Motorbike Rental App Development Cost & Key Features

Motorbike Rental App Development Cost & Key Features

The idea of owning a motorbike sounds very appealing. And why wouldn’t it? Being able to ride around in the city on a bike dodging the traffic comfortably, especially when you are on a vacation is something we would all like to do. However, financial aspects always pose a problem. Well, worry not. With technology evolving every day, we have a mobile app solution for every service out there. Be it food delivery, online shopping, or anything for that matter. A motorbike rental mobile app is the remedy to your dilemma.

Several businesses are offering this solution for the people out there. Not only is it convenient, but it is also very affordable and helps in saving time. The swarm of vehicles every morning makes it arduous to reach your destination, even for those who book a taxi. Or when you are on a road trip and would like to reach a certain destination which is not in the main city and has no direct conveyance for it. With just a few clicks on your mobile, you can solve this problem effortlessly.

Know the market of a Motorbike Rental App

According to a report by the Global Motorcycle Rental Market, there are several reasons this market is gaining momentum. An immense growth for this service has been observed over the past few years. In 2013, there were only 700,000 motorbikes for rental purposes. By 2016, the number increased by 2.3 million. One of the reasons being access to the internet which is growing rapidly with every passing year too. Another reason, according to the report, was an increase in road trip tourism across the globe. According to the same report, analysts predict that the global motorbike rental industry is expected to grow at a CAGR of 7.74% between 2017 and 2021.

Therefore, it is safe to say that motorbike rental businesses are keen on taking their business forward and provide the most efficient mobile app solution for motorbike rental. If you have stumbled upon here for the same reason or are planning to develop a motorbike rental app, we have assembled everything in one place, including feature sets, cost, and many more. Keep on reading to know about them.

Key Features for a Motorbike Rental App

Your app should be made from three ends: User, Bike owners, and Admin. Let us learn more about what set of features every category should consist of.

User Panel

Login/Registration: As soon as the user opens the app, this is the first page they would land on, which makes it one of the most significant features. The registration process should be smooth and integrated with social media accounts like Facebook, Gmail, etc.

Browse and choose bike type: After entering into the app, the user can pick the company, color, model, etc. of the kind of bike they want to rent.

Schedule: When they are done choosing the bike, they can schedule the booking as per the availability.

Book Now: This feature helps the end-user when they are in some kind of emergency or have urgent work and require the bike at that exact moment.

Manage bookings: This will allow the user to keep track of all the upcoming bookings with their details.

Premium Bike Models: With charges higher than other models, this will help users in selecting certain premium motorbikes such as Harley or Ducati.

Fare Calculator: Users can calculate how much the bike they want to rent will charge on kilometers or hourly basis.

Set pickup points: Users can assign the location where the rental motorbike could be collected after the trip.

Doorstep Delivery: This will let the users get the selected motorbike delivered to their doorstep so that they can take it wherever they want to afterward.

Easy Cancellation: In case of some emergency, users will be able to cancel any upcoming booking. This feature will make the app user friendly.

Alerts and Notification: Users will be sent alert messages consisting of the bike and its owner’s details via push notification or SMS when the booking is confirmed. Other notifications such as update alerts could also be sent.

Bike Owners Panel

Add/manage bike listing: Bike owners can easily add any new bike they want to rent or remove an existing one. They can also manage the details of the bikes through this feature.

Accept/Reject Bookings: When a bike is requested for booking, they can manage it and accept or reject the booking request as per their choice.

Accept Payments: This will allow the bike owner to accept the payment for the bikes they have rented.

Admin Panel

Dashboard: Admin can view the details of all the bikes that have or have not been rented to various users.

Motorbike Management: This section will allow the admin to update the details of all the registered bikes and their availability according to the bookings.

Manage Users: Along with motorbikes, the admin should also be able to view and manage the details of the users on all levels. This feature will permit them to do so.

Manage price and location-based charges: Through this, the admin will be able to manage the fares according to various conditions such as bike models or for a specific location.

Manage Category: Since different categories of motorbikes exist in the app, the admin needs a section to monitor and handle them all effortlessly, which is where this feature comes into play.

Analytics: Information such as most rented bike categories, time schedules, or locations will be streamlined and reported in the form of charts and graphs to the admin. It will help in growing the business.

Advanced Features for a Motorbike Rental App

GPS tracking:

This feature will allow the user to keep track of their live location so that they can share it with their friends, family, or even admin for security purposes. Other than that, it will also help the user in reaching their desired location smoothly.

Payment Integration:

Easy and secure medium of payment is a must in a motorbike rental app. Hence, integrating various payment gateways such as Credit/Debit Cards, PayPal, NetBanking, etc. is advised as it will help the user in gaining trust easily and ensure cashless transaction.

Offers and Promo Codes:

Providing discounted deals to users is always a good method to increase app visibility. You can alert the users about different offers via notifications. You can also incorporate promo codes for users for sharing the apps with their friends and family which is a great way to boost app engagement.

Behavior Tracking:

Using this, you can make your app smarter. There are numerous algorithms to monitor the activity of users via their history such that, when the user makes a booking next time, they will be suggested their most rented options making the whole process much simpler and user friendly.

In-App contact services:

Providing an in-app chat, call, or video call option so that the user can interact with the owner beforehand to confirm everything will help in increasing transparency.

In-App document Scanning and Uploading:

Bike owners need to have the identity or residential proof of the user as they are renting their bike to them. This feature will allow them to scan and upload all the necessary documents. You can also incorporate the in-app camera so that they can click the pictures right away.

Team Structure required in developing a Motorbike Rental App

It is imperative to select a team that consists of skilled and efficient members as they are the ones who burn their fuel to develop the app. Therefore, approaching a professional mobile app development company to get the most efficient team on board is a smart choice. The workforce that you will require for your motorbike rental app development is as follows.

–> Developers: Android, iOS, and Backend

–> Project Manager

–> UX/UI Professionals

–> Quality Analyst Professionals

Technology Stack required to develop a Motorbike Rental App

Now that you have hired the best team possible, having a strong tech stack so that your app performs well is also of utmost importance. Below is the tech stack mentioned that you will need to develop a bike rental app.

–> Push notifications: PushEngage and

–> Cloud environment: AWS, Google, and Azure

–> Database: MySQL, MongoDB, Cassandra, Postgres, and HBase

–> Mobile platforms: Android and iOS

–> Real-time analytics: Cisco, Spark, Hadoop, IBM, and Big Data

–> SMS, and phone verification: Nexmo and Twilio

–> Payments: PayPal, Braintree, e-Wallets, Credit/Debit Card, Netbanking

Monetization Method in Motorbike Rental App

Earning revenue from an app is the ultimate goal for any business or app owner. However, it solely depends on how well-liked and used your app is among your target audience. With the increasing competition in the market, it is vital to stand out. There are various methods through which earning can be made by a mobile app. The revenue model for a motorbike rental app is:

Commission Based: This is the standard and most obvious way to earn income via a bike rental app. For every booking made, a certain amount of money from the total payment to be done to the bike owner goes right into the pocket of the app owner.

Advertisements: Being the easiest way to earn money from your app, in-app promotions makes the most sense. Contacting third parties and collaborating with various brands to promote their products on your platform in exchange for money is a viable option.

Cost Estimation to develop a Bike Rental App

The development cost for a mobile app development depends on various factors, such as how complex your app is, what platform is it being developed for, what location is it aimed for, etc. It is impractical to determine the exact cost of motorbike mobile app development. However, considering all the factors, we will give you a rough approximation which will help you plan your budget accordingly.

–> Location: As mentioned already, geography plays a vital role in estimating the cost of app development. The prices of various mobile app development companies and developers vary across the globe. Rates you can expect for certain locations are:

–>> U.S.: USD 150 – USD 250 per hour

–>> U.K.: USD 150 – USD 180 per hour

–>> Asia: USD 60 – USD 120 per hour

–> Feature Set: The cost of developing an MVP will be less than a full-fledged application. You can contact your developers or hired company to know about the prices and how they vary with the addition of different features.

–> Platform: Whether you want your app to be developed for Android, iOS, or both, the platform will help you determine the cost of development and your budget as the methodology for different platforms is not the same.

After taking the above-mentioned features into account, you can expect the cost of your motorbike rental app to fall somewhere between 10,000 USD to 20,000 USD.


The market for a motorbike rental mobile app is vast, and can prove to be profiting when done right. Due to heavy competition in the market, your app should run smoothly, without any glitches, and should be able to stand out. Therefore, we suggest you look for the best mobile app development company for your app.

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