How to Make a Messaging App – Cost, Features and Much More

How to Make a Messaging App – Cost, Features and Much More

Are you planning to make a new messaging app or a chat app just like Viber, Whatsapp, Telegram etc? Or are you looking for a way for How to make a messaging app?  Well, this is one of the most common questions which may arise in the mind of many business owners. As messaging apps have become the most reliable and integral part of the human-like world which edged out other means of communication as well.

In the earlier time, the phone was the only source which connected people from one another.  It provides the facility to call and later it becomes the major part of everyone ‘s lives. But now people cannot imagine their lives without the messaging apps. It has changed the way we communicate. These apps give us the opportunity to deliver different messages to our friends and family in a flash. So, if you are thinking of creating a messaging app just like the famous ones then you are at the right platform as we are suggesting the top ways and essential features and information which will guide you through all your process. The easy-to-understand information that we are providing is gathered from the software engineering team who creates messaging apps for their clients all over the world as well as for their own too.  So, let’s learn about how to make a messaging app with all these mentioned information….

how to build a messaging app

First, understand about the things which are important before making any decisions :

The first step before taking the knowledge about How to build a messaging app is to find out 

a. Why do you need to build a messaging application?

b. How many people are using it currently all over the world?

c. What technology is needed to create a chat application?

d. How much do you have to invest in the making of an application?

So, all the above-mentioned points are important to understand in making any future decision. According to research done by Facebook, they stated that messaging is the major element which has become an integral part of the everyday life of the people. It was about 85% of the adults who were about 19-64 and 92% of teenagers who are aged between 13-18 years. It was because of the various factors which are stated by software advice reveals. They stated that people like it because of the following factors :

a. Very convenient

b. Easy to handle

c. Can do the multitask

d. They can use it anywhere and at anytime

e. No clutch time

f. They can check the past chats “provides chat history”

On the other hand, it was found that about 50-55% of the smartphone users all over the world use the applications to chat or communicate with their friends and acquaintances. The time spent on using any messaging apps on an average is 10-12 minutes per day. Also according to an “on device research” survey, it was found that people all over the world installed at least two messaging apps on their smartphone.

Considering the competitors is also important to keep in mind! As there are many famous messaging apps available in the app store and play store. People use different applications in different countries, some prefer WhatsApp and some prefer telegrams. Below down we are mentioning the number of active users who use different applications in different countries. So let’s take a look :

number of active users who use different applications in different countries

Another interesting statistic about messaging apps is the revenue a company can get from a single user. By 2020, the average revenue per user is expected to exceed $15. This growth will be driven by the evolution of purchasing in messenger apps.

Apart from this, another interesting fact we have found about messaging applications is the revenue which a messaging company earns from a single user in 2020 is expected to exceed up to $15. The growth is calculated by the evaluation of the apps messenger purchasing apps.

So, what are its main features which will guide you to set the criteria?

The creation of a new mobile chat app is a complex process that consists of different steps. So, before we move on towards the overview of the main chat app features, let’s take a look over other essential points first.

If we talk about creating a new mobile chat application then we must say that it is a complex process which consists of different steps. But before that you have to understand the major chart app features, so let’s understand it first. So the first point is to understand how a chat application works? For this, we are taking the example of the “Whatsapp” application. It is an instant chat and messaging application which allows the user to exchange the videos, files, text, audio messages etc between two different users. It also allows the same task into the group also which means you can chat or drop messages to multiple persons at the same time. For this application uses the (XMPP) extensive messaging and protocol. This protocol is fully decentralised that means this WhatsApp is highly secure and nobody can break the security of it.

Therefore below down we are explaining the top features which you require to understand the base of the most popular chat applications. This will help you in finding out how to build a messaging application like Telegram, WhatsApp etc. whose features you require to secure your made messaging applications.

Basic Features Which Are Required To create a messaging application :

Like any other feature of the application, it is important to understand the fact that you can create a chat application with the help of a basic set of features. So if you want to know how you can make a messaging application in a simple way then read the following features carefully and start making the new point using the following functions:-

1.Access “Authorisation” –

If we talk about the possibilities then we can create a chatting application which supports one base of authorization. Although, restricting or limiting the users for a single method of authorisation can be the wiser step to be taken. Hence creating a chat application which supports the above-mentioned options and allows the end-users to select the same can be the best option for them. Hence to describe how to build a messaging application one must start from the beginning i.e. authorization. If we talk about the signup features then there are various types of sign up options which you can provide to the end-users for example – the user can sign in via using their phone number, social media, e-mail id and so on.

2.Contact Access –

If you are wishing to make your messaging application successful you must consider this point. The major feature which every user likes is the easy share of the attachments especially the contact sharing. It is important to make contact sharing easy, smooth and automatic so that the users will not get annoyed with the same. Hence creating a messaging application which can automatically access the contacts from the contacts book and importing the same to the server can be the best option to go for.

So, considering this feature will let the end-user to access how many people are using the same application who are in their contact. Also, the developers can provide end-users to access and import the contacts from their own social media account as well as the e-mail id to look for the others.

3.Messaging Feature

If we talk about creating a messaging application without the messaging feature which is a core element of any messaging application then we must say that there is no use of the messaging application. One must say that implementation of the messaging feature totally depends upon the type of architecture which you decided to use. Below down we are suggesting 3 major points which you can consider in your messaging feature.

-> As a messaging application, it is important to have a bridge in the network so that the message can be sent and received by the user in no time or we can say it must take maximum 1-2 sec. per message. As technology is constantly rising people are getting more acquainted with the technology, therefore, it is important to provide the premium and update messaging services to the user and also provide the protection of encryption and decryption messaging safety to the user. So that they trust your services more frequently. 

-> A net-based chatting application can be used which stores all the messages on the server. So if you are deciding to create a chat application just like the online storing one then all the instruction must be done via HTTPS protocol and will be encrypted through an SSL certificate. But the task is not only to build a chat application but also the one which is created as the secured one i.e. considered to be the secured chatting application.

-> Considering the client based messaging application we can say that it does not utilize the servers or the network to store their messages. When a messaging application user sends a message to the other user it is transferred under the public key cryptography. This public-key cryptography is a process of sending a message which is encrypted by an asymmetric cryptography algorithm and authenticated by the central server system. And the message is conveyed through a wireless mesh network system.

4.Media Sharing –

If you are wondering how you can attract more users to use your messaging application. Then we got the top solution for you all you need to be concerned about the media sharing. The media or file-sharing option which allows the user to exchange images, documents, videos and so forth makes the users use your created messaging application. The file-sharing application can be done in the following two ways:-

->First one is by letting the users to pick and send the data from the for the internal storage or the gallery.

->The second one is by allowing the application to use the user’s camera feature so that they can instantly capture the movements and share it with their friends and family.

The above-mentioned suggestion is just the basic feature which every messaging application developer or creator must consider in their messaging application. Apart from this, there are numerous features which you must include while creating a messaging application. Hence below down we are suggesting top points which will guide you in making a successful messaging application and help you stand out above your competitors:-

Video calling

If you want to keep your messaging application over the top of your competitors then you must consider the best video calling service. We all know how important this feature is, as this feature makes the application more interactive. If you observe various popular messaging applications deeply you can find one thing totally common i.e. the video calls. This feature enables visual communication between the users based on their (VOIP) Voice over internet protocol.

Groups and channel chats

In the evolution stage of the messaging application, most top chatting applications offered only one-to-one communication facility. But as technology upgrades, new features have been inserted into the messaging apps.  These are groups and channels features in which one can easily create the group into the application and can add many people into it. So that a large number of people can contact together from different locations. 

Secret chat feature

If you are wondering about how to make a messaging application which will be up to your targeted users’ expectations then must consider the secret chat feature as it appears to be one of the most promising features for your messaging app users. Many famous chat applications like- telegram, and now WhatsApp provide the store encryption keys to the users’ devices and messages can only be decrypted by the smartphones only. On the other hand, if we talk about other messengers’ improved features then it includes the notification about screenshots which has been taken so that it makes it impossible for one to forward those4 messages from secret chat to other users.

Vanishing Messages

If we talk about this feature “self-destructing” then we must say that the best example for this special feature is “Snapchat”. The creator of the Snapchat application feature is smart enough they know how to attract customers with the unique features. Therefore they have created the self-destruct feature in their application and with no surprise people or the users of Snapchat love this feature as it offers privacy! In this feature, the messages automatically get vanished after a certain amount of time which maintains the privacy of the user.

Scheduled Messages

This is one of the most unique features which you can provide to your application users’. This feature depicts the ease of using messaging scheduling features. If someone forgets to send an important message to someone then they can use this feature. The user only needs to type the message in advance and then schedule it. This scheduling feature is the best feature and the secret of making any messaging application worthy and in demand.

Artificial Conversation Entity

Providing the artificial conversation entity or the chatbot features to the users help them to express their thoughts in front of the other person. This feature is usually used by business organisations to understand their customers’ needs. It includes the predetermined answer and questions so that whenever a user enquires something the chatbot replies to it.

Invisible Ink Feature

If you want to make a popular messaging application that will amaze your app user then you must consider this point. According to research done by Columbia University, they have created a feature in which a message in a message approach will be used and helps one to hide the true meaning of a message which can only be decrypted via. Smartphone camera or only by those who have the decryption code to break it. This feature is named as invisible ink as it works top to hide the message.

Emojis / GIF/ Stickers

Emojis, GIF or stickers are the best option if you want to offer an extra feature to your application user. With the help of emojis and other features, the user can easily express their emotions via emojis communication. The best example for this is “Viber” it provides the user to make their own sticker which they can use to send to their contacts.

Gaming Feature

Offering an app-game is the best way to attract and make users use your messaging application. So, the best option or the solution for this is to add the gaming feature so that the user can play the game without leaving the messenger app.

Hence, if you are looking for a shortcut key which can make the users love your chat app then we suggest that there is no golden key or shortcut to make applications loved by people. So to create the top most popular messaging app, you must seek your own creative, innovative and unique feature which offers different applications.

So, what else is important and needed to build your own chat app?

On the above, we have already mentioned the additional as well as a basic feature which you can consider while creating the messaging application. However, there are few more important things which are needed to make any chat application successful.  So, let’s investigate the technologies which are important and can help you in making a chat application which can make them trust and encourage the application.

Security Feature

Considering the security feature while creating a chat application is important as it will assure the customers that they can trust the application as they are getting a higher level of security. In our top chat app. List we want to suggest the example of WhatsApp application. If you want to create a messaging app which can provide privacy and safety just like Whatsapp then you must understand their how and with whom they have joined their hands. So, in order to create a privacy feature to the user, WhatsApp does the partnership with Open Whispers System. This provides the company with an end-to-end encryption system which provides the security or secure the communication which happens inside the chat application. Surprisingly even WhatsApp can too decrypt or access the same.

Another example of how to make a messaging application with superior security Telegram. Unlike Whatsapp, Telegram uses its own built encryption protocol. In this, the cryptographic keys were changed either after sending a certain number of messages by the users every week.

Back-end Functionality

When you create a new messaging app for the users, the first thing you need to consider is that the application will need to store and process a lot of data which includes videos, text messages, images or even various different files. It is the basic thing which the planner or the messaging app.  architect should consider. Hence, the key functionality of any messaging app must consider the back-end function. Which may include all the storage servers,  messaging protocols,  API,  notification services or XMPP.

Push notifications feature

If you want to know how to build a messaging app that users love to use, then you must consider the push-up notification function. This feature will help you in converting one-time users into some of your most dedicated ones. While creating a chat app one must think about push notifications as one of the best solutions. If you are thinking about how to make a chat app with the push-up notification feature, then take the help of Firebase Cloud Messaging technology for the Android mobiles and for IOS, Apple Push Notifications feature.

Geolocation service

Have you ever wondered why any messaging app needs geolocation service? So the answer is pretty simple – for the convenience of chat application users. With the help of “CLLocationManager Class,” you can provide the same function in an android as well as iOS messaging application. So that users are easily enabled to share their location, or they can easily search the restaurants, shops, food marts which they have visited earlier in no time.

Applications like WhatsApp and Telegram offer the geolocation tracking services to help the users so that they can build a route to their destination just by sending their location to others or by receiving from the other one too.

Cloud storage

This feature provides the synchronization and storage of chat records, media files and even text messages. Be bet that it may become your competitive advantage over your messaging application competitors like Whatsapp, Hike, Viber, Telegram etc. This feature can provide all the storage help via iCloud or Google Drive, but if we talk about Viber it doesn’t have the same feature at all.

If you are going to make a messaging app, then considering a cloud storage function will be a good idea to add the synchronizing option as it can make the overall user experience more satisfying.

Accessibility over multiple platforms

The ability to use messaging applications over different platforms offers users numerous opportunities to attract prospective customers. All popular messenger applications like Viber, Telegram, Facebook,  WhatsApp, Hike etc have this Web version too. So, it is an important feature in any instant messaging app and you must consider it as well, therefore, considering only android and iOS application is not enough but creating the web version is also important.

So let’s take a summarised view of the “basic features” as well as the “full features” which are important and must be considered  while creating a new messaging application:-

basic features and full features

Let’s now consider a technology stack that can be used to create a messaging application. It may vary depending on project complexity and your requirements towards the app’s functionality.

iOS app

Android app

Third-party services

Back-end development

So, How Much Money and Time Will It Create to Build a Messaging App?

From the above, you can understand how to make a messaging application with the features to include. Now let’s move on to another important aspect of messaging app development which is “cost”. If we talk about different factors which may influence the final prices of the app development process including its features, design, development company that you had hired for making etc. Depending upon the number of supported platforms, design, project size and features the costing may start from $45,000-$70,000 and may exceed up to $200,000.

Well if you are thinking to copy any existing application to make your own then we must suggest to not to do that! As the existing chat application feature will not attract many people because they are already getting it from the other application! So, the better solution for this is to create a messaging application with smart and new features which may differ from other existing messaging applications.

Below we are showing the type of work and the time which is needed to build your own messaging application. So, let’s take a look –

work and the time which is needed to build your own messaging application

So, the above-mentioned estimate is based on the basic set of features which we had already mentioned in this article. It’s the technical complexity of additional features which make it extremely hard to estimate it without understanding any project details. Also the number of hrs. can be charged based on the application’s additional requirements.

There are a number of factors which may influence the final app development timeline as well as costing. If you want to calculate the sum total cash then you must multiply the numbers by an hourly rate of your in-house or hired app developers.

So, let’s take a look over the table in which we are showing how much it will cost to build a messaging application. We are taking ($40) as an hourly rate as an example, this will help you in giving an overview of how you can calculate the things…

how much it will cost to build a messaging application

So, let’s take a quick look over the 10 simple steps of how to Create a messaging application

Do you want to know how to build a messaging application? Below we are listing ten steps which are required in order to create a messaging app and also to ensure the success of it as well.

1. Direct a complete analysis of your competitors and the market.

2. Identify and define your business expectations and goals.

3. Identify the specifics of your app and a different selling statement.

4. Create a chat app which is user-friendly.

5. Write down the list of messaging application features for the first version of your application.

6. Select and hire a reliable and experienced software development company.

7. Always get deeply involved in the messaging application development process.

8. Deploy, test and launch the messaging application to the target market as well as the app store.

9. Design and launch a new marketing strategy.

10. Survey and get connected with app users and also collect their precious feedback which will help you in growing in your field.

11. Manage it gradually and continuously by adding new features into your app.

Above are the points which you can add into your checklist so that you will get the specified overview which you can use while building up your own messaging app. So, we hope you understand that there are numerous factors which are required and important to develop and make any messaging app. Only your imagination can give higher support on how to build a messaging app. However, to develop and build a successful messaging app one needs to get the basic knowledge as well as the help of app developing professionals. Who are not only reliable but also experienced professionals too. We hope that you will find our article worthy and if you want to learn more articles just like this one then you can visit our blog site where you will find numerous trending articles related to the same.

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