Advantages and Disadvantages of Node.js Web App Development

Advantages and Disadvantages of Node.js Web App Development

As we all know Javascript is one of the major elements which is a programming language following the ECMAscript specification used for making front-end language. It is popularly used for making client-site programming languages. On the other hand, it is traditionally used on a large number of different platforms like Cordova, PhoneGap, Appcelerator titanium, Apache etc. Although saying that the area of javascript application does not end here. Lately, this app got the buzz about serving as the server-side programming which is actually performed by the shift in web development i.e. Node.js.

The major difference between Javascript and Node.js is that Javascript is used as a web front end development tool which proves more to be a handy customer for building the cross-development platform. But nowadays JavaScript has extended and covered the vast area which means it is now used as the site server programming too. But if we talk about the Node.js platform it has indeed played an essential role in making web development. 

So, what is Node.js and how it works?

Many people think that Node.js is a framework which is pretty similar to Javascript but in reality, Node.js is a cross-platform, run time environment which allows administering JavaScript on the site of the server. Talking about its history it was originally written in 2009 but at that time it doesn’t get that much of a boom or people don’t get the knowledge about it that much. But now it has grown and is widely adopted by people all over the world. But talking about the current time many famous companies use the same application for developing their applications like – Walmart, Netflix, Medium, Groupon etc. 

So you must be thinking about why big companies choose Node.js for using at the back end? 

To find out you have to understand its negative as well as positive impact before making any choice! Therefore in this article, we are suggesting the positive and negative impact of choosing Node.js web app development which you may consider before considering it for developing your applications. Because any wrong decision can cost you more money so it’s better to choose wisely. So let’s take a look over these points:-

Pros of Node.js

Advantages of Node. js


Makes it the Full Stack Js

In earlier days the companies need to hire separate developers for frontend as well as backend. Because at that time Javascript was the only programming language which is used for the different server site programming because it is important to be used differently. But talking about the current situation Node.js with Javascript has become one of the important function which has to be used for the back end and front end web application development as it makes easier for the app development. 

Encourages Active Community 

The community of Node.js developers have the most vibrant and active group of developers who constantly work on the development of the Node.js. Its the cooperation and contribution of Javascript programmers and the input to the community because of which you get the access to use the code in Github, a ton of ready-made solutions and numerous possibilities. Although it is the early stage of development for the Node.js run time environment as its development community members are dynamically evolving and they are going extra miles for its users to provide them with the best solutions.     

Right To Develop and Build New Apps

As compared to Ruby on Rails Node.js provides you more freedom to develop and build new apps in your way. Because if we talk about the Ruby on Rails it is a specific framework which commands guidelines and rules if you want to develop your software in a specific way. If we talk about Node.js it is completely obstinate which means if you are a newcomer you can start everything from scratch. It can perform fundamental tasks but at the beginning, it barely provides you with the options at a fresh install which make it less restrictive.

Easy to Understand and Learn 

It is no hidden that in today’s time every front end developer is well familiar with the Universal language that is JavaScript. And according to Node.js user’s survey 2016, JavaScript is considered to be one of the popular programming languages for front end development. As Node.js takes less time to be learned and understand or work with, even a newcomer Javascript programmer can understand it easily. Hence we must say that switching to Node.js at the back end is easy. 

Provides the Facility of Catching

The node.js open-source runtime environment also provides the ease of catching single modules. Whenever this application catches the request for the first module it automatically gest into the application memory. This makes it easy for the developers to not to do the re-executing the codes as the catching allows the web pages to respond more fastly and swiftly.

Simultaneous Request Handling

The Node.js let you concoct the numerous requests in the non-blocking input and output system at the same time. Which means your system can arouse the request handling more abundantly than in other languages like Python and Ruby. it will consume less RAM to achieve high scalability and result in better performance. As incoming requests are executed sequentially and are queued in a faster manner.

Cons of Node.js 

Lacks of Consistency

The Node.js API changes frequently which means often being incomplete and backward. It can be termed as one of the biggest cons of Node.js. Because whenever it happens the programmers have to make changes into the current code to make it more compatible with the Node.js API latest version. 

Instability of Tools

If we talk about the packages of the NPM registry which is a pre-installed node package manager, it works as to organise the management and installation of third-party Node.js programs. These programs are not organised properly and poorly documented although the core Node.js is properly stable. But talking about the other packages which they provide is not easy to handle. Become an open-source ecosystem it does provide the numerous tools but these are also not supervised and because of this they fail the criteria of quality and the coating standards too. The structure of Npm makes the process harder to spot most of the reliable packages. Therefore one needs to have more experienced developers who can spot the tools that can be trusted! 

Doesn’t work for the Large computing apps  

Talking about the Node.js working performance it serves for the more complicated applications but its performance still doesn’t perform multi-thread programming yet. But it still can perform fro the more complicated applications as compared to Ruby. Due to the heavy calculations, it blocks the incoming requests which results in a decrease in the performance. So overall we can say that the Node.js can perform a better task in complex apps but in case of software which requires heavy computing, it might be possible that it can perform less.

Requires More Time to Get Developed 

Although Node.js is totally opinionated, it can also be considered as the drawback by some developers. If we compare it with the Ruby on Rails it provides a lot of directions from the very first installation and also guides you to how you have to do everything but in case of Node.js, one must have to start with everything new which means from the scratch. Which might lead you towards the low productivity and can slow down your working too. But if you have a good them of experienced and cooperative programmers who had developed a good process for the maintaining and developing code, you may not need to worry about their efficiency.

End Suggestion

As Node.js is still under development most of the programmers would not find it that much useful for their projects yet. We might say that Node.js has its own importance and in fact, it has its own extended area of Javascript application and may be evidently used for both the backed as well as front end servers.  However, in many cases, Node.js has been proved to be the best and more efficient in performance. And because of this many companies trust and use Node.js for developing their apps and they see it as the upcoming best application developer too. With the flow of time, we may say that a larger number of companies and app developers will prefer Node.js and it might give the best positive result in the end.

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