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Voice Service

Voice Service

Cost-Effective Enterprise Voice Solution

We Connect You With Your Customers at Scale Using IBD, OBD, Missed Call, Toll-Free Numbers and IVRs(Interactive Voice Response) along with virtual mobile numbers.

Comprehensive Platform For Your Business

Click To Call

Now you can reduce the turnaround time for query resolution with our click to call service. Convert your hot leads into business using the call latching feature that instantly connects a support agent with the customers at a click.

Text Speech

Secure Customers Transactions by enabling dual verification by converting textual or numeric inputs into automated voice responses.

Missed Call

Take your customer consent on a designated number with a customer initiated call which automatically gets disconnected after a couple of rings. Use it to define your business authenticity.

Outbound Dialing

Establishing consistent engagement with your customers is really important. Send automated personalized key messages periodically to your customers.

Inbound IVR

Interactive voice response can be really beneficial for the business on a large scale. Use IVR service to receive and respond to multiple customer calls.

Outbound IVR

Generate sales opportunities by sending promotional broadcasts and important announcements to masses with brand initiated interactive voice responses.

Easy Gathering & Viewing Real-Time Analytics

Improve tracking, measurability and the real-time through our scalable cloud based voice solution to ensure the reach to the customers without investing into the manpower

  • Global Coverage Across Voice
  • Real-Time Analytics & MIS
  • Language Support For Every Customer
  • Scalable Architecture for Transparency

Most Reliable Voice Architecture

  • Improve Your Customer Security – Protect customer’s number with masking technique
  • Increase Customer Retention – Be Always available to be called at a click of button
  • Automated Call Replies – Pre-defined voice messages on imputes
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