Digging Into The World Of Stories: How Storytelling Can Helps In Making The Perfect Ux Design?

Digging Into The World Of Stories: How Storytelling Can Helps In Making The Perfect Ux Design?

Remember your childhood days? The bedtime stories that were narrated by elders could easily take all of us to a world which was visually appealing. It was in our mind that we built things there were narrated in the stories.

Communication has a profound role in terms of visualization. It is the visual language from the childhood itself has shaped the life of every human being. In fact this visual language has formed the basis of human centric design. User experience is the most essential component for apps, website or any other medium. While having a compelling, unique design is a must to attract people, still it requires a language for people to understand and comprehend.

This post is dedicated to dig deep into the role of storytelling in making a perfect UX design

  1. Story that engage users

It is obvious to understand that your story should be really interesting but sometime we attract the attention of the users and then neglect them completely. Your story has nothing to do with  being precise or detailed. It should be as per your users. Sometimes a single picture is enough to speak a lot while sometime you may need series of them to bring out meaning.

Designers from iphone ux design firms rightly point outs that sometime, interactive stories does more harm to your app users then doing good, if not done in the right way.  Your users are may be in a lookout for quick bunch of information which your visual content may not provide.

To get the advantage of storytelling, it is important to understand how to integrate users interaction with it. Craft a story that is interactive and suitable for your targeted users to comprehend.

  1. Logic

The logic behind storytelling is to express something in a visual context. Storytelling does not only mean story of prince or princes, romantic, tragic etc, by story we mean happenings of daily life. Storytelling is part of our daily life, be it within protest or lending hands to needy people. Each of them have certain story hidden behind it.

Your story that you want your users to understand should be clear and simple. The story should be dependent only on how effectively it can engage with your viewers and clients.

  1. Vision

Developers from top web application development company in india suggests, before framing a story the objective should be absolutely clear. Questions like why this story is necessary? What is the idea behind the story? What is the focal point? Who are the audiences targeted? And several others question answer should be absolutely clear to make a story and enhance user experience.

Clients expect stories that inspire them to taken even better steps in their life, hence, UX designers need to be very particular to make their users satisfied by giving vision to their imagination.

  1. Words vs images

Pictures are widely used to tell stories. Be it smiling girl beside the shopping cart or bright shining fruit in the basket, all speaks about a story. Apart from images, the power of words cannot be underestimated. A carefully crafted message can speak a lot about itself without even using an image. Android UX/UI design firms views that a capable designer should not only manage the image but also makes sure that the words or the text should be placed in the most appropriate position to grab the attention of the users.

Typography has its own way of telling a story which most of the time is ignored by people. If the text content are written by experts then chances are the words may even surpass images. Words have equal power of storytelling when written meaningfully.

  1. Users as character

To engage users in your story, it is important to involve them in the story telling. The best trick to make them part of the story is by giving them a character. This way users will be keen to know about things that the character has which are part of them as well. Find ways to combine users with your story either by connecting them directly or personalizing the content.

In any form users interaction is great way to enhance their experience within your website or app. In short, if you want to be successful then involve users within your content.

  1. Interactive value

Online actions are almost predictable such as scrolling and clicking. To make these obvious actions interesting use interactivity. If users are trying to click somewhere, use images to define where the users should go and what can be the result. Maintaining the consistency between image and content tone. Interaction does not mean using animation everywhere, use it wisely to give that great users experience.


The key to success is grabbing the imagination of the users. Your story should let the users imagine and get them on the vision by which you design the stories. Make sure to use interactive design. Incorporate users character in your story to make them connect to it. Let the magic of tales spread around your online business and get a great UX design.

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