, fashion, music, sports, beauty, purchase and video feature all in one centered app which attracts the audience visit again and again to explore new and keep updating.

Pop notifications help to keep track of the events.

 3. Google Play book

Reading is great and it’s fun helps to know much and keep concentration level in a better way and it would be double fun if you can hear what you want to read and relax though sounds great right. So here is an app that helps achieve it.

This app is very handy with customer satisfaction adjustments, anywhere and anytime can read or hear stories, books and novels. No need for any subscriptions too.

4. Spotify

Mostly lovable app for music lover “Spotify sunte jao “, music for every mood.subscribe and enjoy unlimited music with wide variety choices and it is good with intuitive searching suggest next song with AI implementation so handy and comfortable.

5. Reddit

The topics or ideas are arranged in communities. Join your favorite create feed and personalize it news, headlines, fun stories, sports talk, games, viral pics, top memes and videos. You can also share your passion for books, movies, tv shows etc. with all community talks it helps keep updated.

Is this revolution of mobile apps in the entertainment field is good?, what future holds for it.

Considering the fact of growth in the entertainment field through mobile apps is good because growing technically is a good thing. And what the future holds for it is in the hands of youth.

Mobiles has acquired half of the space in human life so as the mobile apps in busy world these apps helps in supporting barrier to keep up growth in proper way,

From educating to entertaining and reality to virtual with implementation higher technologies like AI, machine learning, cloud computing and IOT help  lot to keep a proper record in each update.

This growth could fierce the younger minds to the competitive world of tech.

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How Mobile Apps are Changing The Entertainment Industry

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