6 Tips to Get the App Store to Approve Your App

6 Tips to Get the App Store to Approve Your App

It takes hours to build an app check from developers for your business. You have great startup ideas & you have developed an amazing app but still you need to worry about it. What if your app gets rejected from the App Store? This can be a complete nightmare for you & your business after so much hard work. All those countless hours of planning, coding, & developing with care of your application will all go in vain if you didn’t think it through from the starting.

But there is a plan & strategies for everything if you have the right app development companies in Atlanta. If you follow the right steps your apps will be easily accepted & you can show to the world what your business can do & benefit the life of others. So, being a top app development company we have prepared how to get your app approved on the playstore, so you can stress free develop your desired app and can land in the depth of the play store where people can access your application.

1. Learn from the Past Mistakes of Other Developers

While getting your app developed from a certain team of developers, you have to make sure they didn’t follow some common mistakes which can be a huge problem later. Some common mistakes can be a pitfall for your app, all you need to ensure that your app rises above the rest & your app gets approved.

Review the every guidelines for the store on which you want to upload your app. There are mainly two most popular app stores, Android Play Store & Apple Play store. And both of them follow different guidelines for uploading your app. All you need to meet the criteria which the review committee will look for before finalising to upload your app on respective store.

2. Innovate Within the Boundaries of Similar Apps

If we particularly talk about Apple then it likes to approve apps which have unique features & brings originality with them. But as we have already mentioned that playing safe is always a good option & for a fast track approval then checkout the outline of the similar apps & features that are already on the play store. You need to look for what layout & graphics & design elements to have in your app. Top app development companies in Atlanta include top already used features in your business application. Adding latest trends, animations & general practices that are usually accepted in your industry so your app gets easily approved in the respective Stores.

3. Strip Down your App to the Essentials Features

We know you dream to have an application which has top features so you can be top in the market. But we suggest developing a simplified app from the app development companies in Atlanta to get it easily approved. You can always add new features later as the most important thing is to get approval for the basics at first. It allows Apple & Android to follow a simple easy process to test your app. Basic functionality in the app, faster your app gets approved.

A viable product which can establish your enterprise & business in the market will help you cement the position in the market & later adding features will give users a chance to use new features.

4. Test & Maintain a Process of Quality Assurance

Testing & maintaining while developing the app are really important aspects. The app development companies in Atlanta run a lot of tests to make sure everything works seamless & properly. Customer satisfaction is the key when you have an app in the store. With extensive testing, before launching the app will help you know the reality of your application so you know when your application is ready to deploy.

5. Detailed Description

Among the important aspects, detailed description is the key. It helps your application a lot in the review process as the team knows what they are looking at and whether the features are performing the same steps as described or not. With an accurate & detailed description of your application from your app development companies in Atlanta your application has less chance to get rejected as you have an advantage of your description to make your app stand apart. Remember, better you explain, better the app is likely to do in the review process.

6. Follow App Store Directives & Have Patience

The app stores on the different OS are very specific & clear with their policies & guidelines. This makes the process easy for the review team as they don’t have to review the unwanted applications. Being the best app development company in Atlanta we suggest you spend a lot of time carefully inspecting each component of your app to make sure your app ticks every element before it goes to the review team.

Even if your app gets rejected the first time, you don’t have to feel low as top applications often get rejected. There are many small reasons which can be the reason for rejection of best apps. You need to abide by the guidelines and again submit your application. You need to be patient with the process as the review team can take time. Don’t be impatient even if it is taking one month for the complete process. Usually the small apps get reviewed in around 2 days.

These are the top 2 things which you need to take while getting your app developed from app development companies in Atlanta. Even if your app gets rejected, don’t sit down, reevaluate it, fix bugs & reapply for the review. We know it can be stronger for the team & for you but the key is to bounce back stronger than ever with an improved version of your app. Review team provides the detailed information of all aspects in which you need to make changes in order to get it approved. Now you know what process to follow while getting your business app developed and publishing it on the respective play stores.

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