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A few years back, Metaverse was either a dream or essence of a sci-fi movie, today it is a reality. Turning dreams into reality, Vervelogic helps you build and launch your own Metaverse chain. Metaverse is a budding technology with immense possibilities to explore. You being an enthusiast need complete savvy of the best Metaverse Development Company. Journey with us will fetch you complete and reliable assistance on Artificial Intellegence, Blockchain, Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality, building Metaverse gaming, 3D Virtual spaces, NFT Marketplace, Metaverse Applications and Decentralized Trading/Payment platforms.

One-Stop Metaverse Development Services

Why wander around when you can get complete Metaverse Development Services under one roof. With a full-fledged army of certified strategists, designers, metaverse developers and quality analysts, we ensure to provide the following services.
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Creating Decentralized Platforms

We build project-specific decentralized platforms facilitating secured gaming, socializing and trading.

  • Top-notch UI/UX designs
  • Frontend, Backend and Full Stack Development
  • Smart contracts
  • Secured monetary trading mechanism
  • Smart contracts
  • Oracle Implementation
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Metaverse Application Development

We aim at providing industry-oriented metaverse applications with user-friendly interfaces and integration of advanced technology. We ace in versatile metaverse app development for businesses.

  • AR/VR technology for virtual interactions
  • Blockchain mechanism
  • Security and privacy
  • Business-specific customization
  • Agile and scalable app development
  • User-friendly interfaces
  • Multiple-platform Support
  • Highly Responsive Applications
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Creating Immersive 3D Spaces

To promote life-like interactions in the virtual world, Vervelogic designs and creates immersive 3D spaces with mapping, modelling and simulations.

  • Creating an exact replica of the virtual world
  • 3D mapping and modelling
  • 3D visualization
  • Implementing interoperability components
  • Building 3D avatars
  • Exact replica of the buildings, cities, virtual properties and living organisms
  • Real-Time 3D interactions
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Integration Services

To promote a rich service list for your Metaverse Virtual World, we help you add external features and functionalities to your ecosystem like APIs, Data Ecosystem Tools and service-based architecture.

  • A feature-rich metaverse development
  • Top-notch customization
  • Enhanced security and privacy
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Metaverse Gaming

To let people drown into the world of gaming as they themselves are playing, we create highly interactive and engaging metaverse gaming environments.

  • Next-level gaming experience with 3D virtual reality
  • Integrated payment gateways
  • Platform supporting NFT minting and trading
  • Live game streaming
  • Value Exchange
  • Facilitating Crypto rade
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Metaverse Social Media

A step ahead of Video calls or basic messaging/chatting, Vervelogic helps you launch a social media platform in Metaverse.

  • Better connectivity
  • Building 3D virtual environments
  • Promoting life-like virtual interaction
  • A realistic universe for socializing and communicating
  • Encrypted data transmission
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Metaverse Marketplaces

Why limit to traditional marketplaces when Metaverse is here? Vervelogic helps you with a full-operable metaverse marketplace where your customers can minutely assess the quality of products and buy them with more confidence.

  • Strategizing UI/UX and theme of the metaverse marketplace
  • Full-stack development
  • Agile and scalable e-commerce platform
  • End-to-end development services
  • Life-like shopping experience
  • Business-oriented customization
  • Business-oriented customization
  • Digital Wallets
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Non-Fungible Token

Have your own NFT based product. Facilitating easy buying and selling of Non-Fungible Tokens within the classic system of the metaverse.

  • Easy trading of NFT assets
  • Highly secured platform
  • Encrypted NFT trade
  • A decentralized system with no regulators authorizing trade
  • Enabling secured crypto trade
  • Creating Cryptocurrencies
  • A platform trading anything from collectables to artwork, music compositions, real estate properties, etc.

Extended Services With Vervelogic

From AI/ML/VR to Blockchain technology and now Metaverse, we embrace every trend as it enters the market. As a Metaverse Development Company we ensure:
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Full-stack metaverse development
For frontend, backend and full-stack solutions, we use rich open programming languages like HTML, Javascript, Python, WebXR, WebGPU, etc.
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Interoperability standards
Facilitating Metaverse 3D applications we use interoperability standards for media like text, images, audio, video, 3D shapes, sequences, vectors and scenes.
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Decentralized Blockchain Technology
Highly secured yet decentralized virtual economies in Metaverse. Easy trade of cryptos, NFT and value exchange. Effectively facilitating real-time decentralized data transmission.
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Smart Contracts
Fencing and streamlining your Metaverse world for secured trade and transaction, we implement smart contracts.
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Maintainance And Upgrade
Vervelogic renders maintenance and upgrading facilities, ensuring your metaverse brand is always up-to-mark in terms of performance, security, features and functionality.
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Branding And Marketing In Metaverse
Promoting authority and recognition, Vervelogic provides branding and Metaspece marketing services to position your metaverse brand in its A-game being a futuristic solution replacing traditional experiences.

Start Metaverse Development In Easy Steps

Why Vervelogic?

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  • Industry Based R&D

    Creating a base for successful projects starts with industry Research and Development.

  • Planning And Brainstorming

    Experts brainstorm for more improved ideas and ensure that every department shares similar objectives.

  • Certified Experts

    Top-notch metaverse development services only by certified experts. Vervelogic makes sure to lead your project requirement to the right hands.

  • Dedicated Customer-Services

    Being a Metaverse Development Company, Vervelogic understands your concerns with a budding technology and proposes to sort those issues through dedicated customer-service.

  • Querry/Issue Solving

    We propose to solve queries/issues through strong communication through multiple channels, phone, email, skype, social media platforms, etc. with confident results.

FAQs - Metaverse Development

Brought to light by Facebook, Metaverse is a 3D virtual world created with top-notch full-stack technology. Metaverse is an immersive environment making us feel that we are living in it. With life-like experiences, one can play, interact, work and trade in the Metaverse world. Know how to build a huge metaverse virtual world?

Metaverse gives a personalized touch enhancing the user experience. One is certain to get habitual of seamless and life-like interactions, ease to use and impeccable functions. Upgrading to metaverse will help you retain your clients and attract new eyeballs to this amazing technology.

Metaverse is an effortless technology with next-gen engagement capabilities. There is no going back to traditional ways of interaction, socialization and trade if one started to use metaverse.

The cost to build a comprehensive metaverse project fluctuates. Convey your requirements to a metaverse development company and get proposals including cost estimations to complete your project.

With extensive features, decentralized environment, 3D spaces, and interoperability, gaming in the metaverse is here to rule the modern world. Gamers yearn for a life-like experience in a game like Fortnite, COD, Halo, etc. Metaverse is a step ahead of simple 3D gaming, it is about creating a VR space where a player can feel himself being inside the game.

Supported by decentralized blockchain technology, Metaverse is the most secure interaction platform of the era. Technology holds the potential to be the next big thing with utmost security, transparency and privacy.