5 Tried and Tested Ways to Integrate Payment Gateway in a Mobile App

5 Tried and Tested Ways to Integrate Payment Gateway in a Mobile App

With the advent of technology, everything from grocery to clothing is delivered at your doorstep in a single tap. Whether you need a ride around the city, or you have to kill your hunger pangs, there is a digital solution to your everyday problem. The present world does not prefer the traditional pocket wallets nowadays. Rather it has switched to online wallets which have become an integral part of the modern lifestyle. Therefore, it is imperative for mobile app development companies to integrate a payment gateway into their mobile applications. Once a customer has made a buying decision, the website directs him to the payment gateway page. So, this is the last phase of their online purchase. Imagine, the payment page does not load, the potential buyer changes his mind and take an exist without buying any product of yours! There are multiple things that a developer must bear in mind while adding payment options in the business mobile app.

Whether you are an established mobile app development company or have plans to set up one, here are 5 essentials that will enable you to create a better user experience:

Myriad of payment options: When targeting a specific audience, consider their most preferred payment options. If you are focussing on a larger audience, offer diverse payment modes from credit/debit cards to PayPal to Cash on Delivery. Carrying a little bit of research might be beneficial to explore the best payment methods for your mobile app.

Choose a seamless method: Evert app developer has a different way of handling payments. It can either be a payment gateway or a redirected screen on the web page. In fact, a major part of the mobile app is the payment feature itself. If you put an effort to establish a seamless method, then the shopping becomes less complicated. Web page optimized requires numerous steps to complete the final order procedure.

Keep a check on security: It is your duty to secure the user data when he places an order on your app. In the prevailing scenario, the Payment Certification Industry Data Security Standard is considered as an ideal alternative for strengthening the confidential passwords and data of cardholders. A verified authentication keeps the users hooked to your mobile app.

Consider your personal interests: Creating a hassle-free payment gateway for your customers is great, however, neglecting the brand’s interests is not the best thing to do. The efficient and fast settlement of transactions is essential. Generally, money transfer takes 2 to 5 working days in normal cases through payment getaways. Thus, opt for an option that quickens the process of monetary settlement.

Keep control of statistics and analytics: Laying out a well-structured plan is must be based on the app’s requirements and purpose. However, adhering to the action plan seldom somehow difficult. Managing several users simultaneously may attract unanticipated mistakes. So, maintaining quarterly or monthly analytics and statistics reports is important to do a follow-up. Keep each and every inventory, deal and transaction in front of your eyes.

Although be sure to focus on quality, not on price and quantity. The high download rate means nothing if the conversion rate is constantly declining. Therefore, create a business app that takes your business to new heights. Wish you all the luck.

In case of any query or assistance, feel free to connect with the best mobile app development company.

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