Walking On Rules For Success: 8 Elements For Effectively Designing The Coming Soon Page

Walking On Rules For Success: 8 Elements For Effectively Designing The Coming Soon Page

In the early 2000s, the slogan of under construction was easily visible in websites. In 2017 and beyond, the trend of under construction slogan is converted into coming soon page. Coming soon pages are thoroughly designed to grab the attention of the customers and instil that curiosity in their mind that make them come back to the website, after the launch of the page or product. This way, coming soon page harness a huge potential of customers acquisition with its systematic and well crafted designing.

In this competitive arena, coming soon pages are highly relevant to create a much needed buzz to expand the exposure of the business or the product within customers. Today, max marketers use coming soon pages to grab the attention of the customers and provide them a sense of urgency and curiosity for the launching experience. Be it small or big marketer, ecommerce ventures and other diverse industries are taking the use of coming soon pages for bringing the customers to them.

But, how to effectively design a coming soon page that grab the attention of customers? To design an effective coming soon page require a right blend of various elements. These elements are:

  1. Using a countdown timer

Developers from top website development company in jaipur believe that letting a countdown in a coming soon page will enhance the anticipation of the customers. They will be assured that a launch date is fixed and how much time will it take to hit the market. If you really want your offering to be a great hit than keeping the customers in loop is highly necessary.

  1. Collect the email address

The online platforms are bombarded with various kinds of information coming from news, emails, social media etc. It becomes highly difficult to remember about every information. If you are setting up a coming soon page in your website or app , make sure to attach a email form in it. This way can get email address of interested customers and you can intimidate them once its launched. These emails can bring an instant traffic rush in your new launched page, hence, better conversion.

  1. Pre sell the product or courses

If you brand is highly established within your targeted customers, you can use your coming soon page for presale your product or avail some amount of discount. This way an additional revenue is easily generated which can help in finishing your coming soon page or product manufacturing even more faster. But this idea is only hit when your brand holds monopoly over your offerings.

  1. Make sure to reflect the brand message in the coming soon page

Experts from coming soon page designing services suggest the brand’s motto can be easily translated within coming soon page for making customers connection. Make sure to display logo and design the page based on the personality of the brand. Coming soon page should be designed in a way that reflect what the website or app is about.

  1. Using simple but concise text

Coming soon page should not be stuffed with content, however, it should mentioned why people should be eager for the page or the product. For example, if you are launching a online marketing company, which will provide free advice to small marketer who subscribe the email.

  1. Optimize the opt-in form

Most of the time putting things in simple words like signups, buy now may not create result which can be easily obtained while mentioning it in different way. You may turn your content or call to action sounds like privilege, validation, curiosity etc.

  1. Use videos for better engagement

Using videos is ideal to grab the attention of customers for longer. A video showcasing product or testimonials etc create a persuasive proof to create a much needed buzz. Videos are a great way to introduce the brand or the product to the customers.

  1. Provide something interesting at launch

After gathering email address and launching the website or the app page, it is important to offer something enticing to customers. These can be freebie, valuable piece of information or something else that will make customers to come back. Use email to address all the customers that are registered to come and see the launched website or app and get something valuable.


Coming soon page is not a static, stagnant page. It is meant to act like a marketing tool that helps in creating a buzz within targeted customers base and entice them about what is expected to come. Creating a great a coming soon page requires combination of elements stated above for better performance.

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