Best Tools & Websites “Helping Hand” for iOS App Developers

Best Tools & Websites “Helping Hand” for iOS App Developers

With the revolution in digital landscape, we are accepting mobile applications as our closest pals that assist us at every step of life. Whether we just woke and want to scroll through social sites or we are ready and want to go for a movie, mobile applications are right there to help us. We use Facebook, Twitter, BookMyShow, Uber, Ola and many more applications. Today, every mobile app development company is working towards development of Ios applications for the its clients. They have a team of experienced developers who take care of entire development practices. The basic practices in app development planning include deciding what can be the features and what strategies are to be followed while developing the application. The development of application has to go through a number of phases right from its purpose and planning to the development and promotion.

Without a purpose, mobile applications can become useful for people and even you might face continuous rejections from Apple’s app store. Without planning, you will not be able to follow a set procedure and hence the success rate of the application reduces.It has to be followed by a user friendly designing, bug free development and efficient marketing. Since I am working with a mobile app development company, so I understand the basic approaches to app development and what an iOS publisher should know.

Since there is a lot to do for the mobile application developer, there have been many tools launched in the market through which the entire process can be made simple and quick. With these applications, you can enjoy live debugging and and real time interaction. Some applications might also help you execute a lot of manual or automated tests in parallel on many IOS devices on cloud. Some tools are used to improve the speed of the mobile application and bestow automated debugging to quick fix some general issues.

Therefore, in this post, I have outlined some of the best resources available for you for the purpose of developing an iOS app. We have listed some efficient websites and tools that can help you with every phase of developing an app, yeah right from the marketing and promoting phase.

If you’re planning to develop an app, then you should check these useful resources so that you can spread the knowledge among your iOS developers and publishers. You are also welcome to add your additional useful resources in the comments section right at the end of this blog post.

Websites & Tools for iOS Developers

Working on your app idea with Prototype

This section is helpful for those developers, who are currently working on their planning level. By using the following websites, the developers can easily create a prototype on the basis of their app idea. It implies a great approach to convert your idea into a functional approach. You can make a prototype for one screen size, and the following websites will help you in applying your prototype on different screen sizes. Here we are sharing the websites:

Testing the iOS app on Cloud

Once you’ve developed the initial version of a mobile app, then the next phase is to test your mobile app. The prominent app stores such iOS app store allows the owners to test their apps, but if you want to have a quick solution, you can opt of to stream your application right from the cloud to any mobile device. Thus, you can give a name to as streaming solution for iOS apps.


This is another tool to test your iOS app on cloud and checking are your app is compatible with multiple devices or not.

Taking iOS App Screenshots


Now after testing your iOS app, you are all set to launch it on the Apple App store, where you’ll be requiring different sizes of screenshots on iPhone and iPad. With this tool, you can download a Photoshop template and by editing that template you can quickly create a screenshot on iPhone.


Another web-based tool that can be accessed to create iPhone screenshots for Apple App Store. With this tool, you can easily create the screenshots for all popular iPhone devices.

Creating demo video for your iOS App

TechSmith AppShow

To increase the visibility of your app, you must add a demo video for your app store. And this is where you need to create a demo video reflecting professional appearance.

TechSmith AppShow is an application for Mac OS, enabling you to create professionally looking app video demos within few minutes. You can create the video by using this tool, and for voice over the work done, you can work on Fiverr.

Some other Tools for iOS Developers

Reviewing the App with LaunchKit

Want to get notifications, whenever you app gets a review from users? Well with this review tool you can monitor your app and make all this possible. Also, it follows the existing trends of mobile app development market.


This tool works as an app listing rater that rates your application once your app is live. Here you can search for your published app and see how you can improve its listing. All these practices can also be considered as a similar app store optimization.

After getting all these information about above mentioned resources, don’t forget to share this knowledge with other app developers and publishers. Since they can play an equal part in promoting your application and highlighting its visibility.

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