5 Best Practice For Creating A Highly Secured Web Application

5 Best Practice For Creating A Highly Secured Web Application

Every unsecured data in web applications is an enticing substance for hackers. Consumer data, business information, transaction details and many other thing come on stake when your web application is unsecured. It is always important to find out security vulnerability of your web app at regular intervals and make effort to follow best practice of security while creating your web app. Following security best practice would mean less security threat to your app and security to your valuable data.

This post is dedicated in listing the best five practices in app security to make web app immune from hackers.

Let us begin!

  1. Consider your user generated contents non friendly

Experts from web application development companies, believe that user generated content can create a strong security breach. They can easily corrupt the system and make easy access for hackers.

There are many sites such Facebook, Yelp, Linkedin etc which are which accepts various kinds of content type such as text, images, uploadable attachment etc, for having better customer engagement and ranking. However, these user generated contents have be crafted by hackers to breach the security of the web application.

Therefore, it is highly important to filter contents based on various security parameters for accepting them on your app.

  1. Know about the potential vulnerabilities

It is not the sole responsibility of the designer to have the complete knowledge of the web threats that arises in web apps. It is the responsibility of every people involved in the process of app development to have complete knowledge of threats mentioned in open application security project(OWASP). The security threats mentioned here can be a great help for app developers while designing the web app.

  1. Understanding security control in your language

Developers from best web development company in jaipur suggest that each language platform has its own set of security controls. These security control should be on tips of every person involved with app development to combat any security issue with the correspondent coding structure. Be it PHP, .NET or Java, everybody has its own security nuances. People involved in app development should be well aware for controlling security breaches such as SQL injection, cross -site scripting attack and more, with valid coding technique in given language.

  1. Never make your own security control

Developers creating security control can leave your web app prone to hackers. Developers don’t deal with security issues 24*7, hence they may easily fall in prey. Their assumption can appear valid and covering every point,yet their may be chances which cannot be denied. The best practice should be to follow OWASP top 10 listing. Train them for approved security control to mitigate threats listed in OWASP.

  1. Applying security control consistently

The only way to protect the security of your app is by applying security best practices throughout the app development. Security checks are not meant to be a one time affair, it needs consistency to maintain that security cover on your app working. Any small breach in security can bring hackers in your business and ruin it completely, hence, consistency should be the target.


Keeping these 5 best practices in mind can bring better security for your web app. Never completely trust user input and abide the rules to protect your app database.

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