Guide To The Top 10 JavaScript Frameworks To Consider In 2021

Guide To The Top 10 JavaScript Frameworks To Consider In 2021

Over the years, many JavaScript libraries and frameworks have ruled in the app development market. Some of them gained so much of popularity and stayed while some got extinct. All these programming languages being used all over the world today, come with their own merits, demerits, complications, and twists. Out of so many programming languages, ‘JavaScript’ has appeared as the most popular as well as a largely used programming language in the world. When it comes to JavaScript, this scripting language is used to build apps for web, desktop, and mobile devices. JavaScript has the ability to make a website user-friendly with rich features and functionality. Developers can easily update web pages, UI improvements like graphics, interactive maps and many more using this programming language.

What Is A JavaScript Framework? 

A ‘JavaScript Framework’ refers to a library that provides pre-built website templates and pre-written JavaScript code for standard programming tasks. Developers can use the JavaScript frameworks to trigger the development workflow and accomplish the best practices. The right kind of JavaScript framework can help developers save a huge amount of time and effort in developing JavaScript-based websites and applications. The JS universe is indeed very dynamic, therefore choosing a suitable framework for your app can be quite daunting. Developers need to stay updated with the latest JavaScript framework to survive in this competitive world. 

Top 10 JavaScript Frameworks to consider in 2021. 

1. AngularJS:

In a fast-paced and ever-evolving world of website development, the “AngularJS” framework has helped developers in producing high-quality web applications without much effort. Developed by Google, it is one of the greatest frameworks in JS. This open-source framework comprises features like design elements to build apps that are stable, secure and innovative. This modern-day development framework is easy to deploy 

2. ReactJS:

Maintained by Facebook and a community of individual developers and companies, “ReactJS” results in the dynamic large-scale application without any concern of stability. It can be used as a base in the development of single-page or mobile applications. Creating React applications usually require the use of additional libraries for state management and routing. ReactJS gives tough competition to AngularJS and is being favored by developers all across the world today.

3. Vue.js:

This relatively new framework has the ability to do wonders in front-end web applications. Surely Vue.js will cover a great space in the app development world. Inspired by ReactJS, AngularJS and Knockout.js frameworks, Vue.js is easy to learn and that is why it is said to be the perfect choice for beginners. The adaptable architecture of the Vue.js framework focuses on declarative rendering and component composition. 

4. Ember.js:

Many popular websites, including Apple Music, LinkedIn, Chipotle and more. have used another powerful framework called “Ember.js”.  It does not confuse developers with any new terms and it is also quite easy and effortless to work with this JS framework. Ember.js is simple to adopt and also helps in building awesome applications.

5. IRiot.js:

A React-based framework, which is new but no less in functionalities and performance. It is being maintained by Muut developers and provides an interactive ecosystem for them to play with. It is used for creating large scale applications with minimal code, which makes your application lightning fast- certainly worth giving a try.

6. Meteor.js:

Released in 2012 by the Meteor development group under MIT license, Meteor.js is loaded with useful features. This open-source JavaScript framework integrates with MongoDB which makes it easier for developers to use. There is a myriad of packages, tutorials, and libraries in Meteor.js that you can use to develop applications. It also uses the Distributed Data Protocol and a publish-subscribe pattern to automatically propagate data changes to clients. 

7. Aurelia.js:

Created by Rob Eisenberg in 2015, “Aurelia.js” is a collection of Modern JavaScript modules that are broken down to make it easy to adopt. This JS framework comes with several independent libraries and many of these modules can be used individually in any type of JavaScript projects, such as Node.js. As a powerful platform for building browsers, desktop, and mobile applications, Aurelia.js is maintained by a highly professional bunch of developers.

8. Backbone.js:

After online giants like Pinterest, Delicious, Disqus, Walmart, etc. have adopted it, the popularity of the “Backbone.js” framework has grown as a matter of course. It is an open-source JavaScript framework with infinite power and functionalities. Released by Jeremy Ashkenas in 2010 under MIT license, Backbone.js is easy to learn and it hardly takes any time for the developer to build world-changing applications. 

9. Polymer.js:

Released back in 2013, “Polymer.js” is the creation of Google. This JS framework is used by a number of Google services and websites, such as YouTube, YouTube Gaming, Google Play Music and many more. This open-source JavaScript library provides both one-way and two-way data binding. It also allows the developer to create his own custom elements easily using HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. The modern approach and innovative development procedures have made Polymer.js have made it popular amongst the developers.

10. Mercury.js:

Created by Raynos, “Mercury.js” is a front-end JavaScript framework that aims to be modular. It makes it possible to combine along with other frameworks. The Mercury.js is growing at a rapid pace. Also, it has engaged the community developers to adopt this framework for their next development project. This framework is best when you are developing multi-dimensional web applications and is also extremely responsive, simple and lightweight in creating modern applications. 

All the above-mentioned JavaScript frameworks as new trends have ruled the world and new versions of the frameworks emerged. There are many more JS frameworks as well which not only simplifies the entire application development process but also allows developers to make large-scale web applications accurately. In the development sphere, the term Millions of developers are using these frameworks and showering the world with high-tech apps.

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