What’s the Best Programming Language to Learn to Build IOS Applications

What’s the Best Programming Language to Learn to Build IOS Applications

Developing an application is easy these days but you need to have enough experience in a particular programming language which will lead to aesthetic development. So, before you move ahead with your mobile app development, you need to come to a decision on what language you want to code it in. Well, it is true that you want results but with the right programming language, you can reach the result with ease. Not all languages are created equal and the results you get are determined in large part by the framework you choose to use.

We understand it can be difficult for anyone to choose the right programming language in order to move ahead with their iOS mobile app development. So in this article, we will explain exactly what language options you have for the development of iOS apps as we will dive deeper into the ups and downs of the programming language as we will also have a look at a few strategies that you can use to make the process easier for you.

How to Know if you Need to Code your App from Scratch

Whenever you start learning any new programming language, you first need to understand the goals of the application you’d like to develop. You must clearly define the purpose and mission of your mobile app. By defining a clear picture your ideas and features take a clearer picture and you lean towards what you want. 

=> You can start by looking at the basic functionality of the application and the features you wanted to incorporate in your application. There are possibilities that you want to provide additional features to an existing business or create an application from the scratch. 

=> As there are different types of applications, and every app has different requirements for the time and ability required. 

=> You also need to generate the total numbers of hours it’ll take to develop the iOS apps. Simple applications take around 300 hours, moderate applications 400-600 hours, multifaceted applications take around 600-900 hours and highly multifaceted applications take 900+ hours to develop. 

=> This time period does not include time spent on learning how to code or developing demos as it’s the actual development process of the final app. However, you can reduce this time by hiring the top IT outsourcing & software development companies

=> Now you need to think about the personal goals for the application as you need to be honest with yourself. Once you know your goals you will understand the time of investment you need to put in order to develop the application. 

=> The above points are important to consider as, after about a week, the person usually gets overwhelmed with the technology as many start to give up, and those who push through spend hours rewriting the code before learning it properly. And this leads to outsourcing the project for thousands of dollars. Well, it can be a good idea to get an intriguing application but you need to find the top iOS mobile app development services.

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Prerequisites to Coding your First Application

Before you start with a language for coding, you will need to set up the right tools. For building iOS apps you need to install Xcode as it is an editor for your code and also a debugging tool and way to preview your application before you launch them. 

=> Xcode is free to download but it only runs on Mac computers. The best feature of Xcode is the ability to preview your app through the system. 

=> As you know that there are more than 12 iOS devices in the market as each of them has different screen sizes which makes the iOS mobile app development very challenging as you need to look out for different resolutions and capabilities along with your iOS mobile app development.

=> For instance, if an application needs a retina screen resolution, special phone capabilities, or camera then it might work on every device.

=> Among all this confusion, Xcode helps in making the process of app testing easier. You can easily simulate a variety of devices and operating systems to adjust your development as per your need. 

=> As mentioned above that Xcode is free to use, you need to subscribe to it in order to submit applications. It will cost $99 to get started before you can sell to the app store. 

=> In order to host your iOS application on the app store you need to go through the approval process by Apple to make it available to download or purchase. 

=> If you are new in the iOS mobile app development then you need to have an in-depth understanding of Apple’s complex guidelines even on simple things like font usage, spacing, and other details. 

=> You need to make sure you use Apple’s native controls to make your apps look their best. We understand that all of this sounds a bit unimportant but each element helps your application to get approved by Apple. 

=> So it is advised to have a good comprehension of Apple’s approval guidelines so all your hard work doesn’t get rejected in the end.

=> These are all the prerequisites to learn and set up before starting development. So, now have a deep look into the languages used to code iPhone applications.

The Best Languages for Coding iOS Apps

There are two main languages for iOS mobile app development which are Objective C and Swift. There are other languages as well to code iOS applications but why use third-party equipment when you can learn and create the iOS apps through the technology which caters to the iOS development effectively. 


=> Swift is a general-purpose, multi-paradigm, compiled programming language developed by Apple Inc. as it was first released in 2014. Swifts amazingly adopt a safe pattern for programming language and also offers some amazing features to get flexible and easy programming. It is much easier to use than Objective-C and it’s clearly the future of iOS app development. 

=> There are 2000+ companies that use Swift programming language including Uber, Slack, Robinhood, Lyft, Accenture, Alibaba Travels, Bitpanda, Delivery Hero, etc. With more and more companies investing in Swift as their programming language it is a great idea to get familiar with Swift at the moment. 

=> Another great feature of Swift is its ease of use as it cleans up a lot of technical phrasing and complicated syntax that make objective-C intimidating for beginners and that is why it has a huge community who love to use Swift for iOS mobile app development. 

=> If you are planning to design an application on your own then you should learn Swift as your programming language.

Objective – C

=> Objective-C is the primary programming language you use when writing software for OS X and iOS. It is a superset of the C programming language and provides object-oriented capabilities and a dynamic runtime. 

=> Earlier it was licensed by Apple co-founder Steve Jobs when he founded NeXT computers in the 1980s, and he carried the language over to Apple. 

=> Objective C has the basic structure and syntax that is very similar to C and has many features like C. It also gives you a lot of ideas about the way the technical side of programming works, and also works as a bridge into other branches of C. 

=> As Apple has already launched its own programming language known as Swift, we suggest not Objective C to design an iOS app. We know that objective C isn’t going to disappear but learning Objective C can take a lot of time and that is why Swift is preferable.

The Best Resources for Learning iOS App Development

When you are just starting out with mobile app development then we recommend learning everything to understand. You might be able to create something that looks beautiful, but without any prior understanding of the underlying principles, you won’t understand the basic working later and your creation will be worthless. If you do not understand the code the best way then your code will be full of bugs that any user can exploit and benefit from it. So, we have come up with the top resources to learn iOS mobile app development.

1. Treehouse

Treehouse is an online technology school that offers beginner to advanced courses in web design, web development, and mobile app development. It is among the best platforms for beginners who are planning to learn coding skills and want to make a career in it.

You have the option to practice your knowledge in quizzes and reviews after the videos. If you want to learn about iOS app development in the most comprehensive and effective ways then it’s a great place for a head start. It is free for a week, after that you need to pay $25/month to continue.

2. Codecademy

Codecademy is an interactive platform that offers free coding classes in 12 different programming languages which also include Swift. It also allows you to test your learning as you type your code into the browser and Codecademy will let you know if it is right.

3. Code School

Code School is another amazing learning space with the addition of fun challenges and gamification. It allows you to earn points and badges when you win coding challenges. You can talk to other users which makes it a top learning site. It costs you $29/month, or $19/month when paid annually.

You can try from these above platforms and learn iOS app development with ease so you can move ahead.

Conclusion on Coding Languages for iOS Apps

Now that you know everything about iOS app development and its services. If you are new to iOS apps then you can also hire the top mobile app development companies to get your app done by ingenious developers.

However, if you are planning to do it by yourself then you should focus on the aspects of coding that are most relevant to your app development. Do not waste your precious time on the few aspects that aren’t really that important as it will help you create an app faster and amazingly that will be loved by your users.

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