Top 15 Best Grocery List Apps For Android Device

Top 15 Best Grocery List Apps For Android Device

A grocery list is as important as the grocery itself before you head towards the market. You just can’t deny how important it is. It does not just help you do the grocery shopping but do it without spending money beyond the budget. However, it is not possible to write down the list items every time you go grocery shopping. This brings into the scene grocery list apps for Android devices. With one or more grocery list apps, Android users will have a jolly shopping experience.

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Best Grocery List Apps for Android Device

Google Play Store has a number of Android grocery list apps and being a leading mobile app development company, we have shortlisted for you the 15 best Grocery List Apps for Android Device. So it’s best to go through all of the following and choose the one that suits you the most. Let’s give them a good read.

1. Out of Milk- Grocery Shopping List

Out of Milk by Out of Milk is one of the best grocery list apps for Android devices. The app comes with a really attractive theme and an easy-to-use interface. With Out of Milk, you have a shopping list on hand, whenever you go grocery shopping. It requires Android 5 and above versions and currently has over 5,000,000 downloads on Google Play Store.


-> This grocery list app has 3 types of lists:

-> Shopping List- Use this feature to make multiple shopping lists.

-> Pantry List- Use the pantry list in the app to keep track of your pantry items, that is, what you have and what you don’t at home.

-> To-do List- With the To-do list, it becomes easy to track any other item on your daily list.

-> Enter items easily into the shopping list.

-> Products are automatically detected by names so you can group items into categories.

-> Get grand total and running total on your shopping list.

-> Move and copy items between shopping and pantry lists.

-> Comes with a bar code scanner to check products in the supermarket.

-> Sync and share your shopping list with others in real-time.

-> Share to-do, pantry, and grocery lists by text or email.

-> Access your lists online from anywhere by logging on to

2. Bring! Grocery Shopping List

Bring! Grocery Shopping List by Bring! Labs AG is another great grocery list Android app that gives you customizable options to make lists in different background notes. Its easy-to-use interface makes it the best shopping app for Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa. This free app can be run on various Android versions and currently has over 5,000,000 downloads.


-> Bring App allows users to create shopping lists, choose from the available templates, organize them, group items into suitable categories, add product descriptions, quantities, and pictures of the products

-> It comes with the best recipes in the Inspiration Stream that you can like and save, like vegan recipes, fitness recipes, recipes for kids, etc.

-> It gives you tips & tricks for healthy, varied, and affordable shopping, cooking, and eating.

-> It also has a quick ingredient import feature using which you can easily import recipes from the web to your shopping list.

-> You can manage shopping lists on your phone, tablet, and smartwatch.

-> Also, manage lists using voice commands with Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa voice assistants.

-> Save your cards in the app’s wallet.

-> Send list invitations through SMS, email, and social media.

-> Share your shopping lists easily with others. Post sharing, the list automatically syncs after every modification. Ready-made messages are available in order to inform others about the changes.

3. Google Keep- Notes and Lists

Google Keep by Google LLC is one of the most famous Android App for shopping lists. It can take notes of up to 3000 words and a title. This app works on various devices and holds over 1,000,000,000 downloads.


-> Add lists and pictures to Google Keep and set reminders.

-> Record a voice memo and transcribe it so you can use it in the future.

-> Add colors and labels to organize your lists, and easily search them when needed.

-> Pin your favorites, and also use archive and unarchive functions to get lists quickly whenever required.

-> Sync and collaborate with others on the list in real-time.

-> Set and get location-based reminders to pull up your grocery list right when you visit the market.

-> Google Keep is compatible with phones, tablets, computers, and Android wearables.

4. Recipe Calendar- Meal Planner

Recipe Calendar- Meal Planner by Harmonic Soft is a fantastic grocery list Android App that has both features Recipe Calendar and Meal Planning. Here, you choose a meal plan, create a grocery shopping list, shop for the grocery items, and then prepare the meal using step-by-step instructions. This easy-to-use app works well on Android 4.0.3 and above versions and currently has over 500,000 downloads.


-> The app gives you a collection of healthy diets such as low-carb, vegetarian, low-calorie, paleo menus, etc. It has over 5000 recipes.

-> It is the only app that estimates recipe prices and provides you with suitable recipes.

-> Create your own recipe, use it in their future menus, and share it with a number of other users.

-> Set dietary restrictions in the app so that it can recommend only safe recipes.

-> Use the meal planner feature to schedule your weekly meals yourself.

-> Use voice input for easy listing.

-> It also has beautiful listing charts with vibrant backgrounds.

-> This grocery list app is compatible with phones and tablets. All the data is stored on the server.

-> You can share recipes and meal plans with your friends and other app users.

5. Cozi Family Organizer

Cozi Family Organizer by Cozi Inc. is another free Android app for grocery lists that comes with a multifunctional meal planning and fitness feature. This powerful app creates a meal plan based on the BMI and health condition of family members. Cozi Family Organizer requires Android 6 and above versions and currently has over 1,000,000 downloads.


-> Works as a Family Calendar

– = Use a simple color-coded calendar to keep track of the schedule of each family member.

= Set reminders for various activities concerning each family member.

= Send automated daily and weekly agenda emails to the family members.

= Make other calendars too, such as work calendar, school calendar, team schedule, personal calendar, etc.

-> Create Shopping and To-do lists

= Create grocery lists that can be accessed by each family member.

= Make changes in real-time.

= Make to-do lists and share them with your family members.

-> Use Recipe Features

= Add ingredients to your shopping list and set meal schedules on the calendar.

= Organize all your favorite recipes in one place and easily access them from anywhere and anytime.

-> You can access your calendar, recipes, shopping, and to-do lists from mobile phones or computers.

-> The family will share a single account, where each one can access data using their email id and the shared family password.

6. Super Simple Shopping List

Super Simple Shopping List by Maple Media, as the name suggests, is the simplest shopping list app for Android devices. This app runs on Android 4.4 and above versions and currently holds over 1,000,000 downloads on Google Play Store.


-> Create multiple lists, organize, categorize and customize them using different colors and labels.

-> Cross the items you have already picked, from the list when you go shopping. This will help in buying the right amount of groceries.

-> Besides grocery, you can also use this app for managing retail therapy, organizing weekly tasks, and making a list of things you want to pursue later, etc.

-> Share your lists with others using Google Drive. Sync them in real-time and allow others to view the changes.

7. Shopping List Voice Input

Shopping List Voice Input by TK Solution is another easy grocery list app that creates your shopping list directly by speaking. When the user speaks the name of the item to be added to a list, the app detects it and saves it in that list automatically. It’s that simple. The app is compatible with various devices and currently has 1,000,000 downloads on the Play Store.


-> The app is fully customizable i.e. every aspect of the app can be modified as per your need.

-> It supports voice recognition for real quick input of the words. Two voices can be detected at a time.

-> You create multiple lists under different categories.

-> You can even add price and quality information to keep track of the purchases.

-> The app comes with a bar code scanner, which you can use to know the details of the products in the market.

-> It can conveniently import recipes from the web.

-> Imported recipes are saved separately and can be added to your shopping list quickly as and when required.

-> Other features include customization of fonts, backgrounds, etc.

8. Grocery Listing App Listonic

Listonic is developed by Listonic Smart Grocery Shopping company. It is a favorite shopping list app of many users due to the faster, easier, and smarter shopping experience it provides. It has all the items predefined in it by default, so the user doesn’t have to type it. The app works on varied devices and Android versions. It currently holds over 5,000,000 downloads.


-> Create easy shopping lists with your family. The grocery lists are synced as and when any changes are made.

-> Search for product catalogs and pick from them. Listonic can even identify units, hence type a number and product name, and the app will immediately give suggestions.

-> Use voice input to enter the items quickly.

-> You will also get a number of food tips for a healthy lifestyle in the app.

-> The app will also keep track of what you have purchased and what not. It reminds you of the products that you need to buy shortly.

-> It will also give tips on how to buy, preserve and cook, to help you make a healthy grocery list.

-> Share your grocery list with non-users too, via email or text message.

-> Listonic can be used on Android smartphones, tablets, Android wearable devices, and computers.

9. AnyList: Grocery Shopping List & Recipe Organizer

AnyList by AnyList company is one of the best Android apps for grocery shopping lists that also offers to organize your recipes. It is compatible with Android 4.4 and above versions and currently has over 500,000 downloads in the Google Play Store.


-> Create Lists

= Easily add and remove items from the list. Common items are automatically suggested as you type.

= Add notes to the items of the list to indicate different things.

= Create multiple lists and organize them into categories. Create your own categories too.

= Save items as favorites; browse them in the future and add items to your shopping lists.

= Share your lists to as many people as you want via email. Any changes will automatically be synced.

-> Recipes

= Enter your own recipes or import them from other sources.

= Add ingredients from your recipes to your shopping list.

= Organize recipes into collections, search for recipes using names and ingredients.

= Share your recipes with people. Any changes made will be synced automatically.

-> Sync your lists and recipes using the AnyList account, all of those will be saved in the cloud.

-> With AnyList complete, you can have access to premium features.

10. Our Grocery Shopping List

Our Groceries Shopping List by OurGroceries, Inc. is a grocery list app for Android that comes as a notepad. It allows keeping notes and lists on the phone and reminds the user of what he needs to buy. The app is compatible with various devices and currently has over 1,000,000 downloads.


-> The app syncs your family grocery list within seconds, every time a change is made in it.

-> Add items to your shopping list using Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa.

-> Add pictures of the items, or add items using the bar code scanner. These features are available in premium versions only.

-> Easily add recipes to your shopping lists.

-> This app is compatible with android phones, android wearable devices, iPhones, and computers.

-> Share your shopping lists and recipes with your family members, even if they are non-Android users.

11. Shopping List

Shopping List by maloii, is a simple shopping list app for Android with an interface like a virtual memo pad. It is basically used for taking notes and making lists. The app requires Android 4 and above versions and currently has over 1,000,000 downloads.


-> The app consists of colorful themes and backgrounds.

-> Items can be added by using a keyboard, from the database, manually, barcode scanning, and using the Voice Input feature.

-> You can mark out important items in the list as bought, canceled, etc.

-> Items can even be highlighted for the purpose of reminding.

-> You can also edit and order the products in a category.

12. Shopping List: Buy Me a Pie

Shopping List: Buy Me a Pie by OOO “Kupi baton” is an android app for grocery lists, with a beautiful and vibrant interface. It comes with a user-friendly interface, responsive search engine, and quick note-taking feature. Predefined product items are given in the app for the ease of adding them quickly into the shopping list. Buy Me a Pie can run on Android phones and tablets. It is compatible with Android 6 and above and currently has 1,000,000 downloads on Play Store.

13. Shopping List for Grocery

Shopping List for Grocery by PANAGOLA is a lightweight app for creating grocery shopping lists. It has a simple user interface that comes with an in-built price comparator, shopping calculator, budget tool, and support for taxes and discounts, etc. It also provides updated prices, quick select options and supports multiple currencies and languages.

The app requires Android 4 and above versions and currently holds 500,000 downloads on Google Play Store.


-> This app provides a complete shopping list including buying receipts.

-> It is built with a repeat shopper feature and automatically develops a product repository as the user uses the app for shopping.

-> It can also predict the approximate expenses taken place. It gives a full shopping bill as soon as you create a shopping list, with the help of previous price and tax information.

-> You can also set a budget for your shopping. In this way when you add items to your cart, you can see the total, and get a warning if you have exceeded the budget limit.

-> The premium version of the app gives additional premium features.

14. Price Cruncher- Price Compare

Price Cruncher by Brainservice Apps is a powerful price comparison shopping list app for Android devices that comes with comparison tools and a comprehensive system interface. The app is compatible with various devices and currently has over 100,000 downloads on the Play Store.


-> The app allows you to save your favorite items and compare prices on a per-unit price basis.

= It accommodates units like volume, weight, length, and area.

= Allows users to add custom units, such as rolls, boxes, sheets, etc.

= The built-in unit conversions convert prices prior to comparison.

= The discount calculator tool offers quick calculation of discount prices.

= Add/save multiple prices and manage stores.

= Supports bulk purchase comparisons.

= Adds and maintains items for future price comparisons.

= Provides price history of items and uses it to estimate grocery costs.

= It categorizes items, customizes those categories, and compares the categories as well.

-> With the pro version, you can backup or restore your data.

-> Shopping lists can be accessed anytime using advanced saving options.

-> It supports all currencies. The default currency is based on the phone’s language settings, which can also be changed by the user.

15. That Shopping List

That Shopping List by markenapps is a time-saving grocery list app for Android that comes with a very user-friendly interface. It comes with a unique, clear, categorized display and sorting functions to help you complete your shopping real quick. The app requires Android 5.1 and above versions and has over 1,000,000 downloads on the Google App Store.


-> That Shopping List has an expandable collection of almost 1000 categorized and prioritized items and a smart search function.

-> You can even enter the items into the history by yourself.

-> The app automatically recognizes the units, quantities, and categories.

-> It supports a voice input feature too.

-> It has 17 colored categories with icons and smart sorting functions. Users can create their own categories too.

-> You can work on the lists offline also. You only need the internet when you have to share or sync the list.

-> Data privacy is highly protected as no personal data, third-party providers, and questionable app permissions are required.

-> Share your shopping lists with as many users as you want. Manage your own recipes and share them with others with ingredient import.

-> You can back up the entire app data or transfer it to other devices easily.

-> This app is also available for iOS and compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch.

Wrapping Up

So now that you have read our list of the best grocery apps for Android devices, hope you are able to choose the best for your needs. What you need to do is jot down the services that you want and then shortlist the apps that serve you the best.

Besides, if you are into the food or grocery business and want to develop your own app to serve your customers, you can connect with us. We are Vervelogic, a mobile app development company, with branches across the world. Our specialization in android app development and iOS app development is aimed at providing you with the best services to help you take your business to great heights. So let’s connect and take this further.

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