Make Life Easier With 20 Best To-Do List Apps for Android Devices

Make Life Easier With 20 Best To-Do List Apps for Android Devices

“We are humans not computers to remember every single task of our day-to-day lives” (anonymous). I’ve heard people saying this a lot. BUT being a human is not the excuse for forgetting things that are important. Silver lining – there are certain to-do list apps that help people plan their day-to-day tasks, check the overlapping of schedules, and remember important daily deals they have to take care of.

Your friend might forgive you for not wishing him on his birthday but your boss won’t forgive you for not attending the meeting with the investors. To-do list apps are a savior for everyone especially students, employees, employers, and business owners.

Here is the catch – you cannot trust every app that is on the Playstore, some might be hoaxes, some might reduce the efficiency of your mobile phones, some might have a bad interface or any other problem. The reason to write this article today is to guide you through some authentic and efficient to-do-list apps for Android that are a result of some best Android App Developers insights and a unique business idea.

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The Most Genuine and Best To-Do-List Apps for Android

1. Wunderlist – To-Do List and Task Manager 

Wunderlist is a silver lining for you if you have a hyper-busy schedule. The app lets you schedule the tasks beforehand, manage the list, and notifies you when the task has to be done. The app owns simple yet appealing graphics and a user-friendly interface for Android users of all ages. You can rely on Wunderlist as one of the best to-do list apps for your Android Device.

Key Checklist 

-> Organize and manage your daily tasks by creating segmented listings. 

-> Provides smart sync giving you access to your to-do list from any device. 

-> Supports easy and fast sharing of schedules with anyone you want 

-> You can add photos, PPT, doc, or any other format file with an abbreviation to your to-do list. 

-> The app owns smart reminders and alarm systems that can be customized at any point.

No. of downloads on Playstore – 10M+ 

Download from: Playstore

2. Todoist – To-Do List App and Task Manager for Android 


Scheduling has always worked for every person, but it sometimes becomes a tough task to prepare and maintain a list directly from your smartphone. No need to worry if Todoist is at your service. One of the best apps for Android, Todoist lets you prepare and manage all your tasks with just a few clicks on the smartphone.

Key Checklist 

-> Helps you balance your work and personal life. 

-> The app has certain reminding tools such as smart notification tools, location-centric reminders, logical alerts, and smart schedules. 

-> Supports customizable lists and helps you set due dates on urgency. 

-> Helps you keep track of productivity and manage workload. 

-> Helps you connect in real-time with other apps like social media and messaging platforms. 

-> Has a goal tracker to motivate you and remind you of small milestones you have achieved.

No. of downloads on Playstore – 10M+

Download from: Playstore

3. Microsoft To-Do – A Collective To-Do list and Note-Taking App

Microsoft To-Do - A Collective To-Do list and Note-Taking App

The name says it all, Microsoft app Microsoft to-do list is one of the best to-do list apps of current times for Android users. Outreaching the feature limits of a regular to-do list apps like preparing and maintaining tasks, reminders, etc. Microsoft gives facilities of a note-taking app too… Your entire office desk is on your smartphone now.

Key Checklist 

-> A standalone application to let you plan your tasks and manage your notes all in one place. 

-> Supports task sharing and note sharing in any format. 

-> The app lets you choose from a collection of templates and listing formats. 

-> Integrated with smart notification feature and alarm system to help you set important reminders. 

-> You can use different color pins for important, urgent, less important, active, passive, and other such categories of tasks. 

No. of downloads on Playstore – 5M+ 

Download from: Playstore

4. Time Planner – Track and Plan your valuable time 

Time Planner - Track and Plan your valuable time 

As the list reminds us of the best to-do-list apps Android users can trust, Time Planner has some best features and an intriguing UI to keep us using the app. It is sort of a multi-functional to-do list app that helps you with time management, and task planning. Create a list and the rest of the time management will be done by this incredible smart app.

Key Checklist 

-> The app is integrated with the time-management tool, it is like your personal manager. 

-> The app has no external advertisement links to waste your crucial time. 

-> The interface looks beautiful and lively with the combination of so different subtle yet attractive colors. 

-> The app owns month-wise tracking and planning system to help you sort your entire month by adding important tasks and marking important dates.

-> The app supports backup data processing and restoring.

No. of downloads on Playstore – 1M+

Download from: Playstore

5. TickTick – The best to-do list app for planning and saving time

TickTick - The best to-do list app for planning and saving time

Time is money – people say this because the saying is actually true for those who are surrounded by meetings, team leading, management, etc. TickTick is one such checklist app that will manage your schedule in no time. Again one of the best to-do list apps in the Playstore, TickTick is here to make your life easier than ever.

Key Checklist 

-> Creating a to-do list is fast and easy with the interface. 

-> The app is powered by intelligent time management tools. 

-> The app owns a habit tracker for people who are willing to change certain patterns of their lives. 

-> The app allows task sharing. 

-> You can easily plan your tasks and take notes at the same time. 

-> The app flaunts a smooth interface.

No. of downloads on Playstore – 1M+

Download from: Playstore

6. To-Do List – Simplest way of planning your tasks

To-Do List - Simplest way of planning your tasks

Popular as a simple yet engaging task planner, the to-do list app is the most sorted way to live life. The app platform has a lot of amazing features for you to explore and utilize. You are certain, not to go back once you start using this app in your daily life.

Key Checklist 

-> The app is for Android as well as iPhone users. 

-> The app lets you be organized by grouping and managing the tasks. 

-> Home screen widgets to immediately let you know your schedule without going to the app.  

-> The app supports voice recognition to help you plan your task by just giving orders verbally. 

-> Support for recurring tasks. 

-> You can set up any sound, color image you like for the task notification. Such components no matter how small matter the most in remembering something immediately.

No. of downloads on Playstore – 1M+

Download from: Playstore

7. Google Tasks – An Android Exclusive To-Do List App

Google Tasks

Google – the tech giant has already impressed many with its innovations and the same is the case with Google Tasks. The utility is a life savior for people who have a lot on their plate and are willing to keep everything on track. Google Tasks is one of the popular Android exclusive apps and thus is listed seventh on our list of to-do list apps (apps are listed in no hierarchy – each has its own exclusive checklist of merits).

Key Checklist 

-> Google task has smart tools and features to make you feel a difference in your daily schedule. 

-> Worthy to be your personal assistant, Google Tasks notifies you about your schedule through the task panel in your email. 

-> You can add sub-tasks to make your task list more precise. 

-> Facility to add details about your work. 

-> Super easy and quick to access the tasks. 

-> Create tasks from email.

No. of downloads on Playstore – 10M+

Download from: Playstore

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8. Ike – An Advanced To-Do list app

Ike - An Advanced To-Do list app

Another steller to-do list app for Android, Ike is worthy to be in the league of the best to-do apps as it owns mind-blowing features, sleek interface, and noteworthy functionality. Due to its interface, the app is easy to use, adding to the benefits the download is free of cost. Ike is advanced enough to considerably save your time that you can use in other segments of progress…

Key Checklist 

-> The feature to prioritize your tasks and reminders if two are overlapping each other. 

-> Feature to add a due date and set deadlines to accomplish tasks on or before time. 

-> It will remind you of your tasks in time without fail. 

-> Adding images, notes and voices are some of the best things to see in this app. 

-> Incredible feature to add location-based reminders with an integrated map to find the directions to the location.

-> A feature of note-keeping with an option to add descriptions and details.

No. of downloads on Playstore – 5M+

Download from: Playstore 

9. Engross – A standard and user-friendly to-do list app


Another organized to-do list app to make your life easier, Engross comes with a sleek app design and amazing features that can help you take every bit of the advantage that best to-do list apps have to give you. Engross comes packed with standard but noteworthy to-do list app features and is a wise choice when it comes to everyday use.

Key Checklist 

-> The option to preserve your reminders for a longer period of time.

-> Feature to label anything for better organization. 

-> Preserve the records of your sessions and work highlights for further processing. 

-> Helps you be more specific and organized while working or studying. 

-> No worries about ADHD – the disorder syndrome. 

-> You can set daily to monthly targets. 

-> Comes with a customizable Pomodoro timer to help you with any size of session you are having.   

-> The app owns recurring todo – to help you create repetitive tasks to be done regularly or on particular occasions. 

-> The app has a battery-saving mode for you to keep updated even when your device battery is low.

No. of downloads on Playstore – 5M+ 

Download from: Playstore 

10. Any .do – The best synchrony app (Planner, Calendar, and Reminder)

Any .do - The best synchrony app

A sleek application that facilitates every function with just a few taps. You can see this app as one of the genuine and best apps for Android phones. Product from some of the best mobile app developers, Any .do in a month after its release reached 500,000 downloads and in 2 years reached 7M, active users. The app is incredibly strong and genuine.

 Key Checklist

-> The app has recurring reminders so that you can avoid adding repetitive tasks again and again. 

-> The incredible syncing feature helps you sync everything from your to-do list to reminders, calender and notes. 

-> The app unlocks premium features with in-app purchases. 

-> The app is worthy to be your preferred choice as it offers multifunctional operations and the best synchrony between all the functions.  

-> The option to share tasks and the option to activate group task alarms. 

-> The lively app with multicolor todos to differentiate tasks of each day in a week. 

-> Gives you the option of a home screen widget to access tasks with a single tap.

No. of downloads on Playstore – 10M+

Download from: Playstore 

11. TimeBlocks – A decorative calendar diary with easy functionalities


Just like some of the best to-do list apps, TimeBlocks gives you every standard feature that you expect from an app of such genre. The app for Android users is in the list of top 20 to-do list apps for a reason – its below-mentioned features and functionalities.

Key Checklist

-> An interactive surface where you can easily manage your tasks like a paper diary. 

-> Mark trivial and mandatory tasks to organize everything on a priority and no so priority basis. 

-> Challenge your habits with habit records in Habit Mini Calendar. 

-> You can organize month-wise memos for your general plans throughout the year. 

-> For creative people, there is an option to style your personal to-do list diary with themes, stickers, and wallpapers. 

-> Reminding anniversaries is the least a to-do list app can do for you, time blocks remind you of the anniversaries and the birthdays of your loved ones.

No. of downloads on Playstore – 5M+

Download from: Playstore

12. Tasks – A Simple To-Do List App

Tasks - A Simple To-Do List App

A simple app with a simple interface and all the standard functionalities that a to-do list must-have. Another example of a user-friendly application is Tasks that helps you manage your life with ease and organization. The app never forgets to remind you of occasions, tasks, and every single detail regarding the tasks.

Key Checklist

-> The app focuses on the simplicity and ease of the user. 

-> Due to its simple and quick functionalities, anyone can use this app in their day-to-day lives. 

-> You can easily set reminders for all your todos with time. 

-> The app reminds you of every single detail you have entered without fail. 

->  Tasks give you the benefit of home-screen widgets as well. 

-> Mark different tasks in different colors. 

-> The options to share the tasks with your colleagues, friends and family.

No. of downloads on Playstore – 10M+

Download from: Playstore 

13. Stuff


How about directly accessing your to-do list from your mobile screens? Yes, Stuff is that competitive to-do list app that allows you to see your list directly from the home screen – no need for you to open the app and find the list. The app is a standard comprehensive including other features as well and is the genuine app to use for Android users with data security.

Key Checklist

-> Add, delete or edit tasks with just one click on the widget on your home screen. 

-> Customized reminder setting options with ringtone changing feature. 

-> An ad-free application. 

-> A clean interface with proper navigation routes and easy-to-use functionalities. 

-> The app is lightweight and does not run in the background – avoids hampering the productivity of the device. 

-> Completely focused on the privacy of the user.

No. of downloads on Playstore – 5M+

Download from: Playstore

14. NoteToDo 


NoteToDo is your personal electronic note-keeper with a to-do list feature and reminder. The app is again a noteworthy option to try for Android users taking care of your notes as well as a to-do list. Look below for more information.

Key Checklist

-> A professional interface with an option to change font colors to differentiate the tasks. 

-> Has smart and advanced features as a standalone notetaking application. 

-> The app gives you the facility of personalized home screen widget creation.

-> The app is capable of preserving the data and thus can be used as your personal Android note keeper. 

-> Counted among some of the best to-do list apps as NoteToDo shows advanced features for each task to customize separately.

No. of downloads on Playstore – 1M+ 

Download from: Playstore

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15. To-Do List with Reminder

To-Do List with Reminder

A disciplined life is the best life lived and thus everyone needs an app that can plan, set alarms and reminders for every small to big detail. To-Do List with Reminder is your deal here, you can easily organize your life over the app. You can make the best use of the app by setting reminders and adding to-do tasks to sort your life. It will remind you of every important deal/day that you can’t afford to forget.

Key Checklist

-> Sync all your tasks on the To-Do list with Google Tasks. 

-> Add as many widgets as you want

-> Easily set repetitive tasks for days, weeks months and years. 

-> Add reminders and edit a ringtone for each to remember by just hearing it. 

-> The facility to set alarm with snooze repetition. 

-> You can set the reminder to be active during particular hours or the entire day.

No. of downloads on Playstore – 1M+

Download from: Playstore

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16. G-Tasks – Your On the Go Tasklist  


A feature-rich and again one of the best online to-do list apps for Android, GTasks also helps you sync your todos with Google and make every process smooth and simple. You can easily sort your daily, monthly or yearly tasks, planners and reminders with this amazing application on your phone. You can set reminders and simultaneously write the message that you want to receive with the reminder.

Key Checklist

-> Sync all your tasks on the To-Do list with Google Accounts. 

-> The app lets you see the tasks on Google calenders (the most used electronic calendar). 

-> Sharing tasks is also an option with G-Tasks. You can send tasks via a normal SMS  too. 

-> Quick search options are there to save your time. 

-> Option to create home-screen widgets. 

-> The option to add tasks by adding notes to self (recorded voice notes). 

-> Re-arrange your tasks with simple dropdowns and dragging options.

No. of downloads on Playstore – 1M+

Download from: Playstore

17. To-Do Reminder with Alarm

To-Do Reminder with Alarm

Another example of to-do list apps that can make your lives easier, To-Do Reminder with Alarm is at your service as a PA – taking care of your entire scheduling and reminding you of the tasks and important meetings you have to attend. The app is a blessing for people with hyper-busy schedules. While making the schedule for the next day you will come across the tasks that you have set before… The app helps you remain focused and organized.

Key Checklist

-> Helps you set the reminder and frame customized messages to auto-send on special occasions like birthdays, anniversaries, etc. 

-> Voice integration to send personalized messages. 

-> Managing your tasks is easier than ever. 

-> Google drive, backup and restoration options are available for you. 

-> Set alarms and reminders.

No. of downloads on Playstore – 1M+

Download from: Playstore

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18. Focus To-Do 

Focus To-Do

The app is of great use for people who have really hectic schedules – create the to-dos, plan, set reminders and let your app do the work for you. It is a time-efficient and work-efficient application that is at your service all the time. The app reminds you of completing your tasks and staying focused.

Key Checklist

-> Lets you take and preserve short notes and create memos. 

-> The option to set timers 25 times for each task. 

-> The option to set a customized ringtone for each task. 

-> You can easily share your tasks with anyone you want.

No. of downloads on Playstore – 1M+

Download from: Playstore

19. Bright To-Do 

Another standalone app that is an asset for everyone who is seeking the best to-do list apps to balance their work and personal lives. Being a multifunctional application it lets you create and manage your to-dos, control or make habits, repeat tasks, create reminders, etc. with a smooth interface and easy-to-find options, the app is a time-saving solution to your management problem.

Key Checklist

-> Just like any other noteworthy to-do list app, bright to do lets you create weekly, monthly and daily reminders. 

-> Helps you manage repetitive tasks via automation processing.

-> The app notifies you of different tasks through alarms, reminders, snooze, etc. 

-> Creating checklists is possible with Bright To-Do.

-> The app teaches you to maintain goals and habitual projects.

No. of downloads on Playstore – 10M+

Download from: Playstore     

20. To-Do List Goal Planner

To-Do List Goal Planner

From to-do list management to task planner, calendar, reminder, goal planner and organizer – the app is a blend of amazing features that a stellar to-do list app must-have. The single to-do list app has solutions to all your organizational problems making your life easier.

Key Checklist

-> Create daily, monthly to-dos within few clicks. 

-> An offline app that lets you access the features even if there is no internet on your device. 

-> Manage as many widgets as you want from your home screen. 

-> The app lets you create sub-tasks and add other details for you to not get confused at the time of working.

No. of downloads on Playstore – 1M+

Download from: Playstore 


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In no particular hierarchy, aforesaid is the list of the best to-do list apps that will come out as your life organizers and your best friends once you start using any of them. An entrepreneur is always working and therefore one needs to have planners and to-do lists to get the best out of their time and avoid messing up their lives. The article owns from simple to multi-tasking and professional to-do list apps. Looking at the checklist of benefits come up with your choice of App for Android.

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