Why Your E-Commerce Promotions Flop? – Considerable Reasons

Why Your E-Commerce Promotions Flop? – Considerable Reasons

While running an e-commerce business online, you put your 100% to make the business successful. In order to make a boom as per the e-commerce trends, you offer discounts, coupons, promotional events and various pricing for your products or services. But its hard for you to receive the desired results. Have you ever thought, what can be the reasons? Why do your e-commerce campaigns fail? Don’t get worried, as we can give you some of the reasons so that you work on that and come up with great outcomes:

Lowering your products price

When you lowers the price of your products, then customer starts wondering about the value of your product. For example, if you are offering a branded handbag at 50% discount with just the selling purpose, then people who encountered with the less price of your product starts thinking, that if your product is worth or not?

If you are unable to represent your products along with their worth, then they’re a lot of things are waiting in your pipeline to be completed, as suggested by e-commerce development company India.

Poor First Impression

Once you have stamped your prices on the products, then you can’t look back. Since you can’t afford to lose all those valuable customers who have purchased your product at lower prices, but they will not make a purchase until you start your promotions again with lower prices. However, people who weren’t won over by your discounted prices will first keep a check on your special offers, but they are not dumb to pay the full amount for special deals.

In case, the prices are not attracting the buyers, then it’s time to set the prices again with additional discounts. But if you start selling your products with less amount, then what will be your plan during the promotional season?

Bad Services

If you are totally dependent on special deals or discounts to keep your customers engaging, then my friend you are ignoring one of the most important parts of the e-commerce task and that part is after-the-sale services. The only issue with running promotions is that you spending your entire span counting your conversions and not looking after your customers who need your help. Hence, instead of launching various special deals and offers, you should give some time to your customers in providing useful information about purchasing and guide them within their purchasing decisions. If you’ll do so, then next time they will buy your product by paying the full amount.


You get some of the new customers with your special deals, right? These new customers will again hang up at your website designed by e-commerce website development company India, whenever you run special deals, thus, it will be good for your business. But what happens with those customers, who bought your product by giving the full price and the next day they come across the half of the price for the same product and guess what on the same website. No one wants to feel like a fool that the product they have bought is not worth its price.

Hence, it’s your responsibility to come up with a fully proofed strategy for your promotions that make your customers think positively about your brand.

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  1. Juliana

    Here there are many points which many ecommerce platforms are adopting just to increase their customers, but they do not know the exact results. thanx for telling the reality and the affect these ways are having on the businesses.


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