Why is it Important for Salon & Spas to have a Mobile Application?

Why is it Important for Salon & Spas to have a Mobile Application?

Earlier there used to be very few salons all over the world as it was used to reserve for the wealthy only. But now in 2020, this scenario has changed drastically as people often visit salons many times a year. People have started to look after their appearances and that is one of the reasons there is an increase in the number of salons & spas around us. As per the reports the women spend around $3,500 in a year on their appearances using various products and by visiting the salons.

Now with the above numbers, we are sure it is clear to you why we can attack this huge industry to target the people who need these services. With salon mobile app development for your business, you can connect to thousands of people at the same time and expand your services in very little time. The applications are currently contributing more than $40 billion in total to different industries. You can also add your business and grow your business at a remarkable pace. With mobile applications for your salon, you can ensure maximum growth as there are other benefits that come with involving technology with business. Let us talk in more depth, you get a clear view of how a salon mobile app is perfect at the moment.

Reasons to Have a Salon Mobile Application 

-> When it comes to any service industry, then lack of good management can turn things ugly for any business. This would cause losing customers, which practically no one wants as their business thrives with all these people. So, being in a service industry you have to provide everything perfectly and a robust mobile app solution can be really helpful to get better traffic for your salon. A salon provides many services apart from haircuts and as we have mentioned that people look for such services to relax, feel good about themselves. An online booking method as per the availability makes the whole process efficient and smooth. So, if you deliver these services to people at the time they want, they will be pleased & will return to you.

-> With a mobile application for your salon, your customers can book appointments in just a few clicks as they don’t have to visit early and sit for hours for their turn to avail of the beauty services. A salon application also allows the users to pick their favorite & own specialist. They don’t have to call in & ask for their turn when the stylist is busy providing services to someone else.

-> Being a salon owner you can understand the dilemma you and your customers suffer in choosing their style. So, to handle such customers you can add the style library so they can choose their styles while booking their services. For instance, integrating a photo gallery that has a collection of various styles can easily allow the users to pick a specific style for themselves. This also allows the stylist to give recommendations from their end and deliver what customers exactly want. Alerts can also be sent to remind & notify the customers about future appointments so they make them on time.

-> For a salon business, it is essential to manage the salon in a positive way. You need to make sure that no customer that comes in, should not leave the store without using any service. A salon mobile app will also allow you to display all your beauty products so that customers freely explore them and make instant purchases. This will also allow you to manage the inventory, track the stock, with the auto-generated invoice.

-> A salon mobile app development allows customers to make instant payments through multiple payment modes after they have received services or while booking. This way they don’t have to head to the payment counter & wait for their turn. It is perfect after looking at these times where contactless payment is a need. The application will generate the total bill and add a payment method for hassle-free cashless payment.

-> When it comes to providing services to your customers, you also have to give something in return to them if they are being loyal to them. It will help in building a strong bond with your customers. Adding rewards points when using the service is a good way to start. They can also be sent coupons or offers special occasions, like weekends, holidays, birthdays, etc.

-> The salon mobile app solution also allows easy & free marketing for your business. Allowing users to take in-app pictures and share them on their social media accounts can help with getting more customers. A superb way to get customer photos for testimonials, advertising, reference.

-> It is basically the all-in-one system that allows you to have an entire system under one roof. You can list down the entry, calculate the payment, and even follow up with the customers with their bookings. You can provide billing details to customers online, manage cashless payment in the database, and even send alerts to customers to remind you about your services through push notification. You can also generate daily, weekly, monthly & yearly reports of the salon so you can track the services and how you will move forward with your services. These apps can also generate expense and income reports so you can get every piece of information.

Offer Business Opportunities to Nearby Salons & Spa Centers

If you don’t own a salon business nor are planning to open one, you can still make cash with a salon mobile app solution. You can connect a salon mobile application that will contain a plethora of salons from where the users can select from their favorite salons and book services. You can also compare prices so it will be easy for the users to buy a deal.

Key Features for a Salon Mobile App

-> It must contain all the necessary information about salon-like contact number, address, opening hours, unisex, & amenities.

-> Users must be allowed to avail of the services combining with their photos, pricing & time slots.

-> Must be given free license to the customers when it comes to giving reviews & ratings.

-> Customers must be given the freedom to choose the services, including stylists on the basis of their respective reviews and ratings.

-> Sharing available discounts, packages, deals, and promotional offers.

-> Allowing users to go through available discounts, packages, deals & promotional offers.

-> The options to share reminders with them for their upcoming appointments.

-> Allowing users to redeem their coupons and vouchers.

-> Online payments should be integrated.

Admin Dashboard Features

-> The dashboard should be created in a way that would provide access to most of the significant information.

-> A portal should be created in order to create where you can see & update pricing, time slots.

-> A portal where you can analyze and update packages, deals, discounts, and other promotional offers.

-> A list of all upcoming appointments that the customers have booked should be analyzed.

-> Supervision of staff activities to find whether they are free at the particular slot or not.

-> Financial records can also be checked by invoice management features.

-> Management of ratings & reviews done on the application.

-> Customer information management should be allowed to be visualized along with their history.

Salon appointment booking apps are the need of the present day. Your business can thrive with this mobile app development, all you need is guidance in the right direction for an amazing app development solution.

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