How to Launch an App the Right Way

How to Launch an App the Right Way

Are you looking forward to earning money with your mobile app? Then, launching it the right way is extremely important. You might have an amazing iOS and Android app that people would love, but taking some wrong steps can harm its growth. There can be times when you would hit a roadblock; to avoid all this, you need to strategize the app launch.

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“How to Launch an App?” This is the ultimate question that you will find an answer to in this blog. This guide can help you reach greater heights by allowing you to gain insight on the right way to launch your iOS and Android app. If you missed out on any of these steps, do follow them.

Launch an App the Right Way

Here are some of the steps that can help you make your mobile app a successful one.

Brainstorming, Research and Development

Brainstorming, Research and Development

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As per a new report from RiskIQ, there are about 8.93 million apps. A huge number of apps are available with a mobile app for almost every problem people have. Among all these apps, how are you planning to be different? How are all these iOS and Android apps, your competitors, doing? Learn more about your target audience and the industry to deliver an unparalleled mobile app.

Have an answer to these questions:

1. What makes you different from all the presently available mobile apps?

2. Why would people prefer your app over the other ones?

3. Does the concept of your mobile app stand out from the crowd?

Once you have researched and have answers to these questions, you would be able to create a better mobile app that people will love.

Let’s say your app idea is unique and still not available on the app stores. Remember, there are always some people who will copy your ideas. Innovate in a way that you are always on top of every upcoming competitor of yours. The moment your smartphone app starts doing some good, people will start to steal your idea. Launch the app in a powerful way so that you do not lose any users of yours.

Research your market, learn more about the audience you have and how your application must work to attract them. You may find researching tedious, but it is important to create an app that people expect.

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Test As Much As You Can

Test As Much As You Can

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Your product must come out to your audience as bug-free and out of major issues. In-depth testing of your mobile app will help you eliminate some of the major problems it might be having. Rather than using tools, try testing in a realistic environment. Your iOS and Android mobile app must be tested on as many devices as possible as every device is different and comes with a different set of issues. You can get tablets and phones to test your smartphone app or find some beta testers.

You would want your app launch to be successful. Try thinking about the situation where your app crashes for major users on the day of its launch. There are many people who won’t think about giving a second chance to your mobile application.

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Develop Marketing Strategies and Tactics

You can market your mobile app even before it launches and create a buzz. People would keep waiting for your mobile app to launch. The day of your mobile app launch can view a spike in the number of downloads and sales. Create a marketing strategy that can attract your intended audience.

This can be done in many ways available for free and paid. You can also avail services from a digital marketing company. The method you choose must market your mobile app smartly reaching out to the people looking for products and services like yours.

Decide the launch date of your mobile app as soon as possible. Having a launch date will help you create a strong marketing strategy. You must also focus on keeping the growth on even after the spike on the first day.

Get an ultimate Step-By-Step Guide to Marketing Your Mobile App. This will help you reach out to your target audience effectively.

Begin the Application Process

Having an app launch plan is suggested to avoid the roadblocks that you may hit. Both the app stores (Apple App Store and Google Play Store) have different sets of rules and regulations to follow. Learning about these rules and creating a mobile app that is in line with them will empower you with a quick launch process. Learn all that you can about the app markets. The launching of your app will get approval soon this way or else, it can be a distress and disaster.

When Should I Launch My App

Decide your launch date as soon as you can. As mentioned earlier, you will be able to market your iOS and Android application better this way. Having a specific date will keep your users waiting and you will be able to gain a healthy number of users on day one itself.

Launch It

All your marketing plans are now active and your press releases active. The moment your smartphone app is ready, it will be time to launch. Analyze the performance of your application closely and reach out to all the users that need your help.

Prepare yourself for a hectic launch day as this day can help you decide the future of your mobile app. Resolving problems in no time and some attention will help you deliver a positive experience to your early users. There might be some bugs that still went unseen after testing, fix them as well as soon as possible.

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What If Someone Copies My App?

What If Someone Copies My App?

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If your type of mobile app is launching for the first time, you will find numerous copycats emerging as soon as you get famous. An idea that people are loving can be easily replicated. To keep the users intact to your mobile app, you can develop an app that nobody can compete with. Having some of the best features will never make your users migrate to other solutions.

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Pay Attention to Opportunities

Gaining a good number of users on the day of launch must not stop you. There are still many opportunities that you would want to grab. Keeping your app up-to-date will empower you to attract an expanded market.

As your app gets more downloads, find more about your users. See the products, services or segment they are liking the most. You can discontinue products and services that are not liked by your users or try altering them as per your experience.

Why are people looking forward to your products/services?

Who bought them and who didn’t?

What is their review of your app, and products and services?

Answers to all these questions are mandatory to keep going and keep looking forward. People will start using your iOS and Android mobile app and you can strive to deliver an unparalleled experience as you grow.

A single flaw can make you lose your users. Bugs and problems are inevitable but you can use them for better. Try marketing your app again after fixing the issues and you may gain your users back. People love to be acknowledged and if you hear them out they will definitely understand you as well.

Every opportunity can be capitalized on. Analyze your strategies. There might be something common in the ones that are working and something common in the ones that are not. If you have one more iOS and Android mobile app to launch, you can have a better strategy and planning for that one.

How to Launch an App: Conclusion

Rightly launching your app and marketing can help you gain a lot of users from day one. Here, we have specified some of the best practices you can follow to gain users. Do let us know if this worked for you in the comments section below. Also, let us know any additions you have that can help people launch their app better.

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