Google Developing Keyboard App for iPhone to Boost Searches

Google Developing Keyboard App for iPhone to Boost Searches

iOS Keyboard Development by Google is the step towards acquiring boosted search volumes

According to the recent report by ‘The Verge’, Google is all set to launch its own third-party keyboard for Apple phones. The released report states that the keyboard app will be incorporated with a variety of search options in order to attract more searchers towards Google through iOS devices. Alongside, this app will be deployed with a number of functions like swiping, gesture-based typing and predictive text.

With the release of iOS 8, the brand Apple has permitted the third-party apps to take the place of its own keyboard. Plus, there will also be a Google logo on the developed keyboard, tapping on the logo will allow you to perform a quick Google search. Moreover, the keyboard will comprise some buttons for images and GIF searches – reflecting the lack of feature in Android phones. Apparently, with the development keyboard, Google reflects its main objective that gives the clear indication towards increasing the search volumes coming from iOS users. The developed keyboard has seemingly been on the testing stage for months, and Google has not confirmed that when they are going to launch this keyboard.

In the market of third-party apps developed by mobile application development company, Google is not the only company that is trying to reveal innovation, but Microsoft is also working to release its new Word Flow keyboard for iPhones. Although just like Google, Microsoft has also not announced the date of their keyboard’s launch, we are hoping that soon both of these quality apps will hit the App Store.

Further in this post, you’ll find the reason why Google needs to boost iOS searches? Since it is already the king of searches.

Why Google?

There is no doubt that Google is the master of searches with 63% of the share on desktop searches all over the world. But when it comes to the mobile arena, the company faces some challenges. While using mobile, many people directly access apps rather than searching over Google and some take help from virtual assistants like Siri for quick results. Additionally, iPhone users can change their default browsers in Safari. Thus, all these things may lead to raising encounters for Google mobile searches.

It will be very interesting to see Google and Microsoft working dedicatedly into developing keyboards for iPhones since third-party apps on iOS have not proven to be popular among iOS users due to some issues like slow speed, crashing, and other bugs. We, at Vervelogic, are quite excited to see how their keyboard apps will perform.

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