How to Develop a Local Questions Answer App Like Neighbourly

How  to Develop  a  Local Questions Answer App Like Neighbourly

Neighbourly is the unique kind of questions answer app made by google so we will get there it will solve our questions easily & also able to give answers to people queries.  The app is solving the queries of neighbouring targeting users. At some certain radio, your answer &  questions are visible. Artificial intelligence over human intelligence google is assisting our questions answered. It proves that for assistance the human’s machines have to learn a lot. It is working on the fundamentals concepts that for neighbours also have the utmost relevance, recent & accurate sections of data regarding their local surroundings, so the app gives honest answers.

Top features of Neighbourly

Recently Asked Questions:– When you open the app it will ask you to answer the recent questions.

Questions Answers:-  You can get rewards after giving the answers & you can ask questions too.

Voice Assistance:-  With the help of voice assistance you can give the answer & ask the questions.

Select Locality:- As per your area’s locations you can select your area. (for a limited time )

Notification:- When you get your questions answered you will get a notification you can change your area.)

Social Share:- Through social media, you can share your questions mention your  friends:-  You can also mention your friends

Remove Questions:- You can remove your questions

Thumbs – Up:- You can give appreciation to the answers

Abuse Or Report Spam:- You will report answers for spam & offensive content

Profile:-  As per the number of answers you gave & the number of questions you are asking user will be followed

GPS Tracking:- App will decide your location after tracing your GPS location that will interchange from the setting, you can also change your location but for a limited number of times.

Complete  Features list  of Neighbourly

Customer panel 

–>> With email, ID sign up  for one time

–>> GPS is tracking the current location

–>> Add live location neighbors

–>> See all questions of neighbors

–>> See the answers of neighbors

–>> Give a remark on other neighbors answers

–>> Dislike & like a neighbor? Answers

–>> You can also follow questions

–>> Report & block neighbours (user those who are asking questions & giving the answer)

–>> Questions & answers share with your friends

–>> Give the answer to questions (voice or text)

–>> With predefined tags ask a questions

–>> See all asked questions & total number of answers, comments & calculate like & dislike

–>> View your  the counts of  dislike, like & comment

–>> (On the basis of comments, answers, likes ) vies the medals

–>> Leads profile

–>> View activeness

–>> Setting (manage notification, change neighbourhood)

–>> Share the app with your friends & family

–>> You will receive a notification

–>> Sign out

Admin Panel

–>> Sign in

–>> Home page (answers, comments, total user, total questions, dislikes, likes, block users, most active users )

–>> Control user(delete/ view)

–>> Control on questions tag (delete, edit, add, & view)

–>> Controls medals(add, edit, delete, view)

–>> See questions answers over(export or view)

–>> Sign out

Development Cost

This is just a small application which provides the questions & answers with the monetizes well, for making such types of iOS & android platforms so their cost comes around $5000-$10,000.

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