A Realistic Perspective at Mobile App Development Timeline

A Realistic Perspective at Mobile App Development Timeline

We all know that mobile app development takes time, but it is always good to know the realistic timeline of its creation. Because the longer an app takes to build, the more it will cost. You can also select from the different options from mobile app development company New York. You need to remember a few things to find the right timeline because every mobile app is unique, with different features which impacts how long it takes. When it comes to mobile app development then there is no defined answer which tells you how long it takes to develop an app. As per the latest data, a proper functional app takes around 6 months to get complete. If you’re lucky to have a top company like Vervelogic by your side you can also get it done in 4 months.

But we all have seen this before, that it can also take upto 8-12 months to build an app depending upon what you’re trying to accomplish. On the other hand if you want the app to get built fast, you might have to spend more than what you have expected. So, let us move towards the factors that impact mobile app development, so you can narrow down the important elements that need to consider to plan a realistic schedule to give to mobile app development company Miami.


With so many apps already in the market, one thing you need to make sure that your app has some quality attached to it. Otherwise you will be just another fish in the sea. It is an important factor because you need to make sure that this aspect doesn’t hamper the original timeline of your app development. It is another reason which tells you that you need to hire a top mobile app development company in New York so they can deliver your app on the promised time.

With the mobile app process you need to make sure that quality doesn’t suffer from your end too. For instance, say you have business & you are getting an app developed to enhance customer experience & to generate a new revenue stream, so you can’t announce on 1st February that you will be launching an app on 1st April. Good & quality apps take time & many times there are certain scenarios where it is reasonable that app development stops for some time and you need to accept this fact. And as we have already mentioned who develops the app also impacts the quality & total timeline of the app.

Size of App Matters

You must consider the size of your project, surely its length is going to impact the development timeline. Usually there are four main factors that impact the size of your ap & contribute to the length of development. First one is “Scope”, which refers to outreach. If your app is meant to build to target the customers in the local radius then surely it won’t take much time. But if you are looking to target the customers from a particular country or globally then it will surely take time to get it developed by Mobile app development company New York.

Second aspect is the “Depth” of your app. It usually refers to user accessibility, do you want users to access it only when it’s necessary? or constantly interactive apps with regular new features? So, if the app is only for necessary time then it won’t take time to develop but a constant interactive time will definitely take time.

Third aspect is “Features” in the app. If your app is going to take common plugins, which are easy to access, it will be easier for a developer to install them & it take less time. But unique features or completely customized features are typically going to take time to build.

Fourth aspect is “Purpose of the app”. You have to make sure that your app delivers the clear purpose of your business. Complicated things & features does nothing but adds more work to your mobile app development company New York which eventually takes more time. So, before getting the app development, find the purpose of it for a clear view once it is completed.

Who Builds it

Another important factor is the person or the company that builds your business app. You can choose from a freelance developer, an IT company/agency or outsource it. With mobile app development company New York you need to choose the one which delivers the right app without costing too much money. Top It companies like VerveLogic are always ready to deliver the best project on time without costing too much. You need to find people that understand your business, so you can develop an app that truly meets your goals & stays aligned with your strategy.

These are the factors which will help you define the right timeline of your app development. Brief out these points to find the amount of time it is going to get your mobile app done without any hassle so you can earn revenue that you want your app to deliver.

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