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List Of 15 Best PSP Emulators for Android Devices in 2022 and Ahead..!!

List Of 15 Best PSP Emulators for Android Devices in 2022 and Ahead..!!

Playstation survived the test of time and became the best gaming console ever. In 7 year-long run and with every new generation, Sony PSP, by now, is the dream of every true gamer who is longing for an incredible gaming experience. Unfortunately, not every gamer can afford to play PlayStation Portable games. BUT…

Here is something for true PSP fans… There are certain PSP emulators for Android that supports all the PSP originals on your mobiles and tablets. Load up a PSP Emulator and start playing PSP games on your Android device. Thanks to some highly potential gaming app development companies the technology exist in 2022.

When it comes to emulators, the talk of the town is PPSSPP – an open-source PSP emulator that can be used to fetch PSP exclusives on your Android. Silver lining – there are several others like PPSSPP, lets have a look at 15 best PSP emulators for Android Device – easily downloadable from Playstore. The more the merrier…

Note: PSP or otherwise, Gaming Apps proved to be a huge success in 2020-21 with $380 billion spent on in-app gaming purchases worldwide. So if you are planning to launch a full-fledged gaming application, then the stats are pretty positive for you. But pause for a while to know the insights into how an android gaming application is developed? Prior knowledge will help you speak well with the Android game app developer.

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What are PSP Emulators? 

Emulate means imitate or reproduce. A PSP Emulator is here to make your Android device an imitation of the Playstation so that your device becomes compatible for loading PSP exclusives. With a PSP emulator, your device becomes compatible with authentic Playstation games. Not limited to android but there are certain Emulators for iOS and Windows users as well.

Prior to PSP emulators, the compatibility issue was taken care of by the Java-script PSP emulators but was aborted due to a lot of bugs that were found in the emulating program. Those bugs made it really difficult to run PSP games on Android devices. The best PSP emulators for Android devices have made lives easier for every gamer….

15 Best PSP Emulators for Android Device – All Your Options At One Place

1. PPSSPP – A PSP Emulator


You can refer to PPSSPP as an elite in the range of PSP Emulators – the emulator is easy to use, gives frequent updates for smooth functionality, and has both free and paid versions – paid version removes all the ads for a sleek gaming experience. Know a bit more about PPSSPP from the key specifications below.

Key Specifications 

-> The emulator supports PSP games in high definition on Android phones and tablets.

-> The download has no games included rather you can play online PSP games.

-> PPSSPP pro is a free version that includes ads.

-> With this app on your device, you can play online PSP games and store them on your SD card.

-> Turn PSP originals into ISO or CSO files for a better experience.

No. Of Downloads on Playstore – 10M+

Download from Playstore

2. PPSSPP Gold


PPSSPP Gold version is one of the best PSP emulators for Android devices you could hold on an Android device. Comes with a minimum subscription, the version is purely ad-free and gives you a sleek gaming experience without any hindrance. The gold version comes with developer support to help you instantly get any help you need with your PSP games on Android.

Key Specifications 

-> The open-source app is able to play nearly all the PSP exclusives that you could list.

-> The speed and the ultimate gaming experience depending on the RAM, graphic card, storage, and screen size.

-> The app has no games included rather you can play online games or convert your favorite PSP originals in ISO or CSO formats to get the Android device support.

-> You can also play free homebrew games.

-> An advanced variant of PPSSPP Pro for Android.

No. Of Downloads on Playstore – 1M+

Download from Playstore

3. Rocket PSP Emulator 

Rocket PSP Emulator

The venture by Emul World Limited, Rocket PSP Emulators is surely one in the league of the best PSP emulators for Android devices. It is free to use and could be downloaded in minutes from the Android Play store. The app is dedicated to giving the feeling of PSP while playing the game on your Android device. The probable reasons to buy the consoles are thinning.

Key Specifications 

-> Shows compatibility with both low-end and high-end devices.

-> Games on your device can run with the lowest latency.

-> Games can be downloaded and preserved in ISO, CSO, and ROM formats.

-> The app has wonderful sound and theme effects.

-> Has advanced tech-stack to ensure sleek gaming performance.

-> You can play PSP games and homebrew with Rocket PSP Emulator on your Android phones.

-> Contains in-app ads.

-> Your smartphones feel the same as the game controller in your hands.

No. Of Downloads on Playstore – 5M+

Download from Playstore

4. RetroArch


Surely the best in the league of PSP emulators for Android, RetroAch has different consoles running with a single app. Inside of the app people download cores, each core itself is a different console. In RetroArch all the cores work well to give you that PSP gaming experience and is the best choice to emulate multiple consoles without needing to download a number of other apps. Indeed an insightful idea from Android App developers.

Key Specifications 

-> Helps you run classic PSP games on a range of devices from Android phones to computers.

-> Has a stellar user interface to give you the best gaming experience and comfort.

-> The app has various noteworthy features like netplay, shaders, rewinding, next frame response time, auto-configuration, etc.

-> Netplay is here to support multi-player games. It is always fun to host network gaming sessions.

No. Of Downloads on Playstore – 1M+

Download from Playstore

5. DamonPS2 Pro

Now that we are replacing full-fledged PSPs with PSP emulators, we need something to give the closest results, DamonPS2 Pro is one such PSP Emulator that gives you the closest gaming experience. The app charges you for a subscription but every penny is worth it as it has some of the valuable features that no free app could give.

Key Specifications 

-> The PSP emulator for faster processing and incredibly low latency issue.

-> The app supports more than 90% of the total PSP games.

-> Free from in-app ads – no hindrance.

-> Use a PSP SD card to preserve your favorite games.

-> The app supports any cheat code and gamepad.

-> Play multiplayer war games and races.

-> RetroArch is an open-source project-based based on Liberto – the best interface that allows the processing of high-end cross-platform apps.

No. Of Downloads on Playstore – 1M+

Download from Playstore

6. PSP Emulator Pro

PSP Emulator Pro

Authentically serving the purpose of playing PSP games on Android, PSP Emulator Pro is the advanced technology that will let you play PSP exclusives you like on your smartphones or tablets. The PSP emulator app gives you the gaming experience of life with an incredible networking system, low latency, and speed. PSP emulator pro is the venture by one of the best Android App Development companies LabDev ltd.

Key Specifications 

-> Play your favorite games at high definition and incredibly high speed.

-> With user-friendly interface design and efficiency, the app runs well on any updated smartphone and tablet.

-> The complete list of standard features is dedicated to giving you un-hindered performance and a true PSP feel.

-> The app has no role in playing powerful games that your smartphone doesn’t support.

-> The app is undoubtedly the best free-of-cost emulator to use but instead contains ads.

No. Of Downloads on Playstore – 1M+

Download from Playstore

7. PSP Emulator Gold 

What if you get all the PSP games you want in one place? Yes PSP Emulator Gold is a step ahead of regular PSP Emulators for Android devices. PSP Emulator Gold has an entire marketplace of PSP and ISO apps that you can download and start playing without the need to wander over the internet to hunt for games. The app is efficient and highly optimized to give you the best gaming experience (enough to forget that you are not playing on PSP).

Key Specifications 

-> A premium version of PSP Emulator Pro the app has no advertisements to hinder your experience even for a while.

-> Incredible graphics giving an amazing gaming experience.

-> Download ISO, CSO, and ROM and run hassle-free.

-> You can easily run ufc games.

-> The app takes complete advantage of your device’s memory and processor.

No. Of Downloads on Playstore – 1M+

Download from Playstore

8. Sunshine PSP Emulator

Sunshine PSP Emulator

Packed with standard PSP Emulator features, Sunshine PSP Emulator is one reasonably ok choice to go with for Android devices. The feature list is comparatively shorter than other efficient paid android PSP emulators but the app still manages to give you that sleek gaming experience that you long for.

Key Specifications 

-> The fine free-of-cost option to replace PSP consoles with PSP emulators.

-> The app leverages on PPSSPP open-source but with some tweaks in the app coding.

-> Sunshine PSP Emulator supports network gaming/multiplayer gaming ad has a strong suite when it comes to gaming.

-> Sleek interface with high-speed gaming support.

-> Incredible game sound and controllers.

-> Noteworthy graphics – replacing PSP to a certain extent

No. Of Downloads on Playstore – 5M+

Download from Playstore

9. Rapid PSP Emulator 

Rapid PSP Emulator

Fetch your PSP games from any location or play online with Rapid PSP Emulator. The PSP Emulator is worth the try as it is easy and efficient to use and it does not clash with the game file sourcing. The app guarantees you support with almost all PSP games on your Android device without any latency issue or graphic lags.

Key Specifications 

-> The emulator supports external hardware controllers allowing seamless game controlling.

-> You are less likely to find compatibility glitches.

-> Has top-notch sound quality and graphic quality with a stellar performance.

-> Supports download and processing of any file format.

-> Has no native ISO, PSP, or ROM file, therefore one has to download it manually from other console devices.

-> Supports homebrew PSP games.

-> Contains no in-app ads.

No. Of Downloads on Playstore – 5M+

Download from Playstore

10. Emulator PSP for mobile Pro Version

If the task is to replace those costly PSP consoles, just have good look at Emulator PSP for Mobile Pro Version. The PSP emulator app is free of cost and gives the best graphical experience to gamers who are compromising on the actual PSP gaming experience.

Key Specifications 

-> Play as you want by changing the size of the dual screens in different modes.

-> The app gives you smart saving options and has the best loading speed.

-> Supports external Android-compatible software controllers.

-> The app is a battery-saver holding feature-list that consumes less battery.

-> Emulator PSP for mobile Pro Version completely justifies as the replacement of those specific PSP consoles in terms of sound and graphics quality.

No. Of Downloads on Playstore – 1M+

Download from Playstore

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11. Enjoy PSP Emulator – For PSP Games

Another fine PSP emulator that is worthy of a look, Enjoy PSP Emulator lets you have a real PSP console gaming experience on your Android home device. The utility lets you download PSP exclusives and play them at highly optimized speed with great graphics – what every gamer needs. The emulator is powerful enough to create an experience similar to playing PS4 or any other PC game on respective devices. Indeed one of the best PSP emulators for Android devices.

Key Specifications 

-> Incredible sound quality and audio effects.

-> Supports playing PSP homebrews in high-definition.

-> Download and run ISO, CSO, ROM, PPS files seamlessly.

-> Enjoy playing PSP games through POP, PSV, PSS, PAP for tablet.

-> Good for war and racing PSP exclusives.

-> Enjoy supports saving game state to let you start from the point you left.

No. Of Downloads on Playstore – 5M+

Download from Playstore

12. PSP game: Emulators and ROMS

The elite in the league of PSP emulators for Android devices, PSP games; Emulators, and ROMS have integrated ROMS that are ready to download and play on Android devices. Supports offline PSP games. You can easily download any ISO file and access the huge PSP exclusive game collection.

Key Specifications 

-> You can easily download and run PSP game ROMS.

-> The app lets you convert PSP games into ISO files to have a seamless gaming experience.

-> Supports PSP exclusives of all types, war, race, sports, arcade, etc.

-> Supports downloading popular PSP titles like Naruto Shippuden series, God of War series, FIFA, etc.

-> This emulator app fetches attention by offering excellent game controlling an Android gamepad support.

13. Free PSP emulator

True gamers are obsessed with every detail of the gaming they love. Keeping in mind every need of the gamer, here is Free PSP Emulator – one of the best PSP emulators for Android Devices. It is a popular choice as it is free of cost and has all the standard benefits that a PSP emulator gives to the user. The standard benefits include – amazing sound effects and graphic quality. If you are a layman this app is for you as it holds an integrated guide on how to use the app to play Playstation Portable games.

Key Specifications 

-> Supports game networking for multiplayer games and sessions.

-> The app has multi-threading acceleration to enhance the performance of the game and decrease the load on the device.

-> Supports saving game states for resuming the game.

-> The app supports more than 90% of PSP games on your Android devices.

-> You need to import PSP iso images of the exclusive games you prefer to play.

14. Emulator for PSP Games 

The choice for Emulators is more but the choice for the best emulators is less – Emulator for PSP games is counted in the league of popular PSP Emulators for Android devices. With all the standard features and functionalities, it makes game processing easier and fun for Android users. The app holds the set of instructions for you to make the best out of this app.

Key Specifications

-> One of the best emulators when it comes to downloading more than 80% of PSP originals.

-> The emulator owes to the most efficient performance, lowest latency and the best graphic resolution.

-> The app also supports PSP homebrew.

-> The app gives fps on powerful PSP series.

15. Goldenn PSP Emulator 

Goldenn PSP Emulator

The single emulator for all kinds of PSP exclusive from sports to war games, racing, brain teaser, arcade, etc. Golden PSP emulator could be your choice if you are a lover of PSP games. The emulator lets you have the best gaming experience in terms of performance, graphics and sound system. This is one of the fine PSP emulators for Android Devices which you can get free of cost, worthy to be counted in the league of all the aforesaid PSP emulator options. Here are certain key features you should be aware of…

Key Specifications

-> Allows game states saving to help you resume the game from where you left previously.

-> Holds the potential of playing authentic PSP games in 3D.

-> Justifies the name when it comes to speed and high-quality graphics.

-> Provides vest game controller.

-> Supports networking to allow multiplayer games.

-> Has the facility to save game state.

-> Easily supports PSP games in ISO, CSO, ROM, PSS format files, and homebrew.

No. Of Downloads on Playstore – 1M+

Download from Playstore


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So here is the silver lining for all those who do not want to miss out on authentic PSP games because PSP consoles are expensive. Even if you have an Android device, the aforesaid list of 15 best PSP emulators for Android Devices will support all the PSP exclusives for you to have a near console gaming experience.

Some in the list are available free of cost while others come with in-app purchases to unlock some premium features that will let you have an incredible gaming experience. Being an Android Game Development Company, we occasionally come up with exclusive articles to keep you engaged in your love for online gaming… Enjoy…!!

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