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Top 10 Automation Testing Tools in 2021 You Can Use

Top 10 Automation Testing Tools in 2021 You Can Use

With the availability of numerous open-source and commercial automation tools, selecting the right one can be dilemmatic. To achieve quality at speed organizations are searching for solutions in Agile, continuous integration (CI), and DevOps methodologies. Identifying and making use of the right tool in automation testing have the ability to determine the success of your project. Currently, the use of artificial intelligence and machine learning has enabled test automation to offer intelligent test generation, execution, and reporting.

Shortening testing times and the effective use of test cases are the main objectives of automation testing tools. To reap the complete benefits of automation, the selection of the right tools is very important. Correct tools for automation testing have the ability to work at speed and deliver high-quality products. Several software development teams have increased their spendings to grab the best automation testing tools available in the market. Here we have some of the top automation testing tools that you can consider for automation testing.

10 Best Automation Testing Tools in 2021 You Can Rely On:

The selection of the right software testing tools at the right time can help you deliver perfect products to your clients. Here we have specified the 10 best automation testing tools in 2021 with their salient features that make them different from all the other available web and mobile automation testing tools.

1. Selenium

Automation Testing Tools

Selenium says “Selenium automates browsers. That’s it!”. This automating web application testing tool ranks number one. It is an open-source automation testing tool supporting not just multiple browsers and operating systems but also several languages. 26.4% and 51% of Selenium customers’ market share is in the US in this Software Testing Tools category.

Salient Features:

-> Selenium supports multiple browsers like Google Chrome, Safari, Firefox, Opera. Simple commands can be given to launch it on multiple browsers.

-> Java, python, “C#”, Perl, and many other languages are supported by this tool for writing test scripts.

-> Selenium directly communicates with the browser removing the need of having an intermediate server.

-> It works on different operating systems such as Linux, MAC, Chrome.

Website: https://www.selenium.dev/

License: Open-source

2. Appium

Automation Testing Tools

Appium goes by the line “Is native app automation missing from your tool belt? Problem solved.” It is also an open-source automation mobile testing tool developed and supported by Sauce Labs. It helps you automate native and hybrid mobile apps built for iOS and Android. Automated testing of native, hybrid, and web applications by Appium makes it trending in Mobile Automation Testing Technology.

Salient Features:

-> Application source code or library is not required for this open-source automation tool.

-> Appium is home to a strong and active community.

-> Same test cases on multiple platforms can be run using Appium, one of the best mobile automation testing tools.

-> C#, Python, Java, Ruby, PHP, JavaScript with node.js, and many more languages are supported by Appium.

Website: http://appium.io

License: Open-source

3. Katalon Studio

Automation Testing Tools

“An all-in-one test automation solution”, says Katalon Studio. Supporting both web and mobile app development environments, Katalon Studio is among the top automation testing tools. Katalon automation testing tool addresses the common challenges faced by the testing community. Katalon Studio 7 (KS7) is custom-made for medium and large businesses’ needs.

Salient Features:

-> The Smart Wait Function makes it one of the best mobile and web automation testing tools. With this, the execution process will wait till the web page is fully loaded.

-> KS7 supports desktop application testing as well apart from the web, API, and mobile testing.

-> You can design and develop your private plugin and share it with your teammates.

-> You can use your own test data sources supported with a library connection (JDBC).

Website: https://www.katalon.com/

License: Proprietary

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4. Cucumber

Automation Testing Tools

This Behavior Driven Development (BDD) tool says “Tools & techniques that elevate teams to greatness.” It is among the open-source automation tools for the web application that is used to write acceptance tests. Business Analysts, Developers, Testers, and everybody else can determine the test results of this software testing tool.

Salient Features:

-> This automation testing tool is best suited for business stakeholders as the code is easy to read.

-> It has an amazing user experience.

-> The codes can be easily reused for testing making it one of the best open-source automation tools.

-> Efficient tool that is easy to set up and execute.

Website: https://cucumber.io

License: Free

5. HPE Unified Functional Testing (UFT)

Automation Testing Tools

“A robust tool, given by Hewlett-Packard Enterprise.” UTF is among the best cross-platform automation testing tools and was formerly known as QuickTest Professional (QTP). Business Process Testing (BPT) is allowed on this tool and can test Desktop as well as Web-based applications.

Salient Features:

-> Oracle, Java, SAP, NET, Web Forms, People soft, and other add-ins are supported by this testing tool.

-> Keyword-driven testing approach, data-driven testing approach, and modular testing approach are supported as well.

-> Quality Center, Test Director, and Winrunner are the Test management tools it can be integrated with.

-> This tool uses an active screen to record scripts.

Reference Website: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/HP_QuickTest_Professional

License: Proprietary

6. WorkSoft

Automation Testing Tools

WorkSoft says, “Undisputed Leader in Test Automation for Enterprise Packaged Apps.” This is one of the best automation testing tools to accelerate projects and attenuate risk with continuous automated testing. This code-free automation testing tool is DevOps-ready and tests hundreds of thousands of business processes per hour. It also has a library of reusable, common processes.

Salient Features:

-> It is a code-free automation testing tool that can help create, edit, and reuse assets for both technical and non-technical users.

-> Full lifecycle of a business process, discovery, testing, RPA, is integrated seamlessly into this tool.

-> This tool also allows you to dynamically update and reuse automation objects.

-> The use of a centralized database allows users to create and store test steps separate from objects.

Website: https://www.worksoft.com

License: Proprietary

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7. IBM Rational Functional Tester (RFT)

Automation Testing Tools

This is automated functional testing and regression testing tool that says “Get automated testing capabilities for functional, regression, GUI and data-driven testing.” Testing capabilities for regression, GUI, functional and data-driven testing can be automated with this one among the 10 best automation testing tools in 2021. web-based, .Net, Java, Siebel, SAP, terminal emulator-based applications, and other wide range of applications are supported by this automation tool.

Salient Features:

-> With a varying set of test data, you can perform the same series of test actions with this automation testing tool.

-> It is easily integrable with IBM Rational Team Concert and IBM Rational Quality Manager to allow logically or compound SCM test asset support.

-> Users have multiple customization options to choose from with intelligent script maintenance capabilities.

-> This tool enables testers to automate tests with ScriptAssure technology to be resilient to repeated application user interface changes.

Website: https://www.ibm.com/in-en/marketplace/rational-functional-tester

License: Proprietary

8. Telerik Test Studio

Automation Testing Tools

Definitely “LOVED by QAs and Developers Alike.” This tool provides cross-browser support becoming a comprehensive test automation solution. HTML5, Angular, AJAX, JavaScript, Silverlight, WPF, MVC, and many other applications are supported with this one of the best cross-platform automation testing tools. It is a platform to test desktop, web, and mobile applications.

Salient Features:

-> HTML popups for all browsers are supported by this framework. It can also test other browser dialogs like JavaScript Alert, Upload dialog, and Logon dialog.

-> Telerik Test Studio has built-in support for MbUnit, NUnit, or XUnit unit testing tools.

-> JavaScript functions can be called directly from .NET test code.

-> Integration of any server with the tests you write is made easy with the help of this automation testing tool.

Website: https://www.telerik.com/teststudio

License: Proprietary

9. SoapUI

Automation Testing Tools

“Build Better. Test Smarter”, says SoapUI. Be it functional testing, security testing, web services testing, or load testing, SoapUI proves to be among the top automation testing tools. It has easy-to-use enterprise-class features and a graphical interface. You can add Groovy Test to write automation scripts in SoapUI. Bulk insert, delete and update related to testing can be done on this one of the best software testing tools.

Salient Features:

-> A comprehensive API Test Automation Framework for Service-Oriented Architectures (SOAP) and Representational State Transfers (REST).

-> This tool can be used to test API and services.

-> It allows asynchronous testing and has drag and drop, point-and-click test generation.

-> It is one of the top automation testing tools for headless functional testing applications.

Website: https://www.soapui.org

License: Open-source

10. TestComplete

Automation Testing Tools

“Powerful and easy-to-use functional test automation tool from SmartBear.” All the applications from desktop, web, and mobile can be tested with the help of this easy-to-use, GUI test automation tool. It has an AI-powered object recognition engine and provides script or scriptless testing services. Having an intelligent object repository, TestComplete can be listed among the 10 best automation testing tools in 2021.

Salient Features:

-> Creation of automated UI tests can be recorded and played back for desktop, web, and mobile applications.

-> You will be able to receive real-time information on the progress of your running UI tests from a single interface.

-> You can save time and cut costs with expanded test coverage.

-> This tool has AI-powered visual recognition helping testers to detect and test application components that were difficult to detect earlier.

Website: https://smartbear.com/product/testcomplete/overview/

License: Proprietary

Testing the software for bugs and fixing it can make the user experience better. Although no software is 100% bug-free but with the use of these top 10 automation testing tools in 2021 you can minimize them. An experienced software quality assurance testing team can help in delivering a product that has minimum errors. There are many tools available in the market, open-source automation tools and licensed ones, which are not in this blog. The choice depends on the business requirements and features included.

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