Creating Buzz: 4 Ways To Promote The App Before It’s Releases For Better Conversions

Creating Buzz: 4 Ways To Promote The App Before It’s Releases For Better Conversions

The rate at which mobile phones are used, it seems to stay for ages. If mobile phones are about to stay then so as mobile apps. Thousands of mobile app hit various app stores in a single day. People have wide range of choices from various fields to select but developers are the one who incur losses. This loss is incurred due to the lack of app’s exposure in the app store and within its targeted customers. The only solution to change this losing side into winning side is, by marketing the app from the right time.

Are you a developer? Did you marketed your app and still there was no good results?

This may be the question that revolves around the mind of many developers and marketers. The easiest explanation to this is begin your marketing plan ahead the release of your app. The beginning phase is the time when the app is just an idea. Marketing from this stage has a lot to offer at the end.

Let us dig into four ways by which apps can marketers long before the release and get valid results:

  • Creating a splash page

According to professional developers from mobile phone app development company, splash pages is undoubtedly the best way to grab the attention of the public as well as generate interest for the upcoming app. The splash page of an app acts like an anchor that supports the app right from the initial stage of development to the end. After the app is ready, the page can be developed again and become full website for the app.

Whenever you plan to have splash page, make sure to have device image, functionality of the app, where can it be used, some aspects of app branding and links to major social media channels.

  • Give users a little insight about the app

Attractive the attention of the visitors by  informing them about every small or big changes and modification made. This way visitors can get the idea that you are passionate about your work. You can ask for visitors input to keep them engrossed in your app, hence increasing the engagement level and retention also.

Experts from Iphone app development companies across the globe suggest developers that participating in  various forums dealing with app development can easily give the app a much needed exposure among the most targeted people of the industry. Usage of app development blogs can also be a great way to remain into vision area of people.

Using newspaper option in the splash page can help people get various information about the app development and create a personalized relationship as well.

  • Teasing the audiences

Creating a teaser video for your app is another way to drive the attention of the visitors towards your app. The video should update the audience about what the app is all about and what are the modifications and progress happening. It is not necessary to project the complete version of the app. Infact keeping the making process of the app will bring better engagement for the audiences. Keep your video highly interesting with good content and music to make people attracted to it.

  • Inviting beta testers

After the making of splash page for showing off, the next best thing is to invite volunteers for beta testing of your app. Beta testing can be helpful for the app in several ways. The first advantage of beta testing is it gives you real time feedback for your app which can be improved for better user experience. Another advantage of inviting volunteer beta tester is, your app is getting mouth to mouth publicity without any sales pitch. People will communicate about the app to their family and friends, hence creating a buzz about the app much before its release time.


Ideally app marketing would begin after app launch but this idea has changed due to the cut throat competition in app stores. Today, if you want your app make a mark and get maximum download volume then make effort to market it before its launch. Utilize the methods stated above and reap the fruits of success!

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