Why Internet of Things (IoT) is the Real Game Changer for Web Development?

Why Internet of Things (IoT) is the Real Game Changer for Web Development?

Internet is acquiring a massive proportion in our day to day lives and by the grace of some of the best web development companies, there is no bar to what we can do through internet powered web and mobile applications in no time. Internet users have gained access to a lot of applications which make their lives easier and effortless as compared to old times. Not just users, businesses are also taking a huge advantage of the coming technologies supporting them carry out a great development and marketing of their dream projects. Web has become a medium for businesses to communicate with their clients and assist them there and then.

To a great extent, it has contributed a lot in speeding up our lives so that we can most of the time to the things that are important for us. For example, it has given us Uber that helps us get fastest possible commute to reach out destinations, it has given us Swiggy that helps us get fastest possible food delivery so that we do not have to cook in busy hours, it has given us Whatsapp that connects us with our dear ones instantly and the list is boundless.

Many of the big enterprises in the arena constantly work towards bringing to us even more advanced form of technologies. Among a lot of technologies we have been introduced with, in the recent past, IoT is what most of the industries found helpful and highly impressive. 

What is Internet of Things (IoT)?

The Internet of Things or IoT is a network of associated physical objects that can be accessed through the Internet. In simpler terms, it is a model of interrelated devices of many kinds like objects, computing devices, digital machines or even people with unique identifiers ( UIDs ) who have the ability to transfer data over some network without using human-to-human or human-to-computer interaction. IoT can be an automobile with some kind of sensor, a person with heart monitor implanted, an animal having biochip transponder or any other such thing. Nowadays, businesses are making a huge usage of IoT to better understand their customer behaviour and serve the best. 

Why IoT is the real game changer in Web Development sphere? 

IOT has not only affected the lives of users but also setting a challenge for the web developers by finding a significant space in both front as well as backends. To understand the link between web development and IoT, you need to be aware of the fact that the network of connected devices which is called IoT relies on web serves. Data obtained from any sensor or device is stored on cloud. The communication between various devices happen through advanced messaging protocols and shown to the users by the help of amazing user interfaces. 

A great example of IoT is Alexa. We all are aware of how it works. Right? It has the capability to search the web using browsers and hence while we ask her anything, it comes up with answers. Specifically, Alexa takes the voice command initiated with the word Alexa, it sends the same to the voice recognition service in the cloud which interprets them and frames an appropriate response to send back. A lot of other IoT devices keep an ability to display the web content by means of user interfaces on smart applications, laptops, TVs, wearables and other monitors. 

Most of the development companies are not still in touch with this technology as they find it a little on the higher side in terms of cost. Though, some of the businesses are moving towards personalizing user experience with the help of IoT. This technology would definitely help shaping the future of web development effectively and efficiently. People are now able to track their health condition and operate home appliances with the help of IoT. 

In a place where IoT is entering i.e. the web development sphere, it will definitely make the process complex than ever before. The developers needs to make such a strong system which keeps an ability to interact with backend databases storing personalized information received from the IoT devices. 

How Web Development Companies can make their footprints in IoT sphere? 

It is necessary for the companies to optimize their teams for right and advanced set of skills to enter into the sphere of IoT. Here, we are putting forth some of the strategies that can help you cross the tough path. 

1. Train your development team: In the wake of rising competition, every client would want the best solution equipped with latest technology. Look, your competitors might be providing IoT solutions due to which most of the fresh crowd might move towards them. So, it is high time for you to frequently learn new things and train your developers to advance their skill set. 

2. Solve their problems: So, as you start working upon any new technologies, chances are your development team might face coding challenges. Ask your project manager to understand coding disciplines and then assign right technology personnel for the teams so that these problems can be solved there and then.

3. Understand the project requirements: Understanding your client’s requirements would help you decide the right team for a particular project. In this way, you will be able to sort the right developer and then list out his coding expertise to come up with feasibility. 

Displaying web content through IoT devices:

There are a lot of IoT devices which display web content and some of the prominent ones are as below. 

1. Virtual assistants: Great examples include Apple’s Siri, Microsoft’s Cortana and Amazon’s Alexa. Apart from assisting us for the small tasks such as Setting Alarm, Playing Music etc., such applications also keep abilities to control appliances. Using IoT, it has become possible for the web to access bots capable of reading information for the users rather than displaying it. 

2. Smart watches: Smart watch is not a new buzz in the market now. You will see plenty of people using the same. It comes with a wide range of colors and screen resolutions. For the Android Wear, Android Watch does have  a web browser. Though, Apple does not have one so far. 

There are many such devices which are making the lives of users easier than ever before. 

Industries that are highly affected by IoT

Most of the industries are now utilizing the potential of IoT in order to serve their customers with most personalized and fast solutions. If there is an app which monitors your heartbeat or counts the steps you take in a day, then it is related to healthcare industry whereas the one which is used for the inspection of a building would be related to the construction field. IoT is slipping into most of the industries, though we are going to talk about only the highly affected ones. 

1. Healthcare industry: It would be the first one we are going to talk about as IoT has worked a lot in exploring new dimensions in the healthcare industry. Remote monitoring is one of the major blessings given by IoT devices by the use of which doctors can easily keep track of their patient’s health even if he/she is sitting at a far away place. It has given us Fitness bands, heart rate monitoring cuffs, glucometer and many such devices that we just need to keep intact with our bodies and rest of the things get automatically done by them. Doctors now can easily understand if their patient needs any kind of medical attention or if their body is not accepting the treatment. 

2. Retail: Retail industry has also been deeply affected with the introduction of IoT in various ways. We will start with the Automated checkout. As a big store manager, you obviously do not have time to manage a lot of customers and their billings so what you just need to do is apply Automated Checkout at the doors. Whenever a customer picks up anything he/she likes, there is no need to stand in long queues for billing. They just need to walk out of the stores and the system installed at the doors will scan the product code and its amount gets automatically deducted from customer’s wallet app. Then, there are Beacons and through such technologies in the retail industry, customers can receive special offers and discounts when they are in close proximity of a shop but yes they need to have a store’s app on their phones. There are smart shelves, robot employees and many such things which are slowly finding space in the arena.

Construction: IoT is transforming the way we used to build big buildings. With M2M communication, internet connected devices and real time information access, it has become possible for the managers to monitor assets, employees and construction process and take necessary steps in emergency. It also plays a great role in asset management, repair, construction telematics, Fleet management and carrying out a safe construction.

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