Make Your ECommerce Customers Happy By Handling Negative Reviews Effectively?

Make Your ECommerce Customers Happy By Handling Negative Reviews Effectively?

We all know the power of social media. In fact, all the ecommerce store owner will agree that how social share plays a vital role in promoting the brand or business and achieving tremendous success.

The best thing about having ecommerce website is, you can offer your services to your customers 24 hours. Not only when they need to buy products at midnight but also when they want to leave the feedback and share comments about your products or services.

These problems get doubled when your ECommerce business have social media pages on platforms, like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and other platforms. Because your followers can view that comments or reviews from any corner in the world.

Ecommerce development companies suggest to have a separate section for comments but for the business owner, it is a real headache. Because even successful businesses had seen the toughest time after receiving few of the negative comments.

Here are few of the best ways how you can handle your negative comments or reviews and make your customers happy like before!

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Tip #1. Upgrade your products or services

Take out time to read the comments left by your customers. This gives you a better insight into what people like and dislike about your brand, business, products or services.

If you are getting happy and positive feedback from your customers, this is you wanted to achieve. But do remember to keep up your services and don’t be lazy.

If your customers are leaving the negative comment, understand their pain point, analyze the root cause and follow the effective measures to solve those issues.

To become more successful, you must uncover what your customers dislike about you, use corrective measures, before your competitor take advantage of this.

Tip #2. Build a strong relationship with your customers

When you take an extra step to respond to the comments of your customers, whether negative or positive, you are giving a chance to them to create a strong relationship with your brand. This makes them feel that you value them and they are an integral part of your company. This in turn, helps in achieving maximum customer loyalty and they are more likely to recommend your products or services to their friends or family.

Tip #3. Deal with your customers gently

Responding to the comments of your customers has to be included as your primary business strategy. Be it the negative comment or positive one, responding to your customers should be included in your policy. This makes your customers feel that you care for their feedback and value them as an essential identity of your brand. But sometimes, your reply can look like a harsh or angry response that reflects as a viral publicity stunt. There are few ways in which you must deal with your customers, such as:

  • When your customers leave POSITIVE Comments:

Your ultimate goal is to make your customers satisfied with your products or services and when they are happy with you, they will leave positive comments. This is what you always wanted to achieve because this reveals that your moving in a right direction. But you can’t sit idle.

In such cases, show them you care for them. Take a time and thank your customers who love your services. If few of your customers are loyal and constantly share the positive feedback, don’t feel shy in offering them the free sample, deal or discount for your products or services.

  • When your customers leave NEGATIVE Comments

As per the Website Development company, including a comment section is as important as having customers. And if nothing can be happier than receiving positive comments but what if your customers leave the negative comment? Well, anybody will get hurt!


Remember the simple rule, kill the negativity with kindness. Handle the negative comment as soon as your customers have sent it. And if you feel that the comment is genuine, let them know that you are sorry and will solve the issue quickly.

Find the best solution, share it with that customers and make them happy. But do not forget to reply to that negative comment that their issues have been resolved. This will leave a lasting impression on other customers.

What are the strategies that you follow to make your customers happy by handling their comments? Share with us in our comment section below!

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