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Messaging Service

Messaging Service

In the advanced era, a necessary array of services to communicate seamlessly with your customers globally.

(1) WhatsApp API

Whatsapp for business for personalized one to one engagement & improved customer Experience.

Everyone’s on WhatsApp. And You?

1. Real Time Notifications – Share the text, images, PDF and other rich media directly on Whatsapp with your customers for better understanding of your business.

2. Customer Support – Most convenient way to address your customer with two way messaging & instant response.

Give Advanced Services To Your Customers

  • Friendly informal customer service
  • Only Internet
  • Vernacular Support
  • Rich Media Support

Make WhatsApp Business API Your Priority

  • Live agent tool to make the process transparent
  • Give 24X7 support in the preferred language
  • Easy downgrading & upgrading plans

(2) SMS Service For Your Business

Serve your customers with a two-way SMS messaging for transaction and marketing. Deliver OTPs for critical notifications on SMS with fall-back on other channels.

Quick SMS Routing

Attract Customers With Personalized & Targeted Messages

Secure OTP

A one-time password must be secured between you and your customers. It can be sent with a fall back mechanism on the voice of email.


Data driven SMS campaigns for better engagement & acquisition.


Offer service excellence to user customers by sending important alerts.

Share Information in a Flash

  • Send SMS globally
  • Check Real Time Analytics
  • Friendly 24X7 customer service
  • Highly Scalable Architecture

(3) RCS(Rich Communication Services) Messaging

RCS upgrades SMS with branding, rich media, interactivity & analytics to help you engage mobile consumers with rich messages.

Enhance Customer Interactions

With reliable global infrastructure and an incredible user experience, Google’s RCS technology helps the mobile community deliver better messaging.


Showcase your name, logo and brand colors seamlessly to you customers

Rich Media

Images, GIFs, videos, Stickers, QR Codes everything is now possible with RCS.

Huge Support

Reach to a huge user base where they already exist, Google’s native message app.

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