How to Build a Loyalty App

How to Build a Loyalty App

You must be familiar with Customer Loyalty Programmes. The most common loyalty programme models allow customers to accumulate points through sales or regular action on the store. For instance, BigBazaar issues loyalty cards for its customers, the customers get points for every purchase they make, which can be redeemed for a reward or good discount in the future- this encourages the customers to make future purchases.

Now replace the loyalty cards with apps-

Loyalty Apps

Loyalty Apps allow the customers to interact with a business’ loyalty programme through a smartphone app, as opposed to a paper or plastic card. There are various loyalty app providers in the market and each differs slightly from the other.

How does a Loyalty App work?

1. The business running the loyalty programme needs to download the loyalty app on their phone.

2. Then, the business needs to be registered with the app.

3. Then, the business needs to share the link app with its customers

4. The customers can download the app after that

5. The business then issues digital loyalty cards to the customers using the app.

6. Customers earn stamps into their digital loyalty cards for their every purchase

7. Collected stamps/points can be redeemed by customers for gifts, discounts offer etc

Why Choose Loyalty Apps?

– Easy to set up by both, customers and business

– Issuing digital loyalty cards are much more convenient, you don’t have to worry about carrying your card to the store or worse, losing it.

– It is easier to stamp the digital cards for all customers

– Filling out papers and issuing a physical card can be a bit time-consuming, in the case of a loyalty app, you can save a lot of time and energy.

Now that you are familiar with the workings and benefits of a Loyalty app, it would only be wise for you to choose to switch to a loyalty app for your business, or simply step into the growing market of loyalty apps.

How do you do that if you are new to this aspect?

App developers like Vervelogic would fix that for you. But you have your part to play as well, have a look.

1. Know Your Niche

You must be clear with the idea of your loyalty app first. Is it meant for the retailers or is it meant to promote brand loyalty? It is up to you to decide but you must be clear with your target audience, the app developer would proceed accordingly.

2. Choose the Features

After deciding on the niche, you must discuss the features accordingly with your Project Manager.

Your loyalty app has to be customised, branding, information, lay out- all of these are required to create a definitive signature for your brand.

Complete interrogation with POS and eCommerce providers is a must.

It should use simple, interactive language and instructions and easy-to-use and also should contain an engaging UI(User Interface)

If your loyalty app is particular, it should allow customers to earn loyalty points with every purchase from the store(s).

You could also gamify the rewards and allow them to earn extra points through fun games and maybe quizzes?

No loyalty programme is ever ‘one-size-fits-all’, your loyalty app must accommodate loyalty programmes and schemes. You need to design separate programmes for different segments and the app should be able to cater to it.

Push notifications are a must in the loyalty programme app.

You also need to know how your loyalty app is working, so you need detailed analytics and reports.

Your loyalty app must be secured to use, and an unsafe app is the last thing customers would want.

A geolocation-based search would help the users to find the nearest stores to apply their offers or coupons on.

Lastly, excellent customer service will earn you more users, the customers should be able to easily reach out to the support team or report any issue.

Solving issues should be quick in order to gain maximum user satisfaction.

3. Promote Your App on Relevant Platforms

Now relevant platforms are not just limited to a few. Social media is a common platform, but online stores can be useful as well for advertising your brand.

You can also promote your app by providing multiple opportunities for the customers to enrol, also, some rewards on enrolling could also do the trick.

With these things in mind, you can go out and create an excellent loyalty app. Good services, smart loyalty programmes and easy-to-use and safe features would help your app take the flight.

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