How To Protect Your App From Getting Rejected From Apple App Store

How To Protect Your App From Getting Rejected From Apple App Store

There are hundreds of app which are developed on a daily basis but are they all getting place in the app store? Well, may be not!

Like any other app store, apple app stores also list some serious rules and regulations for app getting registered in the app store. There are 2 million apps in appstore struggling to make their mark in the customers mind. The competition is so severe that apple is improving its app filtration process even more stronger to allow only the best for its customer base. Apple states strict guidelines that should be met with precision by owners to avoid app rejection.

Ios app developers from top app development companies strongly suggest that the business goal of the app such as the purpose of the app, nature, native or hybrid web, user friendliness etc, should be predetermined even more planning to design an app. The most crucial point to keep in mind for iOS app development is never to make any alterations in the tradition iOS user interface.

There can be ‘n’ number of reasons behind why your app can get rejected from App store. It does not matter how stunning or engaging your app might be but if it does not provide a good user experience or if its navigation is choppy, you can go out of league. Apple wants to keep its users happy and hence it will outright reject your application. It is also very strict the privacy and data retention policies. For example, it is necessary to place privacy policy statement in metadata. You also need to enable users to withdraw consent for data collection by the application. You need to make sure that there should be no broken links over the application. Apple has called out the broken links as top reason for rejecting applications. You also need to be sure that if you app has any transaction feature then you need to go for official in app purchase system of Apple. An application that you want to upload on app store needs to be useful. You cannot just make an application containing  a contact form to collect user data. It needs to have some potential reason.

It is to be clearly understood that any deviation in app structure can make the app rejection possible. Therefore, we bring a listing of some points to remember for app makers to get easy access to itunes without any hassle.

Let us dig in:


Apple has a very proficient testing system for the app. It turns down the app easily that crashes or have bugs. Always remember, if your app demands the users to pay for the service, than the app will under minute microscope for validation. Therefore, it is highly important to structure the app in way that has no glitches before it is submitted in the app store for reviews. Make sure to do end to end testing cycle and check each functionality of the app thoroughly.

Facet of the app

Developers from iphone game development company in jaipur, suggest that always make sure to launch a mobile app version of your web app and make it native. Make sure to use native interface for your iOS app development. Do not create an app that is meant to be just a web app in a hybrid or native package.

Auxiliary content

Never submit the app before finalizing the content which include text and images which needs to be incorporated in the app. Never submit your app for review if its logo, text, images etc are not gelled. iOS app with placeholder content are highly prone to rejection in the app store.

A robust app

Apps designed for digital payments, e commerce etc, should be very easy to use. The function of the ios app should be developed in the most simple way as possible. Users will never be interested in going through several step to complete one function. Make sure to design the flow and functionality of the app should be made user friendly. After all, who wants to wait for ages o load any information. The loading time of the app should be highly active for users to get information in a spurt.

Coherence with the various versions

Before developing an iOS app, make sure to research about about various versions available in the market and find the version that your app can support. It mandatory to make the app run smoothly and does not get clashed while running on any OS. You can look for supported version of similar apps. It is better to be updated with the latest version of app design and how it will create an effect in the app development.

Abide the standard user interface

Apple app store is very strict about its users friendly interface. Make sure your UI design should adhere to the norms of apple design guidelines. Any changes in the app UI design which is different from the apple guideline can get your app easily rejected.

Make precise description

The description of the app should be made absolutely precise along with the precise screenshot of the app. It should clearly communicate the intended functionality of the app. Doing this would make the customers understand the app’s function easily and provide a good shopping experience. Develop ios apps on ipad or iphone but make sure to update the changes made in the iOS development phase in your screenshots for consistency. This is the most common type of mistake that creates maximum rejection.

Honoring customers privacy

Not only apple but every app store has strong in policy to foster high customer policy. All mobile apps ask permission from users before accessing their personal information. Be it shopping apps, or any other app, each of them mandatory ask for permission. While you are developing your iOS app, make sure to keep the customers privacy needs at the top of your preference for saving your app from rejection..

Unique app

There are 2 millions of app available in the app store, if your correlates with existing app, it will surely get rejected. Therefore, before planning an app make sure that your app is offering something unique and entertaining to the users. Make sure to offer something that would compel people to download your app compared to others already available.

Fit keywords in the app name

The name of the app stuffed with keywords should be meaningful and precise. Make sure do not repeat the existing name in your app’s title or keywords. The app name should match to intended use for attracting users.

Avoid pious or loud content

Never ever use content that offends the sentiments or feelings from the individual. Apps with such contradictory content or even slight of this would make your app get rejected instantly. Avoid adding any personal content and use a neutral voice.

Battery optimization and internet usage

Make sure to do manual test for the internet usage and battery drain. Keep a check on the battery consumption of the app so that its does not consume maximum of the phone’s battery. Therefore, make sure to do optimization like servicing etc, to keep a check on battery drainage. Also test the internet usage of the app and provide sufficient information while app submission. The app will never be approved if it found to damage the usage of the phone or the tablet.


Every company is trying to create its mark in the app world. However, there are only few who are putting their efforts in the right direction. Make sure to invest in the field while keeping apple’s guidelines in the mind. Make sure to keep these points in mind while developing the iOS app.

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