Secured earn and gain on app development with patenting

Secured earn and gain on app development with patenting

Creativity is a base version of the human mind just like exploring a kind of attitude which leads in developing great things to improve human life and create the best artifacts. And these artifacts are mostly made duplicate just like second hand things and for this we need permission from original work only if it has a patent. Or else anyone can copyright the work and name them as their work and get the credit to self that’s more like killing self. In order to keep the name the original creator standards and to avoid the copyright infringement cases.

Patenting of a product or process is mandatory in the dramatic world of naturality that changes the fact in order to fulfill the self desires.

What is a patent?

It is a kind of legal authority on the work of your creativity to save it from being copyrighted from the external person without the authority. So to have a perfect meaning patent is a form of property certificate given to its owner as a legal right to exclude others from irrelevant usage. It’s like privacy to your work that gives a right to punish the person who infringe the work.

As the market enhances through the infrastructure and acquiring rapid development similarly the process of working also increases from shopping on street to home delivery to the door. This is easily happening  through software development through so called daily time consumable applications.

Why patent the app?

There is really an advanced flow of working in field app development as it has become easy through the Framework softwares. The idea of creating the app varies from person to person based on his thinking and creativity, so ideas are precious and ideas aren’t the products and anyone can copy it as there won’t be any proof to show that its your idea. So securing it needs some certifications so going for patenting is the brightest idea to save from excluding.

Requirement to patent the app

It is like checking the qualification of the application whether it is eligible to be patented or not. So what criteria makes the app eligible

-> Self creativity or invention 

The application you’re developing must be of your own idea and that should be an invention. And this invention should be the solution to some problem.

-> Unique idea 

Unique is nothing but should be a new idea that could make something better than present. And this should be a unique idea and not even a clone of an existing application. For example there are so many e-commerce applications to shop and if you’re planning to launch something similar then it is called a clone and can’t be patented.

-> Qualified to use 

Patenting is done to avoid external people from using your inventions. So in order that to happen the application your building must be of some use. So to have firm claim it’s necessity to brief the product so for that also the usage of the application is mandatory.

Once you know that your app is ready for patenting it is must to check that anyone has patented it before or not, to avoid the misconception while performing the patenting. So how to do it?

Go through the research papers available on application patents. And in the US,  USPTO maintains the complete database regarding the published patents and pending patents that would help in a brief way to dig in properly and seek whether it is already patented or not.

After completing the research and your confidence about the application idea has not been patented by anyone. Now it’s time to register the idea in the name, do it before discussing with the investors because the patenting doesn’t depend on the who’s idea it was; it mainly files the name of the person who is patenting it. To avoid your teammates or anyone else in discussion can go and register to avoid that patent before making it public.

Types of patent applications

1. Provisional patenting – It is best for app ideas, it is safest one before approaching the mobile development team and investors we can go for it. This provides 12 months duration as on hold for the app development so it can be called as “pending patent” and also provides the international claim upto 12 months.

2. Non-provisional patenting – It is accomplished with complete claim and specifications. It must contain information like a written description of the invention and at least one claim that legally defines the metes and bounds of the invention. This kind of patent helps in writings.

How to patent the application 

With all the basic knowledge of the application patent its time to dive into process

1. Finding a patent attorney  – A person who can look into all the legal processes regarding the software patenting.

2. App invention exposure – This is quite brief documentation regarding the application intention, qualification to use and finally eligibility to patent or  not. Some factors that should include in this exposure are

-> Prototype of the idea

-> Flowchart

These two majorly help in knowing the product financial, invention expansion, licensing and few other importance.

3. Registration of the patent 

This process takes some paperwork to maintain the documentation with details like

1. Oath/Declaration

2. Information Disclosure Statement

3. Cover Sheet

4. Specification

5. Claims

6. Drawings

7. Patent Cooperation Treaty (for International Filings)

8. Fee Sheet

9. Entity Status Form

10. Application Data Sheet (ADS)

This filling must be done in presence of the patent attorney.


After all research just developing the application and looking at its growth isn’t enough that you may have understood. Because the world of nature lives in the benefit of each other, sometimes it’s out of need, sometimes it’s out of greed, so need is better than greed. It’s like live and let live. This patenting is also the same thing it helps in people to secure their product made of their effort and creativity also with permission of copyright anyone can use on the due based. Make sure you secure your product with patents to earn and gain on success.

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