A Dig Into The World Of Ecommerce: Why Ecommerce Website Need Some Serious Content Strategy In 2018?

A Dig Into The World Of Ecommerce: Why Ecommerce Website Need Some Serious Content Strategy In 2018?

Content marketing is one of the effective ways for any brand to place themselves in the competitive market. Content marketing holds so much prominence as customers interact with only those content that interest them in contrast with the traditional marketing strategies.

If you go about statistically then content marketing can increase your conversion rate by almost 6 times more than any traditional marketing practice.

According to a survey conducted by the consultants from best SEO company in jaipur, the average conversion rate of a website increases by approx 2.9% as compared to average of sites without a content strategy, 0.5%. This kind of statistics is capable enough to give people idea about the importance of content marketing strategy. In the ecommerce business, the important of content marketing is increasing only without any depreciation.

Looking into the prominence of content marketing in ecommerce venture, we have come up with this post that will highlight the process of how to develop a content marketing strategy that works for enhancing growth.

Let us dive into the world of content marketing for ecommerce platform

Before we begin,let us understand why brand needs content strategy.

Why Your Brand Needs A Serious Content Strategy?

There are several research which are conducted in the past and some are still ongoing to prove the effectivity of content marketing. According to the findings obtained from demand metrics:

  • Content marketing is capable to generate approx thrice more lead than the traditional marketing practices
  • Content marketing is around 60% less expensive than any other marketing channel
  • 82% of consumers have positive opinion about the brands or the company after reading the customized content.
  • 70% of consumers feel a close connection with the brand as a result of content marketing strategy.
  • 60% of consumers loves to read about the platform or the brand they prefer
  • 70% people prefer learning about any brand through articles than advertisements
  • 72% of customers believe that they have made a relationship with a brand due to the content they have came across.

The beauty of content marketing lies in enhancing every aspect of the brand. It speaks a volume about the brand to its customers and establish a direct connection that has better appeal than traditional practices. Thus, it helps in improving communication between brand and clients.

Let us discuss some general benefit of content marketing strategy:

  • Brand awareness

Experts believe that customers feels much more connected with brands that produce customized content, using content marketing as a tool for reaching out to customers and establishing a relationship.

The more valuable is the content, the more people will connect with the brand and get associated with it. Prefer posting authoritative content such as how to guides to position yourself as the expert of the niche industry.

  • Search engine optimization

A highly valuable, authoritative, original content is meant to bring great boost in SEO. capturing the attention of the customers on social media, posting the articles at relevant places, guest post on friendly sites are all excellent strategies for bringing new business. A great content piece can make its position itself by getting likes and shares at various platforms. This way the brand also gets a trust impression.

  • Establishes relation with other brands

Content marketing also helps in establishing a network of connection within other brands and companies of the niche industry. Content exchange and guest posting can be highly beneficial to establish a brand, enhance SEO, and also make a social proof for customers

  • Influence conversion

People only buy things from any brand or people to whom they can trust. If your content is genuine, valuable then it can create a trust factor which can obviously bring better conversion. A well strategized call to action or product link can be really useful for the entire content strategy by directing users where you need to go.

content influencing conversion is particularly very important for ecommerce brands as the content can guide the customers easily through the buying process with the right content at each stage.

  • Build loyalty

A good content strategy make people come back to the  brand or the platform post purchase. This way it will help in generating repeat purchase and increases the value of the customers.

How Can Ecommerce Platforms Get Specifically Benefited From Content Marketing?

For an ecommerce platform, content marketing can be a deciding factor of success. Research indicates that:

  • 60% of people prefer buying product after reading completely about it
  • 90% of people find customized content really helpful
  • 86% of customers are always ready to pay more for getting better customer satisfaction.

Professionals from website design company points out that designing a ecommerce website user friendly cannot yield result , if the content used in the website does not connect the customers on a emotional ground. Establish an emotional bond within the ecommerce platform and the customers is what makes content marketing so much important for ecommerce business

Some of the benefits of content marketing for ecommerce includes:

  • Aids in product research

This is the era of internet and over 80% of people prefer making valid research before buying any particular product online. Another very interesting statistics states that 60% of customers prefer to do product search on search engine. These statistics implies that websites with a effective content marketing strategy holds a better chances of attracting the shoppers.

Content in the form of product review or buying guide is highly useful for shoppers and definitely gets the attention of people. Establishing your prominence in product research will the ecommerce platform to proves its authority and generate huge amount of visitors.

  • Effective style of sales pitch

Always remember information is always enticing and welcoming while sales pitch are frustrating for customers. When you create a unique, informative piece of content, it will attract more shoppers as compared to any sales pitch. The biggest advantage of content marketing is it promotes the brand in the most user friendly way that does not seems forceful for shoppers.

  • It enhances the shopping experience

According to a research conducted by ecommerce website designing company, people enjoy the experience of shopping along with the end result. A content which is highly valuable enhances the experience of the customers journey with various kinds of insights and ofcourse entertainment. It is also found that the presence of good relevant content provide users the option to enhance the amount of time customers spend for shopping.

  • It shows the products in the right context

A good amount of customized content has the ability to complement your product in the context and show the value in the most meaningful way. A strong emotion tie up let the shopper imagine what they are about to buy and what they actually need, thus, it helps in increasing the urge to buy more!

  • Gives a timely boost at each stage of sales funnel

The most critical advantage of content marketing in ecommerce platform is helping shoppers to move along with the sales funnel.

This diagram stated above can give you a substantial idea.

  1. Awareness: Make sure to post your content to new channel, share the post on social media. Make sure to guest post on friendly websites to get your SEO strategy intact.
  2. Interest: Use informative post such as how to guide, buying guides, quizzes; social proof such as reviews, critics view, case studies, testimonials etc. Product information- product video, clever product description etc.
  3. Action: campaigning-arrangement for sales or everyday low prices; facilitating he buying process: more accessible to CTA, single click buying, streamline the checkout process
  4. Customer service, loyalty and advocacy: customer satisfaction: social media referral, social proof on social media, and efficient customer services


The above discussion when gone thoroughly can help you realize how important is content marketing is for online retailers who need a huge amount of growth in their business. A well designed and executed content marketing strategy can bring to you:

  • Great branding experience
  • Good customer relationship
  • Less cost and more ROI
  • Better SEO
  • More valid access to product information
  • More trustworthy than traditional advertising
  • Boost each stage of sale funnel and help in growing the sale faster
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