How Much Does It Cost To Build A Website In 2022?

How Much Does It Cost To Build A Website In 2022?

Do you want to build a website? One of the primary questions that you might have could be related to its cost. So how much does it cost to build a website in 2022?

Website cost

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Let’s answer this question with this blog. When we consider the cost of website development we must consider all the factors that work towards it. Informing the exact costs may be a little difficult but in this blog let’s try to decipher some of the points.

The Cost Of Building a Website: Ask The Right Questions

If you are reaching out to a Website Development Company make sure you set the right expectations before asking out the cost of website development. To understand better about the website cost the web developers must know about the type and extent of your website.

The type of website you have will determine the features that you have to integrate. For example, it can be eCommerce, educational or on-demand. Therefore, upon contacting a website development company tell them about:

1. The type of website,

2. Your specific requirement and

3. if you need it urgently?

Only after that, the website developers would be able to analyze perfectly and help you receive the right quote. If you want to have website development done by us, you can request a free quote.

The Budget Of Websites According To Pages And Business Types

Budget Of Websites According To Pages And Business Types

Based on the purpose and number of pages it has, the website can be categorized into the following:

1. Business Website

A business website is responsive and dynamic and holds all the information and payment solutions. The cost of building a business website can be as low as $1,000 to up to $50,000.

Your business can be small-sized, medium, or enterprise, the cost depends on the number of pages and functionalities you require. If you want to know more about the cost of an eCommerce website, you can read our blog ‘How Much Does An E-Commerce Website Cost?

2. Informational (Business or alike) Website

These are the websites that contain information usually related to one niche. These websites are majorly static. Not requiring dynamicity, these websites cost less.

The cost of a website that is informational and dynamic is about a few hundred dollars.

3. Blogs (Business or Personal)

Blogs (Business or Personal)

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Blogs also contain information. But these websites are dynamic. They are powered by a content management system (CMS) for example, WordPress. CMS is usually available for free and is ready-made.

Owning to the CMS, these websites are affordable and easy, costing you about a few hundred dollars. To know more about WordPress Website Development, read our blog, How Much to Charge For A WordPress Website in 2021.

4. eCommerce Website

An eCommerce website has a lot of features. From uploading high-quality products to integrating a safe payment system, an eCommerce website is complex and requires a lot of time.

More the functionalities you have, the more website development cost is. You can own an eCommerce website starting from a few thousand dollars to as much as you want.

Type of Website Cost
Business website $1,000 – $50,000
Informational Website A few hundred dollars
Blogs A few hundred dollars
eCommerce Website A few thousand dollars

Cost To Build a New Website

If you want a new website for yourself built from scratch, then there are many other things involved in it. All these elements add up to the website development cost.

Some of the elements involved include:

-> Domain name,

-> Web hosting,

-> SSL (security) certificate,

-> Web design (themes and layouts),

-> SEO-optimization,

-> Content, and

-> Development, design and testing tools.

All these can cost you about a few thousand dollars at least to get a new website.

Cost Of Updating An Existing Website

As you might guess, the cost of updating the website is less than the new website building cost. The cost of updating a website completely depends on the functionalities you would like to add, remove or update. This can cost you anywhere between a few hundred dollars and a few thousand dollars.

There are times when updating a website can cost more than building a new one. A complete renovation can be one of the examples.

Factors That Affect The Website Development Cost

Here are some of the factors that can affect the cost of website development:

1. Tools and Technologies

CMS, programming languages, databases, and many other factors play an important role in determining the cost to build a website. All these depend on the type of website you wish to have and its extent.

Tools and Technologies

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The elements you choose for the website development will directly impact the cost. The cost also depends on the this-party elements you choose like external tools, plugins, apps and platforms. You can also find the front-end frameworks with our blog, What are the Best Front End Frameworks of 2021 for Web Development?

2. Domain and Hosting Cost

The online address of your website is called a domain. The host of your website is called website hosting. Both the domain cost and hosting cost cannot be ignored. Both these also play a significant role in determining the website development cost.

3. Type Of Website

As discussed above the type of your website also plays an important role to calculate the cost of website development. A static website is easy to build and costs less as compared to an eCommerce website. To learn more about the types of websites, you can visit our blog, “The 8 Different Types of Websites and How to Design”.

4. Design/Development


The overall cost of website development is also determined by the design you have and the development process you choose. You can create a website on your own with the required knowledge or hire professional website developers. You must focus on the quality of the website in either case.

5. Marketing And Maintenance

Constantly updating and maintaining your website is also necessary. This helps you reach out to the intended customer and keep them updated with all the new features they expect in your website. This is one of the best ways of retaining your users.

Marketing and maintenance costs must also be added to the website development cost.

6. Content

With website development, you can also avail content marketing services from all the major website development companies. The cost of content is usually added to the package itself. Without the content, your website will have a thin chance of succeeding.

One of the major factors that determine the cost of website development is the website development process. If you can do it yourself, you can save a lot of money. Or, it is always suggested to hire a website development company. The companies can develop websites better with all the knowledge they have.

How To Hire The Right Web Developer

How To Hire The Right Web Developer

The web developer you hire can make or break the deal. Therefore, do not just go for the one that is offering the lowest price. Do not consider cost but the quality mobile app development company is willing to offer.

You must also look for the experience and skillset the web developer has. This will make a difference in how your website looks and feels. To hire the right web developer:

1. Make a list of potential web developers.

2. Ask questions that you feel can improve your website.

3. Check out their portfolio and talk to their clients if possible.

4. See if your potential company has worked on a similar project.

5. Request the quote.

Cost Of Getting A Website Made By A Freelance Developer

There are many website developers that work as freelancers. You can ask them to complete your project. There are many websites available online to find the right freelancer for you. As per the skills and experience of the freelance website developer they can charge you high or low.

Hiring a Freelance Web Developer
Freelance Web Developer $30 to $150 per hour This depends on the knowledge and expertise of the web developer
Freelance Web Designer $20 to $80 per hour This depends on the knowledge and expertise of the web designer
Freelance Content Writer $0.02 to $0.25 per word This depends on the knowledge and expertise of the content writer and the type of content you want

Cost Of Hiring A Professional Web Development Company

Hiring a website development company can cost you anywhere between $1000 and $10,000. The overall cost of website development depends on the functionalities, extent, features your website has. With a website development company, you will be able to find all the services under one roof.

From researching and designing to developing and content writing, the cost will cover all the components. Testing, changes, maintenance, and updates are all a part of a complete website development package.

At first, you might think it is costing you more than freelancers but in the long-term, it pays off. Website development companies are always there for you to support.

Overall Cost To Build Different Kinds Of Websites

cost to Build Different Kinds Of Websites

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The cost of web designing is between $1000 and $9000 for a small website. It costs between $300 and $1500 for updating and maintaining the website annually.

If you have a professional corporate website, it will cost you between $10,000 and $ 35,000. And, you will have to pay $2000 to $15,000 as update and annual site maintenance charges.

$5000 – $55000 and $15,000 – $20,000 are the total design cost, and annual site maintenance and updation charges respectively for the eCommerce website.

How Much Does It Cost To Build A Website: In a Nutshell

The total cost of building a website varies greatly. It depends on the technologies you are using, type of website, maintenance, content, and many other factors. The website development cost is also dependent if you are updating or building a new one. Get your website development done now and attract a loyal set of users online. If you are looking for some website ideas, we have got you covered with our blog, 112 Best Website Ideas to Start a New Business.

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