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Automation Solution

Automation Solution

Now Target the Right Customer by Integrating your audience with all-in-one integrated solutions.

VL Marketing Automation

Grow your business by targeting the right & valuable customer by segmenting your audience with all in one integrated marketing automation solution.

AI Driven Marketing Automation Platform which helps identify & analyze customers behaviours & automate interactions.

-> 35% More Customer Retention

-> 20% More Business Revenue Growth

-> 22% Increased Customer Engagement

-> 25% Reduction in Cost Centers

The Power of Marketing Automation – VL Marketing Automation

-> Now you can customize an amazing experience for your customers across multiple marketing channels. You can also run tests to know which works for your audience.

-> Integrating Email, SMS, Chatbot and Voice for better reach.

-> Capture, Nurture, Manage & Track leads in real time with VL Marketing Automation

-> With VL Marketing Automation you can integrate all your data sources to get higher ROI results in real time.


Identify the user data you collect from websites, apps, offline and other platforms.


Leverage the intelligence of Automation studio, funnels and multivariate testing.


Communicate and understand your users with SMS, Voice & Chatbots services

Understand Your Users With All in one Tool

Optimize Marketing Budget

Invest more where the return on investment is better and let out processes take over the spends.

Lifetime Value

Give yourself & your customer time and tools to understand each other & build the intelligence.

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