An Idea That Couldn’t Make It Big: Why Did Your App Idea Didn’t Succeeded?

An Idea That Couldn’t Make It Big: Why Did Your App Idea Didn’t Succeeded?

Sometimes while we are in the midst of nowhere an idea strikes us. Eureka!

May be in a gym, bathroom, while chatting with friends you got an idea that seemed to be very relevant. You decided to make that idea into a mobile application. Obviously, for making mobile app one need many kinds of resources such as help of developers, coders, designers, testers etc. In short, you hired a mobile app development company for your idea.

After investment of time and money you get your mobile app. After couple of testing your app becomes live in the marketplace.

Lots of expectation you had regarding the performance of the app but the results were not the same as expected.  If you have gone through this problem, consider yourself among 90% of population who make app for success but never earn results from it. One reason cannot satisfy the reason of failure. There were many critical aspects in the development that were ignored while the app development process.

Let us dig into the factors that led to failure of your mobile app idea:

  1. Your app idea was not unique

Developers from Ipad app development company suggest to undergo rigorous research for getting to understand the idea is unique or not. There are millions of app available in the app stores, therefore, an idea that provide something different out of the existing ones are ideal for developing app.

Generally people believe that their idea is the most unique one, hence, create mistake. There are million of apps present which will somewhere correlate with your idea.

Experts therefore recommends to go ahead with app development only when your idea provides something different above the existing ones.

  1. Not checking the feasibility of your app

Feasibility of an app is a very important aspect before preparing to develop an app. A person got an idea in mind and he went to get an app developed, without thinking about the execution of the app. These kind of unfeasible app does not have a great look which obviously fails to attract users.

Therefore, it is high important to move ahead with your app only after thorough research on the feasibility and the look of the app before, it is actually developed. Once all the metrics are understood then only you should step ahead with app development.

  1. Not doing proper market research

Before developing an iphone app, android app or any tablet app, it is important to do a completely detailed market research. Identify your audience and what are their needs and expectations. Without knowing these metrics, there are high chances that you might end committing mistake and launch app with wrong targeted age group. Therefore, make sure to never skip the research part in your app development.

  1. Did not hire good app development company

The work of professional app developers is obviously much more effective than inexperienced developers. A well certified app development company will produce a masterpiece while other will make a very low quality app.

It is important to hire only expert professionals for app development and do not go for cheap option. This would be an investment which will pay you in millions.

  1. No app marketing

Developing an app is not the end of a process, in fact it is just the beginning. You may have got a great app but how will the audience know about it? It is important to market the app to let the app reach tp right kind of audience which further leads to high download metrics.

Not marketing the app properly will make the app reach to limited audience and ultimately disappear.

It is very important to put a great deal of efforts in marketing the app. Launch campaigns, ads and several other ways to spread the word for your app.

  1. Didn’t pay attention to customers reviews

Customer reviews has a profound effect on the download or purchase decision of any app. If your app reviews are great, your app download metrics will also incase and vice versa.

It is highly important to give special attention to custom reviews. These reviews will let you know what your users think about your app and where improvement is needed.

Last note

To make a successful app one needs an idea. But going simply by your gut feeling and idea is not a wise decision to make for this cut throat competitive environment. It is highly important to do broad research about the idea, it’s feasibility, what more can you add to the existing ones, targeted audience etc, to grab an app that is highly coversible and lucrative.

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