10 Benefits of Mobile Apps for Healthcare & Wellness Industry

10 Benefits of Mobile Apps for Healthcare & Wellness Industry

How many of you have Practo in your phones? It has been a boon to the healthcare industry which not only comes up with a number of doctors location & specialization wise but also lets you connect with them. You can carry out the whole consultation over the phone. It’s not just about Practo, the mobile app market has skyrocketed and there are a plethora of mobile applications now on our fingertips that are dominating our lives to a great extent.

According to a study carried out by Statistica, by the year 2020, the mobile apps are going to generate a revenue of $188.9 billion. It is also estimated that the healthcare sector will contribute a lot and would reach $58.8 billion in 2020. Not only patients, the healthcare apps have become boon to doctors and nurses as well. Even they make an optimal usage of application to remain updated of patients’ health and reports. In bygone times, when there was no technology, people used to die due to diseases or not residing in the vicinity of any hospital. Now, with the fast pacing technology, the treatment can be made available to every nook and corner of the world.

Now, there are multiple options on our fingertips to book an appointment with the doctors in a minute. There is no need to stand in a long queue or in a monotonous waiting hall where all you can see is a crowd of other patients who are dealing with different diseases. With the revolution that mobile applications have brought up in the medical industry, we would like to put forth some of the very amazing benefits.

Immediate Access to overcome non-emergent situations

An amazing benefit of healthcare mobile applications is you can access them anytime and anywhere. It will help you to deal with the non-emergent medical conditions. For emergency, you need to definitely make a visit to the doctor but meanwhile you cover the distance, you can connect with a medical help online so that the condition does not become even more worse.

Easy Management of Prescription

Not only for the patients, healthcare application have also revolutionized the world of doctors. With digital prescription, doctors can generate and access the prescription of the patients from their mobile devices quickly. Earlier, when you used to forget the important prescription or documents at home, you had to rush back and get them. Now, you can keep everything in your phone. Mobile apps also keep doctors and other associated nurses updated on the patient’s health. These types of application also come up with personalized features for patients suffering from different kinds of diseases. There are also some application available on which Doctors can remain updated of medical information. Those can help you gather all the required information anywhere at anytime.

Ease in appointment scheduling

With the inception of mobile apps in healthcare industry, we are saving a lot of time. You can now easily book an appointment with the doctors in just few taps. It also keeps the healthcare providers notified of appointment booking and cancellation, hence helping them organize their time better

Good help in branding

For the lesser recognized good doctors and clinics, it is a good way of branding. When you are new to the field and people do not know about your specialization, these apps would be taking users your way by sharing your contact details, email, number and navigating them to your clinic. These application lets people receive push notification or remind them for the routine check up, appointment booking or any other important information.  

Reduction in medical expenses

What generally people do is they rush to the nearby hospital whenever they need to consult any doctor. The hospital might handover skyrocketing bill to you which disturbs your monthly budget and brings pressure to your pocket. With the applications, you can navigate all the good doctors in your area and choose the one with good reviews rather than just big names. You can also consider online consultation for the non-emergent conditions.

You can be your doctor

There are many applications available now which facilitate users with monitoring their health on a personal level. You can keep an eye on important health initials such as sugar level, weight, blood pressure and more. Whenever you see any improper down or rise, you can seek medical help. So, these applications keep you updated of your health so that you do not let any disease resist or grow inside yourself.

Collaboration of IoT with medical applications

IoT has a great contribution towards medical industry due to its power to provide real time information for people to make informed decisions. There are many devices that can now remain attached to your body and synced with your mobile applications through which you can access important parameters of your health condition. IoT keeps the potential to transform the current condition of the country’s healthcare system. It has brought up electronic devices that monitor important data related to your body. Wearable external devices are the biosensors that are used to monitor and analyse physiological data by wireless communication. These devices keep ability to monitor glucose, temperature, oxygen level and more. Other type is called implanted medical devices that “replace a missing biological structure or support a damaged biological structure, or enhance an existing biological structure” as defined by Wikipedia. These can be cardiac pacemakers, stimulator systems and more. There can also be stationary devices which are used for different kinds of applications like lab tests, drug delivery, connected imagery and more.

Out of all, the major most benefit of mobile applications is that they facilitate immediate connection between doctors and patients. They can exchange medical information over calls or messages. If you have any such problem that you hesitate to share with your family doctor or the doctor in vicinity then these apps are always ready to serve you. Before consulting any doctor, you must check their specialization background and most importantly reviews so that you do not fall in any trap or false attempt to make money.

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