Face Recognition Automatic Attendance System is All We Need in Business

Face Recognition Automatic Attendance System is All We Need in Business

A face recognition attendance system uses biometric technology and identification verification based on the person’s facial characteristics. Yes, it does sound very advanced, but we all are living in a century where almost everything related to technology is possible. Don’t be amazed if you find out about the existence of any technology which you have never thought of.

For instance – none of us had imagined foldable smartphones or the television so thin, but here we are living in the era of advancement where everything is possible. Similarly, we are going to talk about a development that evolved a lot in the past few years, but this addition takes it to another level.

Earlier for the attendance system for any office, school, or any other place the employees need to sign off in front of their names on arriving and leaving. After that, we move forward and the invention of the biometric fingerprint attendance system was developed for ease. Fingerprints become popular for businesses because of the reliable results it yields.

Now, in this modern era, we are welcoming the face recognition automatic attendance system which is useful in almost every place in the world.  From the ease of integration to automated, error-free employee attendance tracking, and much more. This face recognition attendance system was invented for many particular reasons and came as a boon for every business.

How Facial Recognition Works?

We remember people by recognizing their faces. You’re familiar with their facial features, their eyes, nose, and mouth, and how they come together and that’s how a facial recognition system works, but on a grand, logarithmic scale. For instance, all the people in your office have their images stored in one or more facial recognition databases for it to work. Let us see in depth how facial recognition works.

Step 1: A picture of your face is captured from a photo or video. Your face might appear alone or in a crowd. Your image may show you looking straight ahead or nearly in profile.

Step 2: The face recognition automatic attendance system reads the geometry of your face and starts matching the key features. Like the distance between your eyes and the distance from forehead to chin. So the system identifies 68 features on the face to distinguish your face.

Step 3: Your facial signature is compared to a database of known faces.

Step 4: A determination is made. Your faceprint may match that of an image in a facial recognition system database.

Biometrics Face Recognition Automatic Attendance System

Where To Use Facial Recognition?

At Airports 

Facial Recognition systems are capable of monitoring people coming and going in airports. The government can use the technology to identify people who have overstayed their visas or may be under criminal investigation. The face recognition system is capable of catching an imposter trying to enter the country.

Mobile Phone Makers in Products 

Apple first used facial recognition to unlock its iPhone X and continues with the iPhone XS. The Face ID authenticates and makes sure you’re you when you access your phone. So, this technology can be successfully used in unlocking phones. As per the technology, face unlocking your phone is about one in a million.

School/Colleges in the Classroom

Facial recognition attendance systems can, in essence, take the role. If you decide to cut class, your professor could know. Don’t even think of sending your brainy roommate to take your test.

Social Media Companies on Websites

Facebook uses an algorithm to spot faces when you upload a photo to its platform. The social media company asks if you want to tag people in your photos. If you say yes, it creates a link to their profiles. Facebook can recognize faces with 98 percent accuracy. So, now your social media app can also use facial recognition.

Businesses at Entrance & Restricted Areas

Some companies have traded security badges for facial recognition systems. Beyond security, it could be one way to get some face time with the boss. The face recognition attendance system is also used to punch the in and out of the employees.

Religious Groups at Places of Worship

Temples and churches can use facial recognition to scan the faces of the people for security basis.

Retailers in Stores

Retailers combine surveillance cameras and facial recognition to scan the faces of shoppers. One goal: identifying suspicious characters and potential shoplifters.

Airlines at Departure Gates

You might be accustomed to having an agent scan your boarding pass at the gate to board your flight.

Marketers & Advertisers in Campaigns 

Marketers often consider things like gender, age, and ethnicity when targeting groups for a product or idea. Facial recognition can be used to define those audiences even at something like a concert.

Facial Biometrics System Used For Security

Facial biometrics systems have been used as a measure of security in the topmost institutions and workplaces to ensure that there is no scope for vandalism. The face recognition solution has been a major component in the field of security. Here’s why-

1. Criminal Identification

The authorities can breathe a sigh of relief with the face recognition system. Its database containing all information about criminals makes it easier to catch them. If the sensor identifies the face with the algorithms and if the face matches, it’s a win! Face recognition software prevents a crime even before it takes place.

Criminal Identification

2. Surveillance

Crimes are not committed when you have someone watching over you. Facial recognition keeps track of everybody in crowded places.


3. Bank Services

Banks use this product of Artificial intelligence as a security measure to detect any suspects entering without being identified. Basically, the artificial intelligence technology employed in banks is to avoid bank fraud.

Use of Face Recognition Automatic System

a. Office

b. Schools, Colleges

c. Malls

d. Department Store

e. Drones Combined With Face Recognition System

f. Airports, Railway Stations & Bus Stands

g. Hospitals

h. Unlock Phones

i. Smart Advertising

j. Find Missing person

k. Identifying People on Social Media Platforms

l. Facilitate Secure Transactions

m. Control Access To Sensitive Areas

n. Make Air Travel More Convenient

o. Validate Identity at ATMs

Benefits of Face Recognition Automatic Attendance System: 

1. Automated Time Tracking System

Because it tracks the facial features of the person, it simplifies the reports of attendance, absences, and over time through the facial characteristics or identification process. The automation of time tracking means there will be no need for personnel to monitor the system during work hours. This system is automatically registered to clock in and out as well as purposeful visits of employees to certain areas of the office.

Many companies’ personnel have to go through a rigorous process for generating attendance for creating the salary every month where the problem may occur. But this face recognition attendance system allows the company to effectively automate other parts of the business. Such as salary and bonus computation with speed and accuracy. So, even if you are in a hassle generating attendance on the last day of the month then you can do it with ease.

Automated Time Tracking System

2. Error Free Time & Attendance Tracking

We know the world is full of fraud and human error but this tracking system allows you to discover the employees who are not being honest with the time of their clock in and out. Time is a key element for every business and if you are running one then you know better than us. With the face recognition attendance system human error is eliminated. Regardless of whether it was intentional or not, the issue of erroneous input time in and time out is eradicated.

Error Free Time & Attendance Tracking

3. Extensive Security

Aside from accurate identification of employee attendance, biometric face recognition also allows you to track visitors. Since the system only recognizes facial characteristics registered in the employee facial database, intruders will not have access to the premises of the building. For such instances, the facial recognition system can provide significant evidence for a security investigation. It can keep you safe, as any intruder will think twice before entering the premises.

Extensive Security

4. Time Theft is Eliminated

Many times you might have faced the issue of working hours with the employee. Well, employee salary depends on the number of hours they work & many times the actual hours and the described hours may differ. And it may go in the favor or in against the employee.

But with the face recognition attendance system the proof of hours worked can be viewed through the software integrated. This is possible through the attendance database of the company. Now there is no way for employees to change the time they clocked in or out. Even the number of hours they spent on overtime is also regulated by the system.

5. Buddy Punching

Buddy punching is common in the office. Of course, it is natural for buddies in the office to save their co-workers from receiving notice for tardiness and absences. With facial recognition systems in place, buddies cannot use their own faces to punch in for others. Now the only way for employees to avoid tardiness is to be present in the office on time.

6. Reduced Contagion

Traditional attendance tracking systems require the need for physical intervention. A sick employee touching a biometric machine with unclean hands can result in a number of others getting infected as well. But now the world has seen the coronavirus pandemic in the world, and you can risk your employees’ lives with it.

With this technological advancement, the incidence of passing illness is eradicated. Since the face recognition attendance system uses the image of employees without any physical contact. Contagious illnesses such as colds and viruses are eliminated through this.

Reduced Contagion

7. Ease of Operation

A biometric facial recognition system allows employees to enter the building without putting their belongings aside. With this technology, they simply need to stand in front of the device and wait to be identified. Once the system recognizes their facial characteristics, their attendance is immediately recorded. This promotes ease of operation for the employees, as well as for the employer.

Ease of Operation

Time & attendance tracking are made easier with a biometric system or facial recognition attendance system. It maps out facial features from either a photograph or video based on the employee information database. The system can be applied to several commercial needs. From surveillance to, most importantly, tracking employee attendance.

Summing Up

We strongly suggest you migrate your system to an automated facial recognition system to obtain benefits that can significantly increase productivity and reduce costs, which every business wants. Now no need to manually input clocks in or out and physical contact biometric attendance can be eliminated in favor of more advanced practices.

Introducing facial recognition would cut down on these inefficiencies since most modern facial recognition systems can perform the task in under two seconds. It is just a matter of collecting images of employees at the time of entrance.

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