Which Type of Animation Can Improve The Performance Of Your Website And Web Apps?

Which Type of Animation Can Improve The Performance Of Your Website And Web Apps?

The competition is increasing at an exponential rate. To make a lasting impact on users, would require something special to offer. Animation has emerged as one of the easiest ways to grab that quick attention of the users. People may think about animation and imagine about some entertaining cartoon element but it is not restricted to cartoons only. Web animations are trendy, fun and absolutely user friendly. They can instantly grab the attention of the users and make them interact with the website and the web app super easily. A good web animations are meant to be fulfill aesthetic function as well as pragmatic functions also.

This post is dedicated to highlight parts in website and web app design where animation can create a great effect.

Let us begin!

  • Visual feedback

By visual feedback, it means the capacity of the website and the web apps to respond to users interaction by visual means. Developers from best web development company india, indicate that visual feedbacks are a very engaging concept for users. Animation can prove to be key element in indicating the performance of the users in a given web app or website. Such as the colour the navigation menu colour changes as per the users action which indicated that certain action is taken by the user.

  • Easy navigation

Navigation has a major role in making or breaking a website or a web app. A good and easy navigation would also mean better engagement within users which increases the proximity of conversion. But, modern apps and website have complex navigation structure in order to provide multiple facilities. Animation is an effective way to combat the complex navigation layers in to simplified form, making it user friendly.

  • Structure and interaction

Professional web application development in india suggests that animation is a perfect way to form a structured intuitive  web design. Each element in a web design is important and animation help users to understand this purpose easily. There should be connection that should be established within various elements of the website design which make the users understand the functioning of the various elements. Animation provide this opportunity and with its interactive, fun ways teach the users about the app or the website.

  • Visual hint

Animation is also used for giving visual hints to emphasize on certain aspect of a menu option or help users to navigate on site. These visual hints can help in directing the users towards the needed call to action button without looking too sale pushy.

  • Loading time

Search bots give strong emphasis on the loading time of any app or website. But what about those seconds on which the app or website page loading. Animation can be a great way to cover up these seconds to keep the audience interest intact within the web app or in the website. Loading animation kill this loading seconds into something which is a worth watch.

  • Useful animation

While animation can bring a great result for your website or app, a bad animation can ruin that completely. Unwanted visual elements tends to complicate things rather than making it simple. The animation should be made keeping in mind the usefulness of it. Fine animation features highlight basic features, improve the usability of hidden or controversial menu and help in creating a recognizable brand.

  • Galleries and slideshows

Animated galleries and slideshows tend to show multiple images without distracting the user. The rate at which these images change has a lot of significance. A little slow or faster rate of image change can make your website or app look rushed for users. These galleries and slideshows are helpful as they project real life photo albums functionality.

  • Page motion

A simple page motion sometimes adds that  extra delightfulness in your app or website design. Imagine it as some extra sprinkle of oregano on your pizza! Page motion animation has no direct benefit but yes, that grabs the attention instantly.

While using page motion be careful of using extra loading items that may cause the site to become slow.


Animation has always proven its mirth in every medium. Due to the diversity that it can offer, animation will stay for ages in the designing industry. These animation types stated above, when incorporate in various elements of website and web app design can create a great engagement level among users.

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