20 Free and Best Themes for Android Device

20 Free and Best Themes for Android Device

The average person spends over three and half hours on their phone per day. Surprisingly, the top 20% of smartphone users spend more than 4 and a half hours per day. These usages are divided into the use of social media, news and the internet, and games with some expectations. However, smartphones are the need of the hour too as we are very much advanced because of their constant development.

Besides, using the device, we also like to decorate it with different external equipment or internal themes. Everybody has different preferences when it comes to themes. There are thousands of themes available for android, but all of them are available. So in order to make it easy for you, we have compiled a list of the top 20 theme launcher applications for android which are made by top mobile app development companies.

Best Themes for Android

1. 3-D Themes for Android 

3-D themes are one of the most anticipated types of themes in the market as more and more users look for new 3-D themes every day. This theme is considered one of the best themes for android. It was designed by some talented artists to allow you to customize your phone with some amazing themes, graphics, icons as much as you want.

This application which is known as the 3D theme for android will give your phone a new look and is adored by top It outsourcing companies. You can download and install this application very easily and it is very easy to use because of its simple interface. The most notable features of this amazing theme app for android are: 

-> Easy to install

-> Allows you to customize your phone as per your need

-> Also allows you to update the font style and color within the theme

-> Contains a combination of icons, graphics, theme is wonderful with a huge volume

Download the best 3-D theme for android

2. Pure White Love Heart Theme

This theme is an amazing combination of white and black. Well, there are many people who love such white and black themes where the maximum portion is white and the rest of it is black. It contains love heart wallpaper which becomes live on the mobile screen. It also has a block, white screen lock designed with a love heart on minimalist wallpaper. The most notable features of one of the top 10 themes for android are: 

-> Separate themes for men and women

-> Functions only on CM Launcher

-> Offers love theme fused with the football theme

-> Black and white love lock screen that protects the privacy

-> Black screen lock with minimalist pure white wallpaper is fantastic

Download one of the best top 10 themes for android – Pure White Love Heart Theme

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3. Electric Black Launcher Theme

If you are also one of those black lovers who also like music then this theme launcher is perfect for your device. Electric black launcher theme comes with black wallpapers with suitable icons. It comes with a simple and easy interface which helps in creating a combination of black color and musical sounds that will take you into a new world of themes. The most important features of the best app for android are:

-> Offers more than 10,000 icons with straightforward customization options

-> All the themes and wallpapers will be updated every Friday

-> Availability of black HD wallpapers that can be customized easily

-> Offers dozens of unified HD icons

Download the best app for android – Electric Black launcher Theme

4. 3-D Space Galaxy Theme

Once again, we have a top application that is perfect for people who love space and the galaxy. This theme app for android offers a 3-D look like space and universe, live wallpapers and icons are designed packs. It gives a new holographic look with a blur effect that makes this app extraordinary. The most notable feature of this best game android are:

-> Protection of the app from peppers is natural, you need to hide them in special folders

-> Its outstanding looking lock screen makes it unique and amazing at the same time

-> You do not need to root to this app

-> Contains a massive collection of themes in the app which will fulfill different categories

Download 3D Space Galaxy Theme for android

5. Launcher New Versions 3D

If your phone’s inside’s home screen and themes are not satisfying you then you must look for this theme launcher application known as Launcher New Versions 3D. It is amazing as it offers outstanding graphics, icons, and wallpapers. You can quickly adapt the app and customize your phone in the way you want. Its amazing features will make you fall in love with it as this theme will take your phone to a new dimension as it is one of the best themes for android. The important features of this best theme app for android are:

-> Easy to operate

-> Offers 3D look to your homepage

-> Get a set of custom icons and free icon masks

-> Allows you to customize the color style of the fonts to match your icons

-> Offers amazing visual effects are amazing, and the graphics are very cool

Download the best 3D theme app for android – Launcher New Versions 3D

6. New Theme Phone for X

These themes are very popular in the market as they offer many beautiful icons, wallpapers with HD graphics, and numerous themes. You also get to choose from themes like comics, photography, automobile, sci-fi, etc. It makes your phone look much smarter with its amazing interface. The most notable features of the top 10 themes for android are: 

-> Customize your theme and are those with your friends and surprise them

-> Get a new look in every screen your flip

-> Weather forecast comes with a stylish appearance and a stunning interface

-> Fulfills to select maximum possible categories of themes which gives you a stunning interface

Download the best theme launcher for your android phone – New Theme Phone for X

7. Themes App

Themes app is one of the best android theme launchers in the market which offers the latest icon pack.  It works perfectly with every android and contains some amazing HD icons and wallpapers. This top Android application is free to use and contains some of the features of the parcel which are excellent and less likely to be disliked by you. It is developed by a top android app development company which gives your phone a fresh look. The most important features of the Themes app are:

-> Easy to use

-> Outstanding clock widget

-> Dashboard which is material design 

-> Icons with the theme are HD quality

-> Neox launcher supports this theme

Download the top 10 theme app for android – Themes App

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8. Modern Theme for Computer Launcher

This theme gives you the experience of a small computer on your hand through this phone. It comes with a blue design as you also get a lot of wallpapers for your display. This theme launcher offers some smooth animations with great icon packs, making this theme a great one. It will give you the experience of a new category once you install this theme on your smartphones. The most notable features of modern theme for computer launcher are:

-> Offers icon packs for many favorite apps that are customizable

-> Makes the phone look like sci-fi

-> Consumes very less battery

-> Icon animations are very smooth

-> Themes look like a computer

Download Modern Theme for Computer Launcher for your Android device

9. Water Drop Themes 

People adore water drops whenever it rains and this is one of the best themes for android because of its outstanding look and performance. You have the option to update your mobile display with a new and fantastic water drops theme. It also allows you to customize the theme as all the wallpapers are designed with a water drop effect. The most important features of Waterdrop themes are:

-> Customize themes according to the interface on your device

-> Functions properly on every android

-> Visual effects of the theme are great

-> Designed with the Go Launcher official theme

Download the best theme launcher app for android – Water Drops Theme

10. Pink Summer Flower Theme

Pink Summer Flower Theme is specially designed for those who love pink colors and flowers. The theme gives the pink color a digital look through flowers and makes an outstanding one. This stylish one of the best themes for android will make all the icons excellent looking. Most phones support this theme as it functions properly. It will offer a great experience, a smooth and faster running pink app with aesthetic summer feelings. The most important features of the Pink Summer Flower Theme are:

-> Animates Based Summer

-> Phone Security through the theme and with customization option

-> Make your DIY Themes

-> Can Customize your Wallpaper

-> Has many themes to choose from

Download one of the best android themes apps in the market – Pink Summer Flower Theme

11. CM Launcher 3D

CM Launcher 3D is another top-class 3D theme app in the market. It is home to many 3D themes along with a collection of tons of wallpapers. You can enjoy over 10 thousand themes in only one place. You need to search the category on the search box and you will find 3D themes and wallpapers along with it. The most notable features of CM Launcher 3D are:

-> Contains both 3D and 2D themes and wallpapers are available

-> Allows you to customize the home screen and lock screen

-> Offers 3D Widgets and live wallpapers

-> Can use  3D animations along with magic transition effects

Download android themes from CM Launcher 3D

12. Stylist Cool OS 12 Theme 

If you are looking for an android app development that will give your phone a new, cool, and amazing outlook then the stylish OS 12 theme is what you need to install in your phone. It offers high definition but simple icons with lots of color shades. The most important feature of the Stylist Cool OS 12 theme are:

-> Regular updates are a free and easy installation process

-> Lock Screens with beautiful and abstract designs

-> Lots of HD wallpapers and icons to customize the theme bases on your taste

-> This theme app is suitable for most android phones and tablets

Download Stylist Cool OS 12 theme – One of the best themes app for android

13. Butterfly Launcher Theme

Butterfly Launcher Theme is something you can install on your phone in order to get colorful and sparkling. This theme launcher offers beautiful butterflies along with glittering lavender color which will bring a beautiful look to your android device. It might be the reason it is considered the best theme for android by many mobile app development companies. Even the icons and widgets of this theme are very good to look at. The most notable features of the Butterfly Launcher theme are:

-> The beautiful visual effect and excellent icons

-> Allows you to customize icons and widgets very easily

-> Gives a completely new look to your phone

-> An active lock screen and clock setup are also available

-> Also allows you to change the color and fonts anytime you want

Download the best theme launcher for android – Butterfly Launcher Theme

14. Black Blue Future Theme

As the name suggests, the Black blue future theme offers black and blue color to your android device. It is launched by Neon Blue Launcher, a leading mobile app development company as it offers advanced graphics and resolution of the theme and wallpapers. It also offers icons and widgets to customize your phone and give it a beautiful look. The most important features of the Black Blue Future Theme are:

-> Satisfying graphics and animations

-> Beautiful Homescreen is also available

-> Lots of 3D wallpapers and icons are available

-> Fully customizable theme to change the wallpaper, icons, and other factors

Download Black and Blue Theme for Android which offers amazing 3D themes

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15. Love Theme Launcher 

It is another exciting theme launcher for the people who are in love around us. It consists of lots of beautiful wallpapers with a love sign in a pink background. It is also a completely customizable android theme that will let you change the wallpaper, icons, and widgets. It offers a very appealing look with a heart and love concept which makes it very appreciable. The important features of Love Theme Launcher are:

-> Available instructions of use and download for beginners

-> Fonts and colors 

-> Personalize icons and widgets

-> Themes and wallpapers are working with the blink of your eye

-> Easy setup and installation process

Download the top 10 themes for android from Love Theme Launcher

16. Green Nature Cartoon Theme 

Green Nature Cartoon Theme app helps in creating a whole new world on your android device. This best android theme app creates a miniature nature or we can say ecosystem. You will find small creatures, eggs, and other things in this world. Because of this unique theme, it is very popular among Android users and the top IT outsourcing companies because of its beautiful animations and graphics. The important features of the Green Nature Cartoon Theme are:

-> Beautiful lock screen and time clock widgets

-> Compatible with almost 99% of all android devices

-> Lots of live wallpapers and 3D themes are available

-> Show visual effects of colorful nature while you are not even touching the phone

Down the best Theme manager for android: Green Nature Cartoon Theme

17. Scary Joker Clown Theme 

Everybody loves the Joker character from the DC movies and comics. With the Scary joker clown theme, you can give your phone a new and spooky look. It is free to install this application on your android devices. However, this theme requires a CM launcher installed in your device to run properly. It gives you a horror atmosphere in your phone which is perfect for dark lovers which makes it among the top 10 themes for android. The most notable features of the Scary Joker Clown Theme are:

-> Offers a lot of gothic wallpapers and fearful customization icons

-> Users will find features of the pennywise theme in the scary black clown

-> Scary theme pack is a great addition to make your phone special again

-> Also offers a scary atmosphere while texting and going through the home screen

Download the top 10 themes for android from the Scary Joker Clown Theme app

18. Fast Theme

You can also dress your phone up with a Fast Theme. It is a very fast working theme app that will never bore you with slow movement. Even the graphics and high-definition visual effects will blow your mind very soon. Basically, it is a car theme app, you will find lots of dashing car stands on your screens. The most important features of Fast Theme are:

-> Teme with 3D fluid visual effects is available

-> 3D themes and wallpapers of different games are also available

-> Automatically updated and provides lots of exciting features

Download the best theme manager for android: Fast Theme

19. Red Neon Apple Dark Theme

If you are planning to give your phone a new look without any lag experience then we suggest you install Red Neon Apple Dark Theme. However, it works with a dedicated launcher in order to run it. So you need to have an icon pack launcher installed on the android device. If you are also a dark style and colorful digital effects then this is perfect for you as a user. The most notable features of Red Neon Apple Dark Theme are:

-> Offers lock screen customization to have a fresh start

-> Theme pack has options to make DIY themes

-> Comes with a complete launcher pack with limitless customization and lots of other themes

Download the best Android theme app – Red Neon Apple Dark Theme

20. High Style Launcher 

High Style Launcher is a superb theme that you can use to decorate your phone’s screen. It offers several abstract designs with led light in the aesthetic dark background. The best part of this app is its smooth performance and millions of icons and widgets. It also provides different 3D wallpapers which makes it a top mobile app development company. The most important feature is:

-> It has a very simple and user-friendly interface.

-> Smoothly run without making any Pause and don’t get slower.

-> It is a customizable theme, and so you can change the image, icons, and widgets very easily.

-> Full UI color and high definition visual effects are the bonus points of this Android theme app.

-> Bring a dashing metro look to your phone.

Download High Style Launcher the best app for android

I trust you have found in any event perhaps the best topic for Android from this article. On the off chance that you are keen on any of them, our work is effective. What is your decision about this rundown? If it’s not too much trouble, let us know by remarking. I have effectively referenced that these were picked subsequent to investigate a couple of variables, as said prior. Individuals have various options, yet I trust this article has assisted you with tracking down your top choice.

Moreover, if you are planning to create one such application or finding 20 android app development trends to watch out for in 2021 then a top IT outsourcing company like VerveLogic is there for you.

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