How To Write An Effective Microcopy For Your Website?

How To Write An Effective Microcopy For Your Website?

Microcopy is the smallest text of a website which can have the biggest impact on your website.Microcopy includes all kinds of instructions, labels, navigation,tooltips, navigation etc which help users within the website design.

Microcopy can aid navigation and the final element make users read before clicking on a button. Often microcopy is neglected in the design process which can create a problem later. Experts from Best web development company in India suggest that a well thought microcopy is very important to make the website more user friendly, bring more retention in users and increases the conversion rate.

But how to write an effective microcopy?

Let us discuss some of tips:

  • Show the user rather telling them

A well written microcopy help users to take action without thinking about it. Use the words that make users clearly understand what is going to happen. Some of the common microcopy phrases includes  clickable elements are learn more, read on, buy now, get information, download, submit etc. These words are absolutely clear and make people understand actually can happen next when they click.

  1. Keep the microcopy concise

Microcopy is meant to be really tiny as they are the smallest words shown on the screen. Make sure that the instruction given in microcopy should also be concise and to the point. Long explanation is simply not needed for users interaction, in fact it can overwhelm the users.

  1. Important copy should be made easily visible

Never use tooltips for informations which is really vital. There are generally two type of microcopy i.e elements and instruction which you can always see and the one which can appear as per need. Instruction generally appear in the form of tooltips, hover boxes which brings enhances usability. But make sure that important microcopy should be easily visible for users.

  1. Keep the text matched with the tone of the website

The language behind the microcopy should always be kept straightforward and the text should also match with the tone of the website design. This is one of minute nuances that works only when users can understand what to do.

  1. Avoid using jargons

Using jargons can have a detrimental effect. You can go ahead with matching the tone but avoid using any kind of jargon in the microcopy. Jargon make the copy confusing and present challenges for search engine to crawl.

  1. Use alt information for all images

This may does not have direct relation but it matters. Hire a website developer who is proficient in knowing every important element that can bring better engagement. While uploading user interface element which contain microcopy should definitely include alt information for images and icon files. This way not only search engine but users also get benefitted.

  1. Give important options

The use of microcopy is extended upto a list of drop down menu or bullets as well. Where ever,  it is appropriate, you should make sure to include various options for users to increase the conversion rate. This is most commonly used in ecommerce platforms. In these platforms we see there is form with buttons that ask to enter payment option and is followed by a line of explanation to review the purchase one more time. This is a microcopy that help users to review their decision and understand the process.

These were tips which can help in creating microcopy which can bring better conversion for your website.

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