Top 6 Rules In Typography Which Can Bring Great User Experience

Top 6 Rules In Typography Which Can Bring Great User Experience

When it comes to designing a good app or website, typography has a serious role to play. A nice chosen typography is meant bring high readability and scannability while balancing with a solid visual connection.

It may look simple but it does need precision and the eye of an experts as well. To make it simpler for all you people, state 6 must follow rules to create an amazing typographic user experience for your app or website.

  1. The rule of readability

Isn’t it obvious? After all if you can read, how would you move further?

Ux design experts from iphone design app suggest that the text used in the app should be easy to read. Make sure to avoid typefaces which are difficult to read, often those in script form or in novelty type design.

Readable typeface are the one which are easily scannable and draw little attention. Readable typeface are almost invisible in terms that they are so readable that user don’t think before reading the content.

  1. Leave space between lines of types

One of the best way for creating an amazing user experience is line spacing. When it comes to mobile apps line spacing holds great importance as an appropriate amount of line spacing contributes to better readability. The space within lines can come from various variables such as: text size, amount of text, lettering style and screen width. Generally there are no set formula, you can go ahead with your instinct and also from the point of view of users.

  1. Select big bowls and rounded letters

Designers from UX/ UI agencies for Android app ui design suggest that big round letters are easy to read. Rounded letter forms are more like our childhood conditioning when we get exposed to reading and writing, that aesthetics sticks to the users till lifetime. This means that rounded letters and big bowl typeface are part of users conditioning, hence, highly successful for creating engagement.

  1. The size of the type

Usually designer gets confused between the size of the text. In this situation, consider getting bigger in text size than normally used. The size of the text should be dependent on how much text you are working with. You can pay attention to long block of text.

Various designers have different idea about much text should be used but commonly, the minimum number of characters fall between 45-60 character per line. This is applicable for mobile typography as well.

  1. The letter heights

The height of letters, especially when it comes to lowercase letter, makes it easy for user to move through content. Typeface with the taller heights are much easier to read and understand.

  1. Think about proportion

While creating type style, make sure to think about type proportional. Think proportion as a line space. Think about the size you select for body type, subheads, headlines etc.

Making proportional for easy to determining what size to make lettering to create a sense of visual harmony.

Follow these six important rules for selecting the best of typography for creating a great app user experience.

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