Metaverse – How to Build the Massive Virtual World?

Metaverse – How to Build the Massive Virtual World?

You are inside a digital world, in a digital avatar collaborating with other characters inside that universe. Hard to believe? As it was hard to envision the internet by 1982, in 2022 it is hard to imagine “metaverse”. Just like the internet happened, Metaverse will be the next-gen technology. 

If the internet connects you to people living a thousand miles away, then metaverse will reduce those miles between you. With life-like interactions and collaborations, Metaverse is the entire digital universe immersive to the extent that it makes you believe you are actually living it. You can work, play, and socialize in VR. Metaverse is still in its initial stages and we have the privilege to explore it to unknown extents.



Technology with innovation makes miracles happen. Thanks to Facebook, we have all seen a glimpse of this miracle that will completely transform the way we interact with people or shop over the net.

Blockchain Supporting Metaverse..!!

Out of all the potential players, blockchain technology will be the technological framework supporting metaverse. Being a decentralized yet highly-secured platform, blockchain is all set to keep a firm base for the metaverse virtual world. Gaming NFT Marketplace is just the trailer that we have seen. The picture is yet to begin.

For those hanging out in the IT and gaming segment, Metverese is in the air. A subject to explore, a possibility that will soon become a mass reality. A viable thought leads to innovations – Metaverse is one such thought. Metaverse is keeping the base for miracles in the real world, and Vervelogic is embracing every ounce of this technology. The write-up aims at making you familiar with metaverse as much as possible. Stay tuned.

What Is Metaverse? 


Metaverse is not a definitive technology. It is a broader term changing the way we interact with other technologies. Very much like classic science fiction, in the metaverse, you get your own digital avatar (the manifestation of real you in the virtual space).

It is the future of the internet – a persistent, synchronized and interactive real-life platform in which people can socialize, work, play and create. What do you think is the better way of being somewhere without actually being there?

What Makes Metaverse The Invention Of The Era? 

  • Metaverse is persistent – a world without resets, pauses or rewinds, metaverse is just a continuous event.
  • Synchronous – You can hardly differentiate what is real and what is not? Credits to top-notch synchrony
  • Virtual Economic Base – Paying heed to the possibilities, Metaverse is perfectly capable of having a fully-functioning economy where you can buy, sell, own, invest and get rewarded for the value you produce.
  • Amplified With Content And Experiences –  Internet is bombarded with content, Metaverse is way ahead of it. With innumerable contributors coming from different parts of the world, individuals, formal/informal groups what you will get in abundance is exposure. Even more than the internet.
  • New-Age Gaming Technology – Metaverse is a step ahead of what gaming is defined in today’s world. Metaverse will bind both digital and actual world, private/public networks open and closed platforms – to create a collective universe.

Building The Metaverse 


There will be no such thing as Before/After Metaverse. The technology will slowly emerge, opening eyes to new possibilities and getting adapted by the people. Thanks to Blockchain, AI and VR, the world is today thinking about an integrated version – Metaverse.

However, Metaverse appears to me just as the world that is made with three basic processes – creating an underlying universe (concurrency infrastructure), defining the laws of physics (standards and protocols) and then pouring life into it (filling it with content and characters).

Concurrency infrastructure

Metaverse is a complex infrastructure. One of the major challenges with complex and extensive structures is interoperability. Metaverse is the exemplar of immersive interactions and socializing. A massive strength experiencing a virtual universe as a real event. Latency is a nightmare when it comes to Metaverse. Here comes the major challenge when components that weren’t meant to be together are sharing the same resources.

Addressing the challenges, a proper concurrency (parallel) infrastructure is suggested in which scheduling, execution and management are three entirely separate running operations. Metaverse needs the concurrency infrastructure (a layout on which the entire system will progress).

What Is Crucial For Metaverse Development? 


(cedit: jimmy fungus)

As we have witnessed the power of the internet, it still works on the standards and protocols as the medium of interaction, data transfer and real-time communication. Metaverse is a more complex approach that will require extensive interoperability and live synchronous experience. That we currently do not get to witness. A mature version of Metaverse needs to lie on certain crucial standards. While the web is more closed and proprietary, Metaverse needs to go beyond by allowing interoperability amongst different vendors and across multiple industries.

First-Hand Requirements For Development Of Metaverse

Decentralized Ecosystem 

Decentralization is the major approach in making Metaverse a life-like approach. High bandwidth decentralized connection with no centralized body controlling the functions. Just like blockchain, all the participants in the Metaverse ecosystem themselves authorize transactions or transmission of data for absolute and real-time connections.

Interoperable Standards

Interoperable Standards for media, texts, images, audios, videos, 3D scenes. Items, sequences, and applications supporting real-time communication.

Open-Source Programming Languages 

Most competent Open-Source Programming Languages and tools are HTML, Javascript, WebXR, WebGPU, Shader Language, etc.

eXtended Reality 

To create a link between real and virtual worlds, eXtended reality integrates machine-human interactions through hardware like smart glasses, haptic gloves, VR headsets, scanning sensors, etc.

Blockchain Support 

With the help of blockchain technology, Metaverse can facilitate secured, transparent and decentralized monetary transactions and data transmission.

3D Immersive Simulations 

The 3D immersive simulation features a real-world environment and ecosystem in a virtual world – the replica of the real world.

Payment Gateways 

A step ahead of what we follow today, Metaverse will embrace advanced payment gateways to support the exchange of virtual money and cryptocurrencies.

Unveiling Aspects Of Metaverse Gaming 

You win for real, you lose for real, still, you are in a game – the adrenaline rush. Isn’t it? But is that possible? 

A step ahead of 3D gaming, Metaverse is now going to open doors to a virtual world for us. Gaming in metaverse simply connects the players to the virtual world with the help of XR, immersive simulations and decentralization. As if the players themselves are fighting the battles and unravelling the quests.

In the near future, Metaverse will show some ominous signs of growth in the gaming space. From 2D to 3D gaming and now Metaverse – with every evolution, the trend changes. Now is the time for Metaverse to change the dynamics of gaming.

What are the aspects of Metaverse Gaming? 

Immersive Simulations

You enter into Virtual Reality through Console, PC or standalone VR headsets like Quest. Moreover, you can see leaps & bounds in VR technology through Oculus (that translates all your movements into VR) going beyond PC reliant external tracking. Metaverse will set the example of immersive simulations through more mass-market devices and internal tracking.

Content Delivery And Infrastructure 

Internet and smartphones (the current technology) run on content delivery through Applestore and Playstore. Gaming keeps on evolving itself. Xbox cloud (a Microsoft venture) has cloud gaming that seamlessly runs on mobile including players from all around the world. It is just a small reference to metaverse gaming – seamless streaming of games on smartphones.

Open Standards

If people are sincerely thinking about Metaverse as the future of the internet then it must be built on open standards that connect all the virtual experiences (condemned of any centralization, authority or control of a single identity. As a single entity owning the metaverse could be dangerous. Open standard is just the opposite of the protocols of Apple and Google we follow today that have strict disclaimers on billing, downloads and uploads. Today content is scrutinized by central authorities.

Adoption Of Social Features 

The gaming dynamics have changed in today’s scenario. Today, mobile games are adopting social features and co-op gameplay giving people a life-like experience of the game. A step ahead of the current technology will be seen when metaverse gaming comes to life.

Decentralized Monetary Transactions

For Metaverse to make a difference, it needs to adopt a decentralized economy. As we see today, all our billing and payments are monitored by Apple and Google. Blockchain, cryptography and decentralized finance can altogether lay a vision for metaverse that facilitates the global decentralized transaction within the full-fledged economy of Metaverse.

NFT – The Current Representation Of Extensive Metaverse


We have just witnessed a child version of Metaverse in the form of NFT aka Non-Fungible Tangents. People mistake NFT as mere images or digital collectables that are sold for shedloads. It is not just that. NFT is on its way to open doors to new possibilities for investors, enterprises and enthusiasts completely transforming the adoption in the long run.

NFTs And Blockchain

Supporting the metaverse and certainly the NFT trade, Blockchain is the decentralized yet secured platform that facilitates trade. Also supporting the trade of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies, Blockchain served as the foundation of creating and selling NFTs (the irreplaceable tokens).

NFTs And Metaverse    

There is a debate that NFT is the synonym of metaverse while some say it is just a component of the massive metaverse space. We need a virtual self to enter into the metaverse space, this presents the opportunity of purchasing NFTs for digital avatars in the metaverse world. You are you in the real or metaverse world. NFT could allow safeguarding your identity so that no one else has the right to use it. NFT is a crucial part of the huge metaverse space.

Possibilities Within The Metaverse Ecosystem 

As said above, “an innovation becomes a trend when people start relying on it.” Internet was unknown until the mid-20s, today, people shop, work, play and interact over the internet. Metaverse in its initial version seems to be a promising approach. Metaverse is a much broader approach with immersive simulations and secure online payments and trade without any centralized control. Also, the capability of turning physical currency into virtual currency will certainly accelerate the process of the shift to Metaverse. The expansion of Metaverse will increase the value of the digital market and potentially it will unbar global economics in the future.

Moreover, with NFTs in the scenario, artists and graphic designers will gain popularity. It will help them achieve an edge in the metaverse and convert their earnings into physical currencies in the physical world. Akin to classic games and Gotham movies, Metaverse could create a portal to a virtual universe. One can enter the portal through their phones, tablets, Xbox, etc.

Vervelogic Is With You In This Journey  

Metaverse is the current talk of the town. Technology holds the potential of becoming the future of trade, socialization and gaming. If you are planning to make an entrance into the metaverse, Vervelogic is here with you on this amazing expedition.

Startups and enterprises are already in the run to make a mark by adopting various implications of the metaverse. World giants have started to invest in R&D about the consumer potential to make a shift to the metaverse. Is metaverse possible? The strong guts say yes. With web 1.0 being the internet of documents, Web 2.0 being the web of data and communication. We are now entering into web 3.0 – the era of the metaverse. Things we cannot even imagine doing in the current times with current technology are possible in the upcoming future.

From Blockchain technology to NFTs and Metaverse, Vervelogic is on its mission to pace with the technology and help budding enterprises get extensively familiar with the world of Metaverse.

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