How Ads Serving In Games Bring Larger Revenue For Developers?

How Ads Serving In Games Bring Larger Revenue For Developers?

Are you in a process of developing a free to play game? How do you plan to gain monetary benefit from it?

For most of the developers using free to play game for monetization requires the helps from ads serving. Ad serving are incorporated in a package that bring greater amount of revenue influx when used correctly.

But hey! Is ads serving is not getting you what you expected?

Well, this may be the case when ads servings are not used correctly. A bad ads serving practise can seriously hamper your users engagement level and retention as well.

Now, the question is how to use ads serving correctly?

Don’t worry this post will let you know that. Let us dig into details tips on using ads serving more effectively for your F2P game app.

  1. Optimizing the app experience

Well, the key to success is always optimizing things for users. According to proficient developers from ios game development in jaipur, the most important way to bring ingush of revenue in term of profit in in-game ads is by optimizing the ad experience for users. The ads should be optimized in a way that does not become annoying for the user. After all who wants to see a ads in midst of an intense competitive game? Ads are meant to suit in the natural intervals of the game app. Experts also believe that showing an interstitial full screen ads at the end of a game level can also be good time for ads.

  1. Use rate optimization

One of the crucial element in enhancing the monetizing capability of an app involve use rate optimization. This optimization means the percentage of daily users of a given app who are served one ads at least in a day. Research indicates a positive relation between user rates and average revenue per daily active user. This means that advertisers prioritize unique daily views with repeated ads for smaller groups and this brings ads in the visibility of the users and improves it eCPM, hence better revenue.

  1. Usage of rewarded videos

Recent trends in F2P game users depict a huge percentage of people forgoing in app purchases. Experts from android game development companies suggest that using rewarded videos can be an effect way to bring in revenue conversion. Rewarded videos when incorporated with app mechanism support better engagement and support strong revenue stream that enhances user retention. Rewarded videos are an effective ad format that provider developers with high eCPMs, advertiser with better conversion and users with appropriate content.

  1. Working with multiple ad network

Another great way to bring in maximum revenue by ads is through using multiple ad networks as, single ad network cannot impress every user. Track the eCPMs by ad format and send request to highest effective cost per thousand impression(eCPMs)

  1. Integrating the ads naturally in your game

Placing of ads within games clearly has a huge impact in the visibility and engagement, hence, placing of ad with in game should be done with deep understanding. Make sure to place ads within prominent main section of app, integrate it natively in app experience and also respect the app environment. This way your ads placement would be apt to generate good revenue.

  1. Know the user

It is highly important to know your users, to whom you are showing ads. Make sure to get metrics of users which are loyal and has high lifetime value. These users should not be shown ads more than once in a day and vice versa. The frequency of ads performance based on players profile will not only generate revenue but also create a loyal base of users.

  1. Offer multiple rewards

Publishers who are successful in monetizing through value exchange video provide rewards which are unique which means the reward should not be obtained by any other means.

They should be immediate and visible, which means it should be really apparent, ideally through creative visual effect.

Offering rewards are a great way for driving users engagement and ad consumption.


It is quite evident that better ads serving with in game can get better monetary result for game developers. With new techniques and creativity ads can done to fit the game and enhance it as well. This simple natural integration not only monetize the game app but also enhance the retention and user engagement.

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