Top 10 Tips To Improve The Performance Of Android Applications To Reach At The Top

Top 10 Tips To Improve The Performance Of Android Applications To Reach At The Top

App stores are highly competitive zone, only the performance of the app can create a difference in this competitive environment. It is very important for app to deliver results in order to gain that engagement from the customers which otherwise a bad performance app can ruin.

The success of developers and the marketer is highly dependent on the customers approach towards any application. In order to make customers love your app, it is very crucial to deliver good performance in the app. A good app can enhance the rating and revenue of the app at the same time making you earn huge from your application development.

Here’s the list of some tips that can help you improving android app performance and make it a hot selling cake among users.

Let us dig in:


  1. The performance ladder


Developers from android tablet app development firms believe that the first step in making out good from an app is analysing its performance graph. Performance is the parameter that takes consideration of app quality, loading size, time etc.

It is important to keep testing the performance of the app , for example, the loading time of the images or if the app gets crashed by influx of customers due to some promotional activity.

In short, performance is sum total of many activity such as device, server, network, programming etc. which in a way create a great app experience or even ruin it.

  1. Conversion

Several studies have predicted that be it web or mobile app, loading time has a very crucial role in making users stay on the app or just move ahead. In this competitive arena, everybody has an options, therefore, app developers will have to provide tremendous performance in their app to make people stay for longer. If the app functions are not that great chances are the users will easily deflect and move somewhere else providing exception result. This way the profit and conversion of the app goes down significantly.

If the customers reviews the app with negative comments then the chances are your app’s ranking can go down and people would avoid using your app.

Therefore, it is beneficial for companies to appoint  performance testers to continuously monitor the app and make necessary changes that brings maximum conversion.

  1. Image art

Developers from game development for android platforms suggest that the images used in the app should be compressed with the help of reliable tools. It is important to be complete sure about the size of the image used in the app as it can unnecessarily occupy bandwidth to depend on browsers to adjust HD images in small screen size. Make sure to use appropriate image size to make the app work properly.

  1. Cache

Cache is that storage of information in computer’s memory that retains recent informations. It can stock images, files, web pages etc to drive quick usage while enhancing performance. Downloading external sources are time consuming hence, it is important to give special attention to catch images.

  1. HTTP Request

To make your android app less complicated, make sure to accept very fever amount of HTTP request needed to acquire resources from each page.

  1. Templates

Huge variety of templates loading can make your app work slow. In order to enhance android app loading time, it is better to use few variety of templates and reuse them.

  1. Load high

Apps with high loading time are considered are generally considered slow then they actually are. Make sure to load your android app in a way that gives impression for faster loading time, even if it is not that faster. One way of doing this by giving clear, quick feedback as the app loads while obtaining information from the background. Adding some features while loading the app will give illusion that the app is loading faster, hence, it will enhance the engagement in the users.

  1. The need for data

If your android app works by the help of massive data then it is better to pre load the data for users. It is not the great way to keep visitors waiting while your wander for various parts. This can be removed by dividing the assembles which makes it easier to accomplish. Another way is to keep the data preloaded in order to save the visitors from waiting.

  1. Offline mode

While there is a major network problem and the user is about to finish a task, give them the error message that talks about why the action has not completed. Provide options to save the data to use it as soon as the network is available.

  1. Test with care

Apps performance should be analyzed time to time to make sure that it is working appropriately across various devices. Checking the usability and performance of the app, makes the customers more satisfied. Testing is a never ending process and it should be continued to make the app stand ahead in the competition.


The success in App development depends upon customers retention, downloads, ratings, conversion and revenue. Creating a great app can help in establishing an app that provide high performance and the user’s love to use the app for betterment.

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